Quality Animal Care for your Pets

Just like us humans, animals require that special attention and love most especially when they are unwell. Animals will not be able to communicate and tell us exactly where they are in pain, so you really need a specialist or those who love animals to monitor and know how an animal is feeling.

The American Animal Care Center is one such place to bring your loving pets to should they fall ill or need any treatment. That is because they have all the equipments in the hospital plus the extra care and love by the people who works there. Other than treatments and consultations for your sick pets, they also offer a professional service of pet grooming as well as nutrition advice you can rely on. American Animal Care Center is among the top 10% of accredited hospitals that provide quality service and standards that provide the best care for your pet. There is no compromise for quality.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Adam Sandler, Yes I adore thee.

He's gonna have a new movie again mid this year. So all the fans out there, catch him in this funny show whereby he picks up a different accent.

Watch the trailer of the movie You Don't Mess With The Zohan here.
I actually wrote s short review of this movie in my other blog, but i couldn't seem to be able to embed the youtube codes in the blog the last time. Not sure why. Either I did something wrong or wordpress don't allow youtubes in blogs? So I might as well link my review to this post for the trailer. To read the review: here.

No Pets Again, Sorry Dears

Everyday, I face the challenge of saying NO to my girls for pets they request. A parrot, a dog, a bunny, a horse, a BARNEY (Lea wanted a dinosaur), even a terrapin ( smellylah). Of course with my neighbour walking her dog each day and my girl who sees a live-in dog at their nursery, I have to find creative ways for that Decline. Deep down, I myself fancied having a little dog (I really mean LITTLE) but the thought of cleaning up more mess and all that poo and living with fur balls and chewed toys and slippers just sort of confirmed my NO.

My ex neighboured also showed me her little Shih Tzu just over the weekend. And my other friend had been talking about getting an Alaskan Husky. Not sure if she had found one, but will ask her again if i see her online. We do not live in a house with lots of garden space or private corners (if dogs are a little more polite than cats) for them to answer to nature's calls. And I certainly do not fancy sharing my bath with the dog.. I'm very private about my bathrooms and toilets. Sorrylah.. I also don't like using the public toilets, if GOD can help me...lol It's a habit that I am very very fussy about. I like my toilets and bath as clean as a whistle.

Have a good laugh at this pic of a poor dog whose bed was snagged by the house cat.

Environment Friendly Tag

Geng sent me this tag about what would you do to make the world a better place. What would you do to make our world more environment friendly? Pass this tag if you would like to make a contribution in your own little way.


Here's what you should do:

1. Read this post entitled I CARE, I GET INVOLVE.

2. Just go to the comment form on this particular post (just like when you would leave a comment) and list down at least one or two things that you think may help change anything in your home, neighborhood, your nation or the world. I figured it will be difficult to keep track of and update the list if it will be passed on and be included in this "Tag". Moreover, I don't want to give you a hard time copying and pasting it on your sites as the list gets longer. So there.

3. Please note that you are to write down things that you are capable of and will consciously and deliberately do ONLY because we intend to put into action what we have written down here. So NO lying please.

4. After doing 1 and 2. Copy this post (from Start Copy to End Copy), then pass it on to as many concerned people and those who would like to get involve in changing the world, or at least a nation or a country, in their own little way.

We can get more useful ideas as we keep the list going. You may come back here from time to time, go to the comment form to check for updates. I intend to publish the list as it reaches at least 50.



More Chocolate Eggs at Home

I know I know, Easter has come and gone. But But But..

I've still got lots of chocolate eggs left. My girls didn't like these. They were chocolate eggs with mint filled in them (green) and strawberry cream in the red ones. I only like BitterSweet Chocolate. If you were a parent, would you disapprove if your kids were given candies? Easter excuses are ok but now that it's a week over, would that be like leftovers? I know some mums don't like to have their kids receiving chocs, sweets and other candy bars since they promote tooth decay and spoils their appetite. I have so much chocolate at home like a collection now. I can build a chocolate sculpture too.


