Equipments kitchen related

White elephant in my balcony - The stainless steel fridge
Longish stainless steel table, with ah boy's
bowling sneakers placed there after a good wipe.

I spent half day on wednesday just cleaning out the store cupboard. I dont have a store room. Didn't think I needed it when I moved in. But now that I have soooo many things, I regretted not building it. I partitioned my front section with two large cupboards. And that is why my house is such a mess. Too much stuff. I didn't expect to have so much. It's a long story. I had moved all f&b equipments back home because we were looking for new location. We took our time and now it is about 2 years plus, and I am reluctant to go back into it. Not just yet.

My home is filled with fridges and others. I have several deep fryers single and double ones. I also have the griller, combi oven, extra microwave ovens, extra large rice cookers (2 big and 2 small, exclude domestic), and soo many stuff, it is embarrasing to bring it up here. Tell you about it one day. ha ha ha

Cash Register that is not ringing money

Double Deep fryer wrapped up in brown paper

So cleaning was messy because there were no space to tuck them too. My large cupboard had lots of saucepans hanging in the hooks, so i thought they were collecting dust. I took 2 out which i thought could use for domestic purpose and store the rest into the empty cupboard box that we got a cheap sound system for dvd purpose weeks ago. I also had many oil pots that I don't need, and more stuffs. Check out the pix.

Not quite full yet

Pushing it to the limit before sealing the box

I have so many ladles, the extra long ones that i can never use at home because the handle will reach my cooker hob (just exaggerating it abitlah). And look at the Stock Pots I have. The Enormous ones I have 3 and i have about 4 of those medium ones stored in my balcony.

2 Stock Pots visible below

I have at least 4 customised stainless steel tables which is very good in value. Steel tables are good buys. And now it is so expensive, even the steel hand bars or railings are being stolen in the public housing estates! My commercial fridge is a white elephant. Inside I have lots of bowls, plates and more (blush blush). I also have lots of forks and knives, chopsticks and chinese spoons, claypots.. Lots of water goblets, ice blended tall glasses, I have 'em all.. So you probably can guess what I have been up too by now. Its not my trade but I play a large role.. sigh..

Now what am i going to do with all this stuff?

How about a PGHK cafe?


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Constant Craving (for tau sar pneah)

Lately I have this extreme craving for Tau Sar Pneah. It is very weird. That's because, in the almost all my life, I am not inclined to eat it. Although I'd patronise my family members by having some, but all this while, I am not that fond of them.

However, it really caught me by surprise that it was in my mind for the last few months. Then one day, I was at a pastry shop nearby home. They had some which was baked by them and it certainly looked fresh. So I picked up a tray and used the tongs to picked about 7pc. These were similar to the Penang Tambun green bean type, those little balls. They were very cheap costing $1 for 7 cute little balls.

Bringing them back, I didn't have the chance to try them, because home occupants had gobbled them all by the next morning...hahaha

So last week, I passed by the same bakery, and guess what, this time I bought some home again. I got 14pcs this time, just in case. They cost a mere $2. Quite cheap, actually. When I got home, during teatime, I had them. Wow, it tasted really nice. Either I was hungry or something.. I never had reactions like these.. I finished most of it by the third day, cos this time no one wanted to eat them... And so, the journey continues...

When the last one had been settled down in my yummy tummy, I was off to the bakery again. Buying about 14pcs each time. And yesterday, I got 21 pcs. Because the past 3 days, Lea commented that it was nice, so now i really have a competitor for tau sar pneah..

Got some shots of the ones I bought. They were nice and if chilled, lagi sedap.


Tina Turner?

I had a good laugh when I saw this recently. I have not seen many mannequins like these lately. Most of the clothing stores are using the more trendy mannequins. This is the older type that you can see more in the heartlands or the tailor shops for the display of clothes.

Love the hair, so colourful. I think 'she' reminds me of Tina Turner. What about you? Look at the fingers of 'Tina'. Doesn't she have long fingers? She'd make a good pianist, eh.

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Christmas is coming.. hurry hurry!

Christmas is around the corner. You can see the crowd everywhere. It is the time of the year where Singaporeans celebrate the occasion in such a big way.

