Why pay more interest

In the recent years, going cashless has become a part of our lives. Paying by credit card is the most convenient method. Forget carrying cash and risk personal security. With credit cards, one is able to monitor spendings, view transactions and increase spending power when the need arises. These can all be done by just logging into your account online.

However, many had fallen prey to credit cards that charge high interests. It doesn't make sense to be paying such a high interest when you are utilising credit facility at a sale that is giving you loads of discounts. With the interest rate that you are going to be paying, you end up getting a deal no less than a normal retail item at the mall.

It is important that when you apply for a credit card, choose one that offers you the lowest rate. It is possible to apply for low interest rate credit cards in the market. Like all your shopping deals, it is important to choose wisely.

Election Karaoke

Are the Malaysians feeling the heat of the election already? Before existence of internet everyone rely on the television, newspapers and radio to update on all latest news. Now that almost everyone has internet access, we can check what is the latest. Best thing is actually video streamings and youtube! My sis sent me this entertaining song about the election. There are lyrics and you can sing along to a well known tune. Listen to it everyone. Pity there're no pictures though..


Everything About Dogs

Having a pet dog can be a good thing for humans. A dog is known for it's faithful attitude, and being loyal to it's owner in all situations. There is a dog website - Bark411.com Sit, Stay, Search which is dedicated to dog lovers, dog seekers and for those who would like to find out everything related to dogs.

You can search for a related event like a dog show, sale of dog merchandise, or even get to know dog owners who may be looking for a dog mate for breeding purposes. Share your views or any problems about any concerning problem like nutrition or health issues. You can read up the articles in the website articles about training, important news as well as behaviour issues to expand your knowledge. There is a useful listings of animal hospitals, boarding and kennels, pet hotels and even daycare or sitting for your dogs. This website is completely free. Register now!

5 year old Blind Girl on Piano

I enjoy sourcing for videos of kids playing the piano. They are a source of inspiration for my seven year old as she loves the piano but not getting enough exposure from watching her peers playing. The symphony orchestras are good but is not really solo piano. Sometimes her school has piano recitals and concerts but the time usually clashes with her dance class.

I saw this video one day when I was watching some young kids playing. This video is about a blind 5 year old girl from Korea who plays the piano so well, she truly has the gift. Watch it and see how good she is.

BORBA Builds Beauty from Inside

Most of my women friends I know would buy a new beauty product at least once a month. I, myself have such a large collection of beauty products that are taking up not only my chest drawers but also not dominating my toiletry cupboards in the bathroom. There is no stop to my using of new products as a beautician once said to me, your skin tends to change over time and age as our weather and external factors change all the time. The need to find a product that suits me and ends all my problems like skin problems and pigmentation remains the top of my list of priorities.

In diet, we are what we eat, so our skin conditions are the result of the nutritions that are absorbed into our body to produce a good healthy skin. It is important to provide the skin with the important nutrition so that our skin shows the healthy us. BORBA Nutraceuticals is one such that assist to deliver the nutrients directly to our skin from the inside. This unique method is instrumental in helping to maintain our skin to a healthy glow since the nutrients have been tackled from the inside of our skin.

BORBA has many skin care products for different types of skin types and categories. They range from the BORBA Age Defying Solutions for aging skin and wrinkles to solutions for acne skin problems. What I like about the BORBA range of products is that besides selling products, they also provide intensive solutions to beauty tips and you can read actual reviews from the people who have tried and tested the products. If you make purchases of over $100, you are also entitled to an attractive special promotion which is exclusive and changes monthly.

With BORBA Nutraceuticals' groundbreaking products for effective skin care solutions, it has garnered much support from consumers and critics in the nations most respectable travel and entertainment magazines, business periodicals and more.

Wedding Plans, not mine, excuse me.

Look at this unique wedding invite. I have been sourcing for ideas for a friend's wedding plan. An ex colleague of mine made plans to get married this year. They have chosen the year because of the year 2008. Chinese people are auspicious about dates and colours. My friend went to seek a fengshui to help her choose a date for her wedding. Although a date hasn't been chosen she had timed it anytime in the last quarter of the year. She had also consulted a perfect colour theme.. What turns out for her may be a wedding of the year. She is into trends and for the year 2008, the trend for wedding colours happen to be inclined to green. Green is also the colour for environmentalists which she is active for. She has plans to choose recycle paper for her invitation cards and have lots of green plants instead of having a 'flowery' decor.