Penang Hokkien Podcast is for ALL

It has been a while I actually log into Penang Hokkien website. Blogging had taken much of my time. Heard from Arabaijop that she's going to be in the podcast on 29 March (Saturday). In case some of you have no idea, well then yes, there is going to be a podcast tonight starting from 10pm, so please stay tune. I tried to log in few days ago but the website was down. But it was only probably due to maintenance or probably John was downloading some shows?

I know there are many bloggers here who probably have not heard of Penang Hokkien podcast. Well, it is not just for Penangites. Although the podcasts are done in sing-song hokkien of the northern of West Malaysia, the topics are very Malaysian. This website unites many of us who have relocated to other parts of the world for update news particularly about Penang and also Malaysia, and for those who loves Penang food. Quite a few Malaysians are also living in around Alor Star, KL, Klang, Muar as well.

The podcast talks about topics like Keh Gua Kok (International Marriages) and Childhood Games just to name a few. Some topics are hilarious but some can be quite sad to hear, such as the differences in cultural marriages, thus leaving bitterness cultivated from different marriage practices with their mother-in-laws. This show about Mother-in Laws was a real eye opener.

Some shows may contain explicit language, not meant for minors. Many of the members have actually met each other in the gatherings held over the past few years. You won't believe that many of the members after so many gatherings, have become best of friends, but they really have. The gatherings have been held in Penang, KL, Singapore and if not wrong, Miku John (the founder) himself held them in US too.

This is an old animation done by some of the PGHK members in their 1st Anniversary. It is posted in YouTube but you can watch it here. They are now coming to their 3rd year already if not wrong.

For most of my Malaysian bloggers here, do check out the PGHK podcast, ya? Otherwise you can always go online skype and chat with us anytime 24/7 in the sembang website. You will need to have skype installed. Then, just join us by clicking on the skype link on the main website.

I managed to retrieve this info from the PGHK website for tonight's show. Come, come! Join us tonight.

Date: March 29, 2008
Time: Starting at 10PM

Please put your name down if you want to be a guest.
Go to the forum and register now.

# Ghost stories
# Suan Ku/Election (Sorry it’s a closed topic. I know this topic can get sensitive, but you can participate in the chat room of uStream)
# Penang Hambin Girl/MalaysianDreamGirl.tv (Please watch this show on MalaysianDreamgirl.tv, then join me on this topic)

Watch Ustream here tonight for live show.


Ellen Degeneres on the Hawaii Chair

Does any of you watch Ellen? I'm a great fan of hers. I used to watch her sitcom on tv. (I think that was titled Buy the Book) She is naturally funny, perhaps that is why she make a great host and stand up comedian. I try to catch Ellen on TV every now and then on Channel 5 at 5pm daily. Really prefer her shows compared to Oprah's talkshow.

I managed to watch one particular funny one where she featured the Hawaiian Chair in it. The Hawaiian Chair is a classic mobile fitness chair and seemed like they still have something like that around since her show is current. Does it help one to be fit? Not so sure, but it sure is hilarious and probably evoke other ideas instead.. LOL

Look at this clip I managed to find on YouTube. This one really got me in stitches!

Gardening and Positive Effects

Scenes of nature prove to be a great source of destress for the young and old. Having a garden patch at home can be beneficial to one. When one potters about in the garden, it encouranges physical movement of the arms and the body. It is a good form of exercise.

Growing plants in a garden or building one is an art itself. It involves lots of planning, structure and allocation and the composition of a well landscape garden yield benefits like personal satisfaction as well as praise from friends and family. Share your beautiful gardens and enthusiasm by entering your creative masterpiece among the ones who share you passion by being friends of Fiskars. From garden products, contests, gardening/pruning tips, it also helps to nurture the passion of gardening and lots of ideas for a healthy clean and green environment.

In a recent contest of Fiskars 2008 Project Orange Thumb, view the gardens of the people which have been selected based on their creative expressions, concept gardens and passionate work.


