I Love My Pink Bath Scrubber

I love to go to Daiso. They have the most wonderful things you can buy at $2 each. Although I always end up buying a lot, I like the idea that everything costs $2 and I don't really have to look at the tag and find out the price. When browzing, it is easier to gage roughly if that item is worth the $2 or not.

Last week Rae suggested going to Daiso. Of course the whole idea is because she wanted to purchase an eraser she saw weeks back. It was of course Pink, in colour. Rae loves Pink while Lea favours Purple. So off we went to Daiso. I have been looking for the DVD box for months. It seemed like they do not carry these item anymore. They are very handy and worth to have around. I can fit all my audio cds in the box and if placed lengthwise, is exactly the size for the DVDs. I store other things like my phone accessories in there too. It prevents dusts from collecting on my 'barang-barang' so I really find it good use. I don't really like other boxes because the size is either too big or too small.

Look what prompted me to get from Daiso the other day. I bought this bath scrubber. I love to get new scrubber every few months when the old ones starts to look worn. Few weeks ago, i noticed Ah Boy wanted to get one of the Loofah (he got it once before) but i think that is just too rough and i feel as if like rubbing against the trunk of the tree. So before he decided to get the horrible Loofah, I hurriedly got these and paid for it. Well guess Ah Boy will have to settle with my PINK BATH SCRUBBER. It's in the bath so no one can see him using a PINK scrubber, right? shhhh this secret is just between my blogger friends and I. *wink*


Irritating Calls from Telemarketing Sales

Lately I receive many irritating calls from insurance agents and banks. What is most irritating and rude is that when you pick up the call they have the cheek to start the call with asking if I own a credit card and so on. Sometimes i feel that this method of cold calls only give them a bad name as it is plain rude to speak to anyone in this manner. When they catch me in a bad mood, I'd respond back by asking what right do they have to ask me this question. Or who are they to even ask such a question. Some who are more courteous, I'd at least let them know if I'm not interested in what they are offering. The worst are those that call you without any caller identification number. Such numbers do not get my answers most of the time. I'd either leave the phone to ring non stop or just cancel the call.

In the United States, one can register their numbers under National No Call Registry. This will give you a choice on whether you will want to prevent from telemarketing calls in your home or mobile. If you still receive such calls, you are able to file a complaint against the caller.

Another way to solve this problem is to try out a service call Reverse Phone Lookups. With this, you can protect your phones from strange calls, truants by getting a full report of the call as and when you need the information. They can be purchased by a one time report or you can also get an unlimited use for a years' service fee.

What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

Lena tagged me something interesting. It's about what your name and it's meanings. I got mine done and it certainly speaks impressive of me. What can I say? I am elated!

What Constance Means

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.

You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.

A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.

You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.

You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.

You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.

You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

I would like to tag some friends of mine, I'm sure would love to do it.
They are Angeleyes, Nancy, Hainankia, Amy, Elina. Enjoy learning about your name. Anyone who would like to do it, you are welcome to it.

Weight Loss Management Website

Why do our weights keep increasing as we grow older? Is it because our metabolism rate goes downhill? I do not exercise and in the recent weeks, I feel very lethargic. I could feel as if the weight in my body is pulling myself down to gravity and it certainly leaves me short of breath just doing simple errands at home. So when I was at the pharmacy, I decided that I should detox myself first then start a low carb diet. The idea to do a detox is to clear out whatever toxins that are in my body first. What are the ways one can do to reduce one's weight without any health risk?

There is a new website, Planet Fat Loss which is dedicated to losing weight. It has so much information about exercise, dieting, and nutrition as well as articles on how to burn fat. I believe I should be reading more of these and have more understanding about food, diet, nutrition before starting any Weight Loss program.

Sponsored by Planet Fat Loss

Creepy Sculpture

Remember before the end of the week I posted a unique sculpture? Well I promised that I would post the other side of the sculpture after the weekend so here it is. There are many art pieces and sculptures in Singapore and many art centres or museums with international exhibitions catering to the artistic and the ones with the interest.