Webby Planet Gives Good Deals

Shopping online has never been easier and one of the best thing that can happen is that it saves you time, and money. One website that actually helps to get better deals is Webby Planet, and the offers comes in online coupon which you can use for many variety of shopping products. They have a large collection of product, brands and category listed from A to Z to meet all your shopping needs. All you need to do is download the coupons and you are ready to surf into the website and get the best deals online. Also, check out their specials and new stores Webby Planet is adding daily.


Rising Costs

Like they say, a picture tells a thousand words, these headlines also tells us that everything is going UP! In just one day only, I came across these articles on the news paper. It does get me worried. Although I had been taking measures, or rather cost cutting measures in my expenditure, news like these do worry me. It is also hot topic. Everyone complained about the rising costs and i recently read about how the price of rice is set to go up soon. Look at the snapshots I took.

Rooted In Ireland - Plant A Tree Project

Ireland was a country that used to be blessed with forests so green and covered with broadleaves and evergreens. Ireland, was a great resource of raw materials, namely wood. Decades of destruction, agriculture practice of clearing the woodlands for cultivation and chopping down of trees for wood as a source of fuel and building material, the luscious forest of Ireland was wrought with damage and looked set to be depleted.

A great idea and global awareness of reforestation in Ireland was borne out from an inspiring article in Australia of a Plant a Tree project. Three notable persons, Patrick Nugent, Anne-Marie Nugent and Peter Slevin started to clear up lands, and mapped out planting paths for replanting of trees as a 'giving back' to the environment and encouraged the public to do the same. The idea of purchasing trees proved to be highly encouraging and proved so popular that they were being bought as wedding gifts, christening presents, birthday gifts and also memorial trees that became a new novelty in memory of grandparents who have moved on to other foreign lands, whom originally were from beautiful Ireland.

Rooted in Ireland - an oak planting project, set on 9 acres of beautiful lush land overlooking the reputedly beautiful Cathedral City is now available to you as the ultimate gift. Show your support by purchasing it for your loved ones or as a memorial gift and at the same time show your support of reforestation. Planting of trees helps to promote Carbon Footprint Reduction so you are doing a good cause. When you own a piece of Ireland, you will be given a certificate of authenticity and photograph that acts as a memento for your keepsake or displayed on your wall. Give the gift of life to our environment. Nothing else comes close.

JI member Mas Selamat Kastari escaped. Singapore in full ALERT

If you see this man, call POLICE immediately.

Latest news since 2.00pm

Since yesterday, security in Whitley and surroundings had been tight due to the escape of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) member Mas Selamat Kastari. He has been described by International terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna, as 'the most ruthless of the Singapore JI members'. He was arrested and placed in Detention for terrorist plans to hijack a plane from Bangkok and crash it into Changi.

It was reported that he escaped when he asked to answer the call of nature. He had just been transported from his cell to another part of the detention centre during a visit from his family members.

A close friend of mine who has a daughter that goes to a school nearby says the situation at the school is under control but parents are whisking their kids away from school immediately the end of school lessons today. It is the first time one can see so many policeman patrolling the streets of Singapore.

Security had been tightened to all parts of Singapore and exit points of all checkpoints. The jam at the causeway had been increased last evening as security had been stepped up.

Home News Update from Channel News Asia


Funky Mua'Dib

If you are into funks, you should really check out this band - Mua'Dib And The Awakening. This group was founded in late November 2005. For such a short time they really did a professional job in coming together and performing like as if they have been in the business for decades.

I listened to 3 of their tracks and I really really liked it. They really have alot going for them, a good future. You should really listen to the bass lines in the songs, which is my favourite. My favourite is Take it all away but at the same time Dead Song was really good too. There was a good mix of balance in vocals and guitars and it does brings me back to the funky retro mix and a little bit of rock icon - Jimi Hendrix. Their music is really funky and sexy. If you believe in the band, you should send them your support in Sellaband.com

Looking forward to Easter Sunday

I was looking at my calendar. Easter Sunday was not stated in my Calendar. I like the idea or the Easter week because there are usually lots of activities in clubs and F&B outlets. The kids get to enjoy their chocolate eggs and treasure hunts. I don't know why my calendar does not state when it is going to be... Well I ended up surfing for the actual date on the internet.