Penelope Premiums Package has arrived!

The mail came with a big package for me today.... Looking at it, it was something I was expecting. Sometime in February, through BDMM, I was given the opportunity to write a movie preview on a show, Penelope. Penelope is a romance about a young girl(Christina Ricci), and her struggle to find real love and independance with an ugly secret she had harboured since birth. This show takes you through romance, betrayal in a fairy tale storyline.

So what is in my package, I was also eager to find out. There was a novel ( YES! I love to read before watching a movie, usually), an original motion picture soundtrack on Penelope, a $20 value entertainment card for AMC theatres, and a nice shawl just like what Penelope has in the movie and a nice thank you note! WOW! I didn't know I'd be getting that many stuff. It was worth the review.

If you have a blog and would like to make some money, - join BDMM, it's open for new blogs again.


I used to go shopping with my hubby whenever he wanted to buy shoes for work. It wasn't just ordinary work shoes that he wears everyday. He wanted to buy shoes that have security features. I was very ignorant what he meant until he told me about a staff who managed to have his feet protected from hot scalding oil in the restaurant because of the safety toe boots he wore. Yes, at work they all had to wear shoes that secured them from external risks. These shoes are a must too for those in military, construction as they work in extreme conditions most of the time. Mind you, these shoes aren't some dodgy looking boring ones. I found a website that carries reputable brands like CAT, Converse and Matterhorn that look smart and stylish yet uncompromising in safety features. There are many to choose from and prices that are reasonable as well.


What Colour Is Your Lucky Underwear?

What colour underwear do you think is lucky for you? Take this quiz to find out. It's fun and these quizzes have been taking a little bit of my afternoon time while doing homework with my daughter...lol Can't help it. I'm addicted to them. These quizzes are very short, taking only about less than 5 minutes, mostly.

This is my result.

Your Lucky Underwear is Yellow

You're an extremely happy, laid back, fun soul. And your lucky yellow underwear can help you get even more out of life.

In life, you rather play than work. You're apt to quit any task that doesn't nourish your creativity and inner child.

Sometimes your drive for freedom hinders your quality of life. You find it impossible to do anything unpleasant.

If you want to have responsibilities and still have fun, put on your yellow underpants. They'll help you make a party out of the most mundane tasks.


Cut Cost, Dine at Home

Yesterday was Good Friday holiday. My girls were off school and many had taken off for a weekend holiday. As usual, we just lepak at the mall. The day looked gloomy and it looked like it was going to pour any minute. The girls' favourite place again. Where parking is free (for 3 full hours) because parking has gone up, petrol has gone up and gst remains high. Boy, the only thing tat were stagnant were wages, apparently. US$ is crashing down... sob sob! (that means exchange rate is not that great for my reviews..) Last weekend oil was US$110 a barrel.. I am now thinking seriously of changing my car to either something more economical.

We were in Giant yesterday. Many people nowadays were buying things in bulk nowadays and cooking more at home. Restaurant prices must come down since people aren't dining as often. We used to eat out on Sundays from Breakfast all the way to Dinner. But lately, we only do one meal outdoor in the weekends. That's really cutting down for us. And cooking at home daily. Less takeaways either. Guess it is time to consider your budget too. Have you been working at it? US might see inflation at it's worst. It's hanging on a thread now.

Tickets For Popular Events And Concerts

Some of the best tickets for sporting events and shows are sold out as soon as words are spread. Fans queue up for days and nights so that they can get tickets to watch their favourite idols. It is also quite impossible to buy tickets for a good seat for popular events like the French Open Tennis. There is going to be one to be held in Paris from the 25th May through 8th of June 2008. There are going to be lots of havoc and unpredictable results as players will be playing on the clay courts in Roland Garros, known as one of the most beautiful tennis venues in the world.