I used to like to visit exhibitions of art installations and paintings when I was younger. I believe there is this wonderful place call Sinema near to the old campus where I studied art. This place features lots of old local movies of Singapore and is becoming a popular place for artistes and artists.

Early one morning I got up as usual and walked to the cables to switch on my modem. And what a surprise I saw just next to the television, stuck to the tv console at the side. A piece of work. Art installation that was created by Lea. Gosh.. i certainly didn't expect this.. i asked her what did she do and she said it was a piece of kitchen craft. Well well..

Boating Accessories

My husband works in an exclusive marina club for boaters, sailors and yachtmen. As boating is considered a hobby that is rather exclusive and rather luxurious, there aren't many accessory shops that cater to these hobbyist. The stores that are available are specialized shops and if they do carry some general boating equipment, chances are they do not have the storage and store to display a wide range of boat accessories like furniture, electricals, and navigation tools or even the nautical jewelry.

His job also requires him to purchase equipments related to his work, he sometimes faces limitations as the list of suppliers for such product are few. So he has to venture to other countries for this niche market.

His office is dressed with all things nautical since it has become so much a part of his life. He has everything in the office except for a proper Maritime clock. I found this Captain's clock that comes with Thermometer in Satin Brass finish. It is such a beautiful piece and reasonably priced too. American Marine Supply has everything you need for your marine hobby. They provide boating equipment and accessories for your boat from the electrical equipment, sailboat supplies, fibreglass repair supplies, to unique nautical gift ideas.

Sponsored by American Marine Supply

Grab a Toy, Grab a Sweet

I want to share with you my latest addiction. Recently, Ah Boy and I got addicted to arcade games. The ones that has UFO catchers and all that toy rewards. Perhaps it is the challenge that spurred us both middle-age-something parents with two young girls to patronize these game-shops. Or perhaps it was something in us that refuse to grow up.

I did love to play arcade games during my teens, but the environment and the fear of being in wrong company stopped me. And also of course there was hardly any budget for games like that. I'd rather be shopping!

So now that we are in our 40s (so shameless of us..) we finally pluck enough courage with our kids in tow (my gutsy kids) all over Singapore, from Parkway Parade, Causeway Point, Jurong Entertainment Centre, Suntec City to try out these UFO catchers).

I'm hooked on those grabber that has sweets and reward toys. I'd be asking Sofiya (who was equally excited) to 'hurry!! hurry!!' and get me $10 of tokens or coins each time they were running low. My girls, were happy that when Mummy manages a large grab of Mentos and other sweets, and they'd be at the little doorway below collecting these sweets and eating from there. Of course, we get so much that we'd bag them and admire them like trophys at home. Two weeks ago was our lucky day. Mummy's efforts finally paid off. See what we got besides the containers of sweets we bagged home.

Perhaps this is a much better choice than Mummy and Daddy's 'One Arm Bandit' days. Look how much sweets we grabbed on that one day alone! Mentos sweets for us to chew on when we are driving, and those soft toys and pillows for the girls!

Online Pharmacy Saves Time and Money

Last Friday, when I gave Lea her morning bath, I noticed some red patches on her body and her toes were swollen. Although I thought it looked like an allergy that is similar to mine, I wasted no time in bringing her to our family doctor. Perhaps with the recent increase of hand, foot and mouth disease that had been going around lately, I did not want to take the chance.

It was such a long wait to see Dr Tan. When it was finally Lea's turn, Dr Tan assured us that it was certainly hives and not hand, foot and mouth disease. He also suspected that it could have been something that Lea had consumed that her body was allergy or it could have been other allergens. It was something minor and he prescribed Zyrtec for her. That was such a relieve to me. At home, even when I don't visit my skin doctor, I have other allergy medication like the Claritine and Adezio for runny nose and I used to purchase them in neighbouring country because they are so much cheaper.