Okay so the date is Sunday, March 23 2008. That will be Easter Sunday this year. Oh, that will be after the week long school holiday.. gosh, that means exam stress again. My girls have having exams now and the next one starts in mid April. sigh sigh sigh. The whole month of April is a joke!

Eating Oysters and Risks

What did one oyster say to the other?

Oyster A : "Hey, how did your date with Judy go? Did you enjoyed it?"
Oyster B : "Nope... it didn't go well. She reported me to the Police!"

Oyster A : "Why? What happened?"
Oyster B : "I clammed up on her too soon"

Oysters are often associated with Luxury, Love and Lust. It has a key ingredient to testosterone production and is loaded with zinc. It can be eaten raw or it is as lovely when baked, steamed, grilled or fried. Indulging in oysters is fine as long as you are aware the safe eating habits, especially when eating it raw. Consumption of eating raw or undercooked oysters may pose some health risks to some.

New technologies in post harvesting of oysters have been encouraging. The Gulf oysters you consumed in your last meal are among the oyster processors in the Gulf Coast that had taken the lead in making sure that the oysters that reach you are safe for consumption. Safety features help to reduce the Vibrio vulnificus illness, often associated with eating raw oysters. BeOysterAware.com has lots of information about Vibrio vulnificus illness, the symptoms and treatment. Other than educational information, you may find some delicious Oyster Recipes in them too.

Check out the recipes like Oysters Alfredo or the Oyster Cakes. They will leave your mouth watering!

The Oscars' Result Info

Anyone watched The Oscars? After all the excitement, it's finally over..
I was checking out the winners and the nominees at mtv.com. Here is the link if you would like to know who the winners are and the nominees.

2008 Oscar Winners List

I Love Lucy

I am a fan of Lucille Ball. I used to watch the comedy sitcom broadcast on TV when I was very young, and I love it. The series of 'I Love Lucy' (starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley) ran from Oct 1951 all the way to May 1957. It was a popular show and was most watched show in United States for four of its nine seasons!!

In the night, when I can sleep, I'd be popping my recorded shows on my vcd player and watch as many as 3 at one go.
'I Love Lucy'.. yes I do!



The Sedona Method is Enlightening

It was an accidental search of spirituality when I discovered an article about The Sedona Method. It was something new to me as I had only been exposed to therapies or way of life like the healing through energy in many different sorts. In the article,

The Sedona Method is a method taught to many for the past 3 decades to help them achieve lasting happiness, success and peace in their life. The Sedona Method does not differentiate people by their culture, countries nor race. It is a form of emotional well being suitable for everyone.

One of the method I find interesting is that you will be taught to release emotions that may be holding you back. It is about acknowledging your feelings and learning to come to terms with it and let these feelings dissolve. I think such a method is very helpful to those who may have emotional pent-ups or who have gone through a bad experience in life that had in fact caused this person to feel bitter about the things that he or she may go through in their life, afterwards.

By 'freeing' oneself from such ill feelings or hate, the new energies that takes over the person will help him or her to feel happier, and more positive in life.

It does makes sense since for the best part of our life, we do want to live life and be happy, not miserable. Such a method may find helpful to those who are going through deep depression. This is really an enlightening process for human beings to be more forgiving and for the ones in pain to learn to let go of their pain for effective healing. For more information about The Sedona Method, read about their articles and how their method may help to create a new earth - a revolution in resolving bitterness and hate in our harsh world. This could be our only chance. Sign up and get to receive a FREE Sedona Method DVD and CD in the mail.

Happy Vegetable

I discovered Happy Vege when I was at AMK Hub weeks back. Set up in the mall, it was a cross between the Japanese tempura and vegetable fritters of Indian and Chinese descent. Shreds or Jullienes of vegetable were deepfried in batter and comes out crispy. Love things like that. They'd go great with those garlic chilly sauce... drooling already.


Online Furniture at Great Prices

My aunt's home has furnitures that have been around for decades. Worn out and tattered and she tried to cover it up with throw-rugs. She has no time to source for furniture as she works full time in her own restaurant and gets home later part in the evening when the furniture stores are also closed.

She told me that she has the intention of throwing out the old living room furniture and getting new contemporary ones. With her time constraint, I suggested that she should have a look at the online furniture store instead. She had a pleasant surprised that the online furniture stores carry designs so varied and the prices are far more cheaper than what she could get from the usual furniture stores. She was glad that she could have them sent to her house and paying was simple with PayPal options included.