Christmas is BIG in Singapore. During this time of the year, gift exchange is common among colleagues in companies. Likewise in schools, nurseries, family and friends. In the past I had to buy as many as 30 gifts since the department had as many as 30 staffs in the same department. And not counting the other friends in other departments. Thus we have to find gifts that aren't too expensive. Just to set the mood, we'd have all the wrapped gifts under the tree a week or more before the X'mas Lunch. It was certainly fun. And because everyone is buying as many as 30 gifts each, the christmas tree looked kinda overloaded or inbalanced.

Well now that I am not in the working world anymore, I only buy gifts for selective friends and my family. And of course single gift exchange for the kids' in their school. But my girls get the most. I like to wrap 'em up and have them placed under the tree. They would be by the tree daily shaking, smelling and trying to hard to know what would be in the package. To kids' its such a happy occasion. Even for me, I just love the concept of the many prezzies under the tree. And setting the mood, we'd have music and lights.

I was at the nearby heartlands centre, recently. I saw this cute little door stoppers. It has animal figurines stuck to it. I couldn't resist buying them. I didn't realise that I'd chosen so many of them already. I just had to have them. If I was in the office, I'd get one for each colleagues, but since I'm not, I shall just keep them to myself. FYI, I got a total of 11 (eleven) door stoppers.

Tra la la la la... la la la la...

Shall I set up the Christmas Tree?
Well, this year, I am running late. I've got spring cleaning yet to finish.. sigh. I've gotten my electronic mini tree out. Not the rest of the displays and garlands and the big tree. Check out the dark video here. Rae is dancing to the tune of the tree.


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Rainie is in town

Rainie is going to be in town. Anyone knows her? If you are in Singapore, make a date with her, on Sunday 2nd December (1pm) at BPP, Garden Plaza. Should I go check it out? He He He..


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Today is the first day of the Alvin and the Chipmunks live show.

We went for the 1pm slot. The Chipmunks are life sized mascots doing some song and dance and a little sketch, to promote the new Christmas movie coming up for the holidays.

I used to watch the cartoons and owned some audio cassette tapes of them in my younger years. I was fascinated with the cute sounding chipmunks since technology weren't that advance at that point of time. But now, I am not as crazy over them. However I wanted them to enjoy it since they enjoy songs and musicals.

Green Man can?

I had a little walk recently when something caught my eye recently. It was a movie poster attached to the wall of a shop. The movie was the 3rd part of Shrek which was released a while ago. The DVDs and VCDs are out so my eldest pestered me to get them. I relented because my little girl had just covered her eyes with her hands. Well, movie posters this size can be scary, you know. It certainly felt as if it is towering over you. Hmm Shrek is supposed to be a gentle creature but the colour and look of it's monstrous size made it a bit intimidating.

Has anyone ever wondered why they used green for monstrous figures? Incredible Hulk had that colour too, you know. And when he wasn't angry, he was a gentle being too. Aren't green supposed to be friendly colours? Like nature, growth and a whole lot of welcoming money too.

Green is a colour that some colour blinds can't register. Do you know what colour do they see? So what happens to our Mr Green Man then. Is he more frightening if he is all Red?



Lethargic Sunday

I hadn't eaten a proper meal for most part of today. As soon as I got up and brushed my teeth, I was on my pc. I had my coffee and that was it. Closer to late morning after my bath, I was back chatting, facebook-ing, checked emails, replied to them, and all that online thingy. Around noon, I had a cuppa and some Tau Sar Pneah (Sg ones).

Tried to nap but the weather was killing me. Or was it me.. had the aircon on but the 18 degrees felt somewhat like 25 degrees. Maybe its about time to call the service-men. An hour and a half, Barney was blasting in my room because Lea would not take a nap. Rae had her High School Musical on the system downstairs.. Gosh this is only the first week of school holiday.. And I was pulling my hair out on both ends..

By dinner time when I was really really hungry. I didn't feel like having rice for dinner and I'd asked to opt out for dinner with the girls. Decided to make myself a sandwich. Couldn't decide whether to have a salad or sandwich. I had some salmon patty I got a week ago. Decided to bring them out to defrost. Grilling it would be nice. Comfort food for me. Didn't have any lettuce.. Ah well, tomato slices would do. Tomatoes are vegetable after all, though I'd prefer cruncy crispy Iceberg Lettuce.

