Blogging Secrets

Secrets to Blogging
Have you ever wondered why some bloggers get so enthusiastic over blogging? Well, yes, they love writing but there is an objective behind it too. Money. Make Money Blogging is the one thing that most bloggers are after. Housewifes swear by it. Stay Home Moms need the extra money and they can do it from their own home. No worries about that Loud mouth Boss you hate so much. And don't have to worry about meetings after meetings and trying to meet sales targets. You can blog for money. Do it anytime from the comfort of your own home.

Register with Smorty
Register with Smorty takes only a few days for approval. Once your blog is approved, you will need to write about the benefits of regitering with Smorty and what you can achieve. It is really simple to get started writing reviews here. A post starts from a minimum of $6 for each post. Make sure your blog is at least 90 days old to avoid being rejected for approval. Best thing about Smorty is they pay you weekly! You will need to have a PayPal account. The grace period for each writing job is 3 days. Register now. Click on the banner below.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Sponsored Reviews
This is another paid review program I registered after Smorty. You can pick from their exhaustive list of advertisers and their requirement to which review you'd like to write about. Make sure you read their requirements carefully because if you do not meet the requirements and bid blindly, that might affect your blog to receive less jobs, and face a probabality of getting banned. Sponsored Reviews pays twice a month in the beginning and middle of each month. You will need PayPal to register an account with Sponsored Reviews. Writing jobs get about 5 days grace before you submit to them. Payment is slightly lesser than expected because they take about 35% off your paid amount. If you think you deserve more, you can bid higher. Register by clicking on this.

90 days blog gets approval. Registering with PayPerPost is fantastic. But you need to be on the alert all the time. They can release jobs anytime 24 hours. Weekends are quiet, less jobs. You get the full amount listed on their jobs. Payment is 30days after each submission. PayPerPost is first come first served so if you don't bid your job fast, you have to wait for the next release. It's exciting for me. Their jobs need to be submitted within 6 hours after that it expires and released again. My favourite. Register now! Click on the badge below or just sign up now.