She was terribly happy with this online furniture store that she spends her evenings browzing again for her next change, the bedroom furniture!

Kids break the ice

Lea met a new friend on Friday. She was on one of those kid's toy rides when the little girl about her age sitting on the next one, wanted to make friends with her. Well, it was her Baby Alive that broke the ice for both of them. The girl wanted to reach out to pat the baby doll at first and Lea was a little wary at first.

I was amused that she tried to pull away her Baby Alive and put the baby doll on the other side instead. However, when she came down later on, the little girl too, climbed out and they were both in each other's face for a while. That was when Lea let the little girl patted her doll and they both actually talked. Well it was quite funny because Lea was trying to behave as if she was such a big girl and she talked to the little girl the way an adult would talk to a toddler. Too bad, I didn't have video taken since I was snapping pictures from my camera phone already. I soon found out that they were both equally 3 years of age and only a month apart, with Lea being the elder.

Not quite friends yet..

The little girl reached out to Baby Alive

Lea climbed down, followed by the little girl

Friends at last

Flexible Jobs from Home

Some jobs that require a full time commitment are unsuitable for mothers like me as I need flexible hours so that I can also monitor my kids when they are off school and on holidays. Lately I've been reading up an online site about the many ways or any type of jobs which I can opt for, without taking me away from my young kids.

If you are a stay home mum or intend to be, you might find this site, MyMommyBiz.com helpful. It contains e-books, ideas and resources which are available to help you with some pocket money or even as a full time career with flexible hours. There are many kinds of business which you can start from home, such as clothing, gifts, scrapbooking, and more.

Strange looking plant

I found this rooted plant on the beach over the weekend. And a week prior to that I was watching a documentary about ginsengs and where they are found and what to look for.

Then when I found this rooted plant, it occured to me that what if it could be a ginseng plant? Well, I'm not really sure.. Many plants are also like these when their roots are growing. It also looked like ground nut to me.. hahaha but, what do I know! Check it out. Have you really seen a Ginseng plant before?

Credit Card Information

For many, getting a credit card is an affirmation of having reached a certain minimum age and minimum salary in their working adult life. It is a form of expenditure one can add into their lifestyle for purchase of items without having the cash in hand. Over the years, credit cards have evolved from the full fledged ones that can earn rebates with every spending at authorised shops to new types like prepaid credit cards which can be a gift to students and has some limitations.

It is important that before one applies for a credit card, one should read up all that they could so that they understand the conditions that are applied. There is a website called Credit Card Expert Guide which is a good source of credit card information. This website contains all the different types of credit cards that are available in the market today. Many articles pertaining to the different types of credit card and views are written here to explain what each credit card is all about. This is the place whereby you pick up tips about handling credits wisely and also you can make the comparisons from which is a better credit card for you. For some who have debts mounting on their credit cards, should also read up about tips on how to consolidate your credit and why it can help you to pay of the debts.

Changi Beach is nice and laidback

I spent Sunday morning at the Changi Beach recently. Most people would be heading to the Marine Parade side but it can get a bit too crowded with joggers, roller bladers and bicycles. Changi Beach is less crowded, less commercialised but still has it's own share of campers. Parking was just next to the Ferry Terminal (this one goes to Tioman... i think). It was really breezy. The girls had their picnic on the picnic mats. I didnt really pack much for a picnic just some pastries and sandwiches. The girls didn't even bring any sandcastle building toys so they made do with whatever they find, sticks, shells and stones.

I figured my next trip will have me packing my tent along. We bought a 6man tent years ago, waiting to go for an overnight camp and fishing trip when my little girl was few months old. We even got an inflatable bed for that... and the bed can be used for our travel purpose when we are in the hotel too. We even armed ourselves with two easy chairs..

Lovely... I love the sea. Feels like home.

The Changi Ferry Terminal next to the beach

Laid back town of Changi township

Sidewalk cafes and local joints


Get Personal with Gifts

I love surprises. But I love giving surprises more. I am the sort who would shop for hours just to find something a friend or close one would love instead of buying it something off the shelf. Everything I give has to be personal, otherwise it is not worthy to be given at all.

In business, it is important that the business owners have the passion to bring to you products which are unique. An online store, brought to you by the people who are really passionate about their business, sells unusual gifts. It was founded a little more than two years ago and the gifts they carry, cannot be found off the shelves. Their niche item are personalised calendars for the recipient of your choice. The prices are also reasonable and the delivery is prompt.