Check out my salmon sandwich. It was yummy, absolutely.. Plain bread buttered one side, lemon mayo the other side, dash of pepper, sliced tomatoes, grilled salmon patty, slice of cheese.


Cute Widgets

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker
Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Winx Club Up Close

Well after the previous post earlier, I brought my girls to watch Winx Club again, at the 7pm slot. The shots on the previous post was taken during the 1pm slot. Since the girls missed the beginning of the live show, I brought them to catch it again. This time my girl got a better view and I was able to take a better pix of Winx Club. I'd also set my hp to the maximum mega pixels of 3mp for a better sharper shot. Here you are...

Winx Club

School holiday is on. The malls are filled with lots of fun activities for kids and adult alike. We happened to drop by the mall this morning for our weekly visit to the library. Gosh! The mall was already packed by 11am. Parking space was limited already.

The atrium was also cordoned off. The stage was empty but there was going to be a show. It was the Winx Club live show. It will shown at 1pm. And there will be a photo session after the show, with minimum purchase of $30 for a pass that admits 4. Well, why not, I had wanted to get some cosmetic so that would be eligible for redemption for the pass. So off I went, got my stuff and was queueing up at 12noon for the pass. Rae was pretty excited because she really loves Winx Club! I was supposed to pick up Lea at 12.45 after she is done with her nursery mate's birthday party. I rang up Kakak, told her I'd pick her from home, then Lea slightly earlier since the show starts at 1pm. It was kinda like a wild goose chase, drive out from the mall, back home to get kakak, pick up Lea and pretty soon we were back in the mall.

We couldn't get a spot in the front since were kinda few minutes late. The show had already started. But it was alright. The Winx Club girls were terribly animated, and very very pretty. Their gears were really nice.

Check out the video posted here and some snapshots I'd taken during the show. I really enjoyed it myself.. I felt exhilarated because it was really good, the songs, the dance and choreography and how active and natural they were on stage. When it was time for photo taking, Rae was really too shy. She is stage shy so she declined going on stage. But I took some shots of the Winx Club for her collection.

The Snapshots...

The Brief Video

Junior League

I was going through the pictures in the folder earlier when I spotted this one taken few months back. We were in town, at Suntec City. There was this area on the upper floor, near Carreefour where most of the shops featured were mainly for children. Boutiques and toy shops were plenty. However, one shop that stands out was this kids' hair salon.

This one is called Junior League. It is a speciality salon targeting children.

The shop is brightly lit and dressed with toys, colourful furnitures, stickers and everything basically a kid would love! There are seats or boosters catered to childrens' sizes. However, one can have their child sit on the parents' lap to ease the child's fear of going to the hair salon. The stylists all were very friendly and pro-kids too. They talked to the children as if you'd think they are in a nursery. Lots of balloons tied together in a bunch certainly capture a kid's attention.

What is most amazing is that they play cartoons or kids' shows on a little player in front. Wow! Getting to watch your favourite show while having a haircut! Isn't that wonderful? This place is certainly treating our children like VIPs, eh? Hey, how about dvd players for adults' hair salon?

Does anyone know of another salon like this?


Something Different

Saw this at a bakery over the weekend. Took a shot as quickly as possible in case its patented cake..heheh


Rae's Birthday Party

Rae had a very happy day today.

She celebrated her 7th birthday party with her classmates and some friends.

Rae's Princess Ballerina Birthday Cake. Split level princess cake. The ballerina was supposed to be mounted on a little gazebo turn but there was one missing part so we just put it on the cake.

Guests arriving on time.. we were not ready.. couldn't find a car park lot.. There were 3 lunch wedding functions today. The car park was terribly full! And how come the invited guests all come so early ah.. So kiasuuuu lah!

Tim looking all bored at a girls' party (he was wondering if he was at the right place..). Lil sis Alina was enjoying it, as a matter of fact... lol

Girls busy playing with virtual toys..

Sue, helping the kids with tattoos, while Timothy looks on, bored.. *girls' stuff*

FOOD ...

gonna finish liao

Kids running to the swimming pool...

Parents having a chatting session after the big cleanup.

Presents she received from friends


Adam is cool

Watched this show (The Wedding Singer) yet again early this morning.. can't get sick of it at all.. I'm a real fan of Adam Sandler.

Share the youtube version with you all, ENJOY!

Ready for Birthday

Above: Presents I'd wrapped up for Rae's birthday.