I have seen an online pharmacy that sells these and I think it is certainly more convenient and cheaper than going across the causeway to the pharmacy. Besides allergy medications, the list includes those like for Men's Health such as those who require medication for erectile dysfunction. It is unbelievable that in online pharmacies, you can even buy generic cialis or levitras.


Porridge Buffet at Joaquim

Two weeks ago, i was recovering from a cold and hardly have much appetite to eat. Last Sunday, while we were in Suntec, we decided to go for something that is less heavy. We had Porridge at Joaquim Restaurant. Well this porridge came in the form of a buffet so you can eat as much as you like. After my flu and little appetite, don't you think having a buffet is like stuffing myself? Well, anyway, I just ate as normal and not really over indulging myself.

The girls had fun because they have not been to a porridge buffet before. Sofiya was a little uncomfortable.. she asked me if they can substitute hers with rice...hahaha I told her, not to worry. Look they have plain rice too and also yam rice which was really yummy. She was so relieved and she enjoys her buffets whenever we bring her to one.

I just had to go for all that saltish food... like Salted Egg, Salted Mustard, Salted Fish, Dried Shrimps, even my favourite Taoju - they were all there. Alamak! Why go to a buffet to eat all that stuff when we can have that at home hor. Not too sure, maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. They had other food too, like fried chicken wings, roasts, hot stir fried veg, steamed egg, sambal long beans, dumplings, even prawns... it was actually like an ordinary local buffet. The price was really cheap, about less than $13 inclusive of tax. If you would like to know where it is, it is in Suntec City, just below the escalator at the Convention Tower. Near the Republic Food Court on one end and the Starbucks on the other end.

left pic: My girls 'limbo-ing' under the escalator while Sofiya enjoying her dessert of Bo Bo Cha Cha.

Dinner time they serve Steamboat Buffet. Their food quality is not bad, actually because Joaquim is owned by Suntec itself and they do catering for it's convention halls upstairs.

For enquiries, please call 6825 2062.

Opening Hours:

Porridge Buffet Lunch
Mon – Fri 11am - 3pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 11am - 4pm

Steamboat Buffet Dinner
Mon - Sun & Public Holidays 6pm - 10pm

Blog Ranking System - Why IZEARanks Works

Two months ago, I was feeling terribly disappointed because my page rank dropped to a zero, overnight. I had been working hard at my blog almost daily and could see from the statistics that my traffic was increasing. However that didn't stop having my blog spanked to zero, to my disappointment. Devastated, and my blog pride took a beating. I thought that was too cruel.

I started reading many discussions and articles about the page rank thingy and though some say it doesn't matter how your page rank fared, somehow in me, it mattered a lot. Page ranking is like an approval from your parents that you've been a done well. What was contradicting was that it's not as if I had lost my traffic or there were no visits to my blog. That was when I found out some truths about page ranking. You can blog but certain rules to follow like no paid reviews allowed. No badges from certain paid posts website either. I remembered how I was grounded with no allowance for playing till almost 11pm at night with some neighbour friends when I was 9 years of age. Lost my allowance for a week unless I changed. It was some kind of punishment.

So that got me thinking hard. I do like paid reviews, because it is part of an encouragement to blog too. Since then, I looked at page ranking with a different perspective and okay, so no page rank is not so bad. I still have my traffic and the people who are still visiting my blog. I am encouraged to blog because of their support, continuously, not the one who sets my page ranking.

So how do I find a ranking that do me justice? That's when I found out about this new ranking system for all bloggers. Called the Izea Ranks, it ranks your blogs according to your traffic in the web. It uses real data collected daily, not several months like the other ranking system, so you actually get real data information. Which is why I think the best way to know if your blog rank has fallen in a few days or in a week. This way you know that you need to do something right now, to keep your bloggers coming back and not wait till you get slapped 2-3 months later and find that you will have to start working hard all over again.

I'm a parent. If I want to punish my child for something she has done wrong, of course I'll let her know now, so she can change, for tomorrow. Not few months later, than spank her again.

I love IZEARanks. They are my parents now. I look at my RealRank data daily and it helps me set my objective. Paste the IZEARank code in your blog after registration and you get your real ranks calculated in no time. It is so simple.

