Lea turns 5

Just a little update on what happened in the past week. Lea turned 5 on Tuesday!

Lea, up to her antics again...

Here is a picture of Lea and the birthday cake I made in a dash on Tuesday morning. We took the day off so we could spend some free and easy time with her when she is back from school. I had also arrange to let her celebrate her birthday in her kindy so managed to pack some 30 bags of goodies for her classmates.

I was exhausted from work on Monday but still managed to bake a simple Bitter and Moist Chocolate Cake which the girls always love to eat with ice cream. Never mind if we didn't order any designer cakes like Barney, Barbie or Ben 10 cake this year. This year's cake was baked with LOVE and AFFECTION, albeit the not so finished look, eh? Hope the girls will look back to this day when they are matured adults and do the same with the children.