I especially like the Superdad Personalised Calendar which is very suitable for fathers day gifts. You can have your dad's name and a message on the front cover. It comes in a gift envelope whihc can be sent to the recipient. They have Wedding Anniversary Personalised Plate with couple's names or the 'I Love You' bottle of wine as anniversary gifts, sure to bring a smile to your loved ones.



Agnes, tagged me this Domino thingy. I'd go with tags nowadays since I think they do well to increase your technorati and link you up with more friends.

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

I would like to send this Domino link to my friends - kacang, tausarphneah, allenooi, putri. Anyone is free to copy it and tag to their friends too if you'd like to increase your link love.

Horrific News

I had a shock this afternoon.. I realised that my blog's pagerank has gone down to ZERO! How can they do that to me... sob sob sob. I really don't understand this. My traffic ranking has been going up so why did my pagerank go down instead. I don't even have very high pagerank, only a miserable 1 and i've just been robbed of that single '1'? It does mean alot to me, this pagerank. That does it. I'm going to get my own domain today.

All those who has their own domains, I'M COMING TO JOIN YOU!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!


Oscar countdown

Oscar excitement is only a day away. Preview the countdown here.

New Body for New Year

If you are in Korea, chances are your colleagues might look somewhat different after the Lunar New Year. You probably can't quite put a finger over her new glamourous look and her new double eyelids. And yes, you are probably right. She did get a new 'face' or new 'body' to go with the new clothes and shoes for a Lunar New Year.

According to reports on the MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) - , Koreans especially in the 20s and 30s are getting some parts of their body or or face changed in their interest to look better. Koreans had about 9 days of holiday for their Lunar New Year. Instead of just having minimal cosmetic surgery done, this long holday break had some who went as far as to have a part or full body makeover like Breast Enhancement or Liposuction. According to a director of a plastic surgery clinic, many of the firm's beds were reserved to about 90 per cent for cosmetic surgery during Lunar New Year holidays.

I figured cosmetic surgery like these is set to take the world by storm with the growth of advance technology. It's all about image and acceptance.

South Africa

I was watching National Geographic on cable when I saw some beautiful scenes of South Africa. Documentaries suggested that by molecular biology research, the origins of the modern human originated from Africa some 200,000 years ago. There was so much natural beauty, wildlife and the rich culture that I realised that most of my holidays were spent on places that provided more citylife and shopping trips. I have been missing out on holidays that provided me with the outdoorsy wholesome National Parks and the wilderness like the featured safari drive on the television. I just had to be there and see for myself this beautiful motherland of my ancestors.

I decided to make a search for flights to South Africa. I wanted to check the availability and price of flights and accomodation which is within my budget. Since I had not done much planning or idea where I should start, I decided to seek the help and advice from Dial A Flight. In case you are wondering, Dial A Flight is one such travel agency that provides you with holiday ideas and suggestions for trips to anywhere in the world. Their unhurried and polite travel consultants provided much relief and answers to queries you may have pondering on your mind. Dial A Flight pride themselves as one of the travel agencies with travel consultants who are well travelled themselves and have been in the industry for the last 25 year or more. They also have one of the best price for air tickets too. There is no doubt that you are getting the best advice and information from them.

Bling it Back to Basics Please

Parents usually don't bat an eyelid when it comes to giving the best to their newborns. They do want to have their babies look unique and stands out from the rest. The recent trend for babies were the pacifiers that were decorated with Swarovski crystals.

However due to the product failing to meet federal safety standareds, it was reported that these crystals started to drop causing ingestion hazards to young children. A recall of over 1000 Baby Bling pacifiers had brought parents to have woken up that it is best to stick to the usual baby pacifiers from established brands in the baby product industry like Avent, NUK and even Pigeon.

This is a wakeup call for parents to choose their products with care.



Bunk Beds

If you live in a small apartment, bedroom space for a family is a crunch. My two girls and nanny sleeps in a room which practically has not much of a standing space once the three beds and 2 chest drawers are placed.

I've tried to relayout the orientation many times but beds are beds, there really isn't much you can do. Therefore, I've decided to switch to bunk bed option. Having a bunk bed really helped. Not only did it solved my problem, I could also do away with one of the extra chest drawers since the bunk bed already had some drawers built into the design. My two girls sleep on the double bed and the nanny gets her own privacy on the top part of the bunk. And the best thing is, the room has enough leg room and cleaning is a breeze!