Sponsored by IZEARanks

Nasi Lemak Changi Village Wet Market

My friends have been harping about this nasi lemak for a while. I do so love Nasi Lemak, especially so if the rice is cooked right, with the fragrance of pandan leaves. The most important condiment that makes it right is the Sambal Chilly which has to be slightly sweet, a little spicy in flavour. I decided to try this one out at the Changi Village Wet Market the other time.

There are 3 malay makciks in the small suffocating space. But the three seemed to be able to work well and not even once did they bump into each other. One was at the hot wok deep frying the chicken wings, the other was preparing the other dishes and one serving and collecting money. The three got on their jobs in perfect silence and coordination. Perhaps they were too busy to talk but it was such close range too. For me to stand in that heat, I'd be rambling away words you won't want to hear.

Look at the queue. Unlike chinese servers, these makciks do their job in their own time, not even bothered that a queue was making a snake. She was cool and not hurried but she was not slow either. There was no hint of any impatience nor any display of friendliness either. She was just like a robot, taking the rice, taking your order, packing or adding condiments, handling the transaction. No pressure. hahaha

The taste? I really didn't think that it is as good as how my friend commented, really. I thought the one at Amoy Street Food Centre upstairs tasted better in their rice and chilly. This one is just normal to me. A standard price would be $2.50 of your choice - Fish fillet, Chicken Wings or Otah. Extras will be charged separate.

Guess This Sculpture

Recently while on a shopping trip to Singapore Expo, I saw this outdoor sculpture that was really interesting. I wanted to go nearer and feel it and find out what it was made of, but it was not very convenient since it was placed in the middle of a leveled turf, in the car park. I took some pictures at two angles from where I was standing. It looked like something very metal yet looked like it was a darker shade of some fancyful moulded hedge, like what Edward Scissorhands would do.

So what do you think it is? I shall put this shot up. Give it a good guess and I'll post the other angle up after the weekend. See if you could scrutinize this angle that I had cropped tight.


I Do So Want My Xbox 360 Elite Bundle, Do You?


The last two days has been a mad rush. I had to make sure I send my girls to school on time, run my errands, send them for their tuition classes, piano, ballet, speech and drama and send my helper to the doctor for her indigestion problem and all the trips back as well. I had to fit in some time to make sure my girl finishes her homework and do some revision since she is in the midst of her semester's examinations. I start my day as early as 5am so that I can get as much done as possible done by the end of the day, to satisfy my crave for blogging in the evening till the wee hours in the morning.

So when a day is like this, I usually try to have small meals since I'm rushing around, I don't really have that time to sit down and enjoy my meals. I came across this product that is suppose to help you keep your busy life going in the form of yummy tasting energy drink. I certainly do need one of those to keep going through my day and especially in the evening when I am in the last leg, of blogging. Not only is this product able to energize you, they also have a contest ongoing called MAXXED ENERGY POP "You Make My Energy Pop" Contest. How about that.

One thing that is keeping me on my toes is that you get a chance to win an Xbox Elite Bundle! How sweet is that! I do so want to have that as it would be the ULTIMATUM gift for me since the school holidays will leave me with some free time. If you would also like to win this, all you have to do is click on my widget on this post and it will lead you to the page for contest registration. Don't forget to enter the Sweepstakes as well as the prizes are also Xbox 360 Elite Bundle, $100 Gift Certificate and a 12-pack of MAXXED Energy Pops. Hurry up and click on the widget. I could do with some instant energy from you :P

Sponsored by MAXXED Energy Pops

Kiddy Rides

Sometimes when we have exhausted ourselves of ideas for kids' activities, we bring them to the east for kiddy rides. Although you can find these rides almost in many housing estates nearby, we still like the east environment because this fella that does his kiddy ride business seems to be doing it in a larger scale and the space here is definitely more spacious than others.

He invested on those battery (or generated) operated children's vehicles (bikes, little mpvs, open top jeeps) and charges about $3 or $4 depending on the size of the vehicle for different age group.