I had just finished wrapping birthday presents. Yes, presents. It is Rae's Birthday, today. She is SEVEN (7). I am terribly proud of her and just cannot believe this little 2.8kg baby has grown into a little lady. She is now still underweight and petite according to the normal benchmark growth for all seven year old girls. But at least she doesn't have to join the TAF (trim and fit) club in school for overweight school girls.. which is a relief!

Well, I had so many presents stored up at home, I just couldn't decide what to give her. After all, I buy them at my convenience and give it as rewards of achievements, birthdays, special occasions like gifts from her tooth fairy (when she dropped her tooth) and recently when she has shown her improvement in her academic report. And not to forget, every gift you give a child, you have to give one to the other sibilng. Fair and square, so not to be left out.

So tonight, after thinking over, I wrapped equal number of presents in different designs for them both, for the occasion of RAE's birthday. I had also just done up the goody bags for the party on Sunday. And I also packed the accessories for the manicure and tatoo party I had decided to let the girls enjoy during the party. After all, I don't want yet another MacDonals party.

She is sound asleep in her slumberland, or her fairyland, as she calls it. Her reason for going to sleep - to meet up with Flora, her imaginary fairy..

Sweet Dreams, My Dear Girl

Happy Happy Birthday to you too

Below: tatoos, nail stickers and nail polish of different colours for the party


Better Late Than Never (NOW I UNDERSTAND)

What a terrible few days it has been. At some point of last week, I'd been so indecisive over my girl's birthday this Saturday. She wanted a party, yet she doesn't want the attention to fall on her. Yes, she is THAT shy. By the weekend, I'd managed to persuade her to have a tea party cum bbq for her classmates and friends..

So I'd made the bookings online at the wee hours of 1am on Monday.. Confirmed with the club office by 9.30am. By noon, I'd gotten almost 40 invites all printed out and written their names by evening. I'd even sent TEXT messages over to some close friends..

Guess what? In the evening, I received news that there has been an overbooking of the Treehouse location on that day! They can't give us the Treehouse because the other party booked in earlier!


It was bad news to me. I was really upset about it. I would have thrown a tantrum if I'd been a seven year old knowing that Saturday's party was off! Well the only redemption i got was tat lucky the bulk of the cards were not sent out yet.. We couldn't go for the seminar room because we had to cater food from the tenants and the food tenants had full bookings on that very day too. The bowling alley catering area was also fully booked.

After a long discussion with Ah Boy and Rae, we finally decided to hold it a day later.. Gosh, I am not into belated birthday celebrations. BUT what can I do. Better late than never. Because having it earlier will mean most of the kids wont be able to make it since it is the last day of school and parents will have to take the afternoon off to send the children to the party.. Sunday is the only day when most of her friends will be able to make it..

So.. I will have to do up her invite cards all over again.. sigh.. Guess I'll treat this as a holiday bbq party cum belated birthday celebration for Rae.. But it's true, Better Late than Never!


My Favourite youtube video of the year

I LOVE this song, their retro graphics and the addictive beat.. Been in my fave folder of my youtube account for some time now.. Enjoy.


Oktoberfest in November

It was dinner at home on Sunday. Although Oktoberfest has come and go, 'Ah Boy' decided he'd like to cook something 'German'. Maybe after seeing to the festival, he probably had too much before he could really feel the urge to eat anything German until a week later or more.. So, off we went to Giant to get some grocery items for dinner.

We got some Smoked Bratwurst Sausages, and Pork Belly. I knew he'd wanted Knuckles but the last time he got Pork Knuckles home no one seemed in the mood to eat them.. hehehe..

So off he went to the kitchen, while I settle down to my pc... I managed to take some pics in the midst of his preparation but not them all. He did a very nice and crispy Roast Pork and cooked some Sauerkraut with braised apples, and a side dish of poached potatoes. I had gotten a platter of sushi variety as well so it was a weird combination with a German meal. But the sushi had to be eaten fresh within few hours so I really had to stuff my face.. I'd forgotten to take the pix of the sushi but I'm sure all of DO KNOW what they looked like anyway so save the trouble..

Below are some of the ingredients used to make the meal above..

Cabbage fermented slightly in Cider Vinegar, Pork Belly and Apples, Smoked Bratqurst Sausages