Look at these pictures.

The operator with the clipboard checks each numbered vehicle for timing

Look at the pretty bikes in a row

When the sun sets, is the time where the parents brings their kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces for these rides. Sometimes there is a queue so the following kid need to wait for a vacant vehicle.

Each ride is given a period of 15 minutes. My girls really enjoy rides like these. I was thinking of getting them these but not too sure how much they cost per vehicle.. and how much does it cost to maintain it.

Lea taking her first ride on the mini bike (top) and larger bike (bottom)

Wholesale Website for Business and Consumers

I cannot stop smiling this morning when I discovered a great site. I love shopping, online and if there were good buys, you'd be sure to find me ordering like a good case of stuffs that I think the household needs. I fine-tuned the art of budget control in the past 6 months when costs for almost everything from energy to food items to paper products went up drastically.

Revealing a website that sells wholesale products in wholesale prices, is simply good news to me. Good source of products for those who would like to start a business selling retail products like bags, stationery, clothing, jewelery, food, baby stuff, electrical and just about anything you can think off. You can find great deals like sunglasses that goes for 84 cents each, children books that costs 77 cents onwards.
Don't mind me, I'm looking into ordering a whole batch of YUMMY LOOKING Kids' Glitter Jelly Clogs that light up at only $3.75 each. They'll do fine as party goodie bags this July when my little girl has a birthday party!

Sponsored by DollarDays

Pick Up After Your Dog

When you are out in the park walking your dog, don't forget to bring along your poo bags. I'm not sure how many countries practice this but in Singapore, it is normal practise to bring along your poo bags to pick up after your dog. Sometime these bags are available around parks for your attention together with the signs as well.

It does makes alot of civic sense because after all, if the dog belongs to you and so does it's emission. This way, everyone, including those who does not have dogs are able to enjoy their walks in pure comfort without worrying that they might step over some unwelcomed mass of 'stuff'.

Would you walk away after your dog has pooped on the public grounds?

Of course there may be some who tried to get away by pretending they didn't see what their pets were doing but there will be people who will point it out to you and that will be embarrasing. :P

Body Wraps to Detoxify and Reduce Weight

I had just recovered from flu and cough and had been eating less than usual. When I weighed myself, I saw that my weight did not really change... perhaps it was just the toxins that was flushed away from my body. I was really hoping for at least a kilo or two but guess that did not happen. I am now thinking seriously of losing some weight though. I got some new facial cleanser and decided to surf the net for some oral prescription for losing of weight. I've tried several types during my 20s and found that they either gave me headaches or made me bloated or just not myself. I think I would be better off buying some body wraps that I have found online.

These body wraps not only assist us in losing some weight, detox our body but they also help us cut down spending on expensive spa trips. Choose from the list of Detox Body Wrap, Anti cellulite wrap kit. You can save money and time if you do it from home.

DVD Vending Machine

I was running an errand last week when I spotted this under a block of flats nearby. I went to it, thinking that it was an atm machine or perhaps a vending machine for drinks which is common at the void decks. Upon closer inspection did I realised that it was a vending machine for dvds. Well, how convenient. I've seen something like near some shophouses along Sixth Ave when I go there for my Roti Pratas but those were a different vendor. This dvd vending machine has a twin monitor so that two can borrow instead of waiting in line for one to finish.

I've not tried it because I usually borrow my dvds from Winstar in a mall. But I do think this is convenient especially in the middle of the night when you have friends over and might want to watch some movies together.


City of Spas and Cultural, Budapest

The school will break for holidays in a month from now. I have not been to anywhere for a holiday since my girl started primary school last year, except for an occasional drive and a weekend trip nearby. I wanted to pick a place whereby I can get away from the concrete jungle and no congested cities, please. I longed for a visit to somewhere less traveled, but yet provide basics as I will be bringing my young girls around. One option I am considering is Budapest, Hungary. It has been a place that I've wanted to visit because the place is just so rich with architectural and cultural heritage of Churches, Museums, exotic thermal baths and some remarkable caves. It will be a good educational tour for my girls as all they have seen are just cities, towns and developed nations full with cars, high rise buildings and so little nature.

Besides the sights and richness of the natural treasure, I also felt elated that I am able to look for accommodation that do not confine to the four walls of hotel rooms. A site that I discovered brought me to many choices of accommodation of which is suitable for family stays. Such is the Budapest apartments of many choices that can be found at http://www.apartmentsinbudapest.com It is such a luxury to be able to find apartments as it would mean we have more space and get a feel of living like a home away from home. Prices are pretty low from as low as €17 per night at the Pistachio Apartments.

Would you be interested?

Sponsored by Apartments in Budapest

Shoe Kiosk at Heartlands

I love to take snapshots of peculiar things. While still in Changi residential township, I came across this very antique looking plastic feet which I have seen but long time ago. I was very surprised that things like that still exist in Singapore. Perhaps being in an old town, the proprietor of this business had actually inherit it from his traditional grandparents or something.

Look at how shoes are displayed using mannequin's feet! Do they have these in shopping malls? I can't recall seeing anything like that in malls. There is also a little carton cardboard on the ground whereby a sign asks the person who wants to try the shoes to put it on, on the cardboard. Fair enough, these goods should not be soiled. I really enjoy these sights!

Sparked by the IZEA in SocialSpark

How it Sparked Off
It was one of those days when I was following up on the episodes of Rock StartUp of IZEA's videos. In one of their episodes, they discussed creating something called SocialSpark. Yes, the idea was brought on, brain-stormed and ideas sparked. The idea of having a social website that could bring together bloggers, advertisers and money making opportunity, prompted the birth of SocialSpark.

It was such a good idea. Exclusively IZEA owned, SocialSpark was something that became alive in just a matter of hours and days and pretty soon, real sparks were flying between bloggers, advertisers and IZEA. Opportunities to review products, services, buzz and more were being created from here and we could see which blogger accepted which post, and the advertisers could also send messages to the bloggers and prop them if they think that the bloggers have done a good job. Quality posts that deserve credits for being well written were listed for all to see.

Prop for More Lovin'
In SocialSpark, you make friends propping each other for some 'love' and it is really amazing how one can make friends quickly too. It is different from the quiet style of reserving opportunity whereby you reserve your opportunity, read the requirements and know nothing or no information over who has taken which opportunity.

SocialSpark is different. It is what I'd call Social Network combined with Interactive Opportunities. You can read posts by other bloggers and learn how well they have written, and pick up tips from fellow bloggers. This way, you would improve yours for your share of the bonus! Share your experience with the blogger by sending him or her a private message or even add him or her as a friend.

An opportunity will require you to meet their requirements, including adding a little in-post disclosure which allows total transparency for tax audit. This little line explains to your blog readers that they are really reading a quality post under the wings of SocialSpark, one that encourages real opinions and one that is also search engine friendly.

All In One Stop Shop
With such a great deal of making money online, make new friends and build your community and traffic, it is an all in one stop shop. All this by signing up with SocialSpark. Try it, it is fun and it works.

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Changi Food Centre

The Changi Market in Changi Village is alive with foodies in the weekend. Although it is very much a quiet ghost town, the market is packed with campers, beach bums, residents, and those who flock there for Seafood and good cheap hawker fare. Bringing my girls there certainly reveals lots of complaints because the place is very stuffy and has no airconditioning. They are so used to the shopping malls lifestyle and sleep and play in aircond comfort for most part of their lives, they do make lots of noise when we decide to bring them to places like that. But what to do, mom and dad loves to order these yummy hawker fare so they just have to bear with it.

Your can find accomodation in Changi Village available, such as chalets nearby, walk up flats, Changi Village hotel (formerly Le Meridien Changi) for those who would like to live there for the weekend. It is also in close proximity to Changi Airport, Singapore Expo (for all conventions/exhibition) and also a little bus terminal too.

Snapshots of the hawker fare at the Changi Market