How do you make sure you can get tickets if you are not free to purchase them? I know of a good and established ticket broker, called needaticket which provides the best service. Their prices for tickets are reasonable and you can be sure to get your tickets on time. They specialize in categories like Sports, Concerts and Theatre. They also update their website frequently so that you won't miss any popular upcoming events, such as Westlife and Celine Dion concerts to be held at Croke Park this year. Check them out.


What a wonderful Saturday morning I woke up to. Hazel tagged me with 5 awards, the first time I received so many at one go! Thank you HAZEL! That is sooo generous!

I would like to award these tag to some new blogger friends of mine, Geng, Yan, Lena, Ellyn, Emila.


How wonderful actually to be able to receive tags and also to send to your friends. What is the most tags you have received at one go? What is the most interesting tag you've ever received so far? Does anyone know the history of tags. Did someone designed these and tag their best buddy at first and then it just went on and on?

In the same week, 3 of my friends actually asked me what a tag is and what should he or she do when someone tags them. So I thought I shall explain it for the benefit of those who is still a little bit unsure.

A tag can come in either an award or a text meme. When someone tags you or left a message that you have been tagged, all you need to do is:

Check out the person's blog.
Look for the article or post of the blogger who tagged you. You will be able to find your name/blog name in one of the recent posts.

AWARD TAG - If the tag is an award ( a badge, image or some sort) you right click on that image and save it any location in your pc.
TEXT Tag - Copy the whole text (sometimes they mark with the word - *start*) including the name/links in the paragraph.

Go back to your own blog
Create a new post. (if you copied a text tag, make sure it's in COMPOSE mode (not in html mode) otherwise the link fr the other blog may be lost.

Write about how you got the tag, like who tagged you this award. You might want to thank the person, because it is plain courtesy, after all :) Don't forget to link the blogger's name with the his/her blog url. Insert the AWARD picture which you have already saved in your pc earlier. Blog about it like your personal post.

If it is a text tag, just paste the whole block of text onto your post. Add your name and link to the last in the list, or follow the text to answer the questions.

Tag your friends
Before you end your post, tag other friends of yours by putting their name and link their blog url.

Pass the word
Once your post is published, go to the blogger who tagged you and tell them you have completed the tag. Then go to the person/s you are tagging and tell them you have a tag for them!

It's meant to be FUN, not STRESS you out.
Hope it helps! And the important thing is have fun doing the tag because tags are not meant to stress you out or make you feel anything negative about it. It is supposed to be FUN, increase your backlinks for popularity and make new friends.


Test Your General Knowledge and Earn Money

Take a break from blogging by participating in online contests . Why? Because you stand to make some money out of it and also test your knowledge in things that cover general knowledge of names of people, living things, venues, monuments and so on. A new game is launched each week or as soon as one is solved. Join the current 'WHO AM I' contests and check the website daily for their clues. The prize is $200 and paid to your paypal if you guess correctly. There has been 4607 guesses by 167 players at the time I am writing this post. Hurry up and play. Every one has an unlimited chance of winning.

Automated Doors, No Sensors

There has been several toilets lately that uses the automated door system. The first one that was popular and talk of the town was the one in Paragon Shopping Centre in Orchard Road. It was in the late 80s and it was known as the most beautiful and modern loos in Singapore. It was a hit with students who like to go there and lounge on the comfy sofa at the make up area and tall mirrors for the girls to apply make-up and gossip about boyfriends and girls stuff. Of course back then, we had to pay 20 cents per visit then and considered expensive. However, I think most loos have abolished payment except for those in the wet markets and operated by private individuals.

This one in civic centre in the west created a lot of confusion to toilet visitors. Although it is automated, it does not operate on sensor. See the black handle? One is suppose to press on it before the door opens. I find it not very practical to have the button there. Many aunties did not know that and waited for the door to open and some could not find the buttons to press. Perhaps they should have placed the button on the wall at the side like most security doors which work better.

Drunk Driving Defenses

Many occasions near to areas that sees many clubs and pubs, will find roads blocked by Police to make sure drivers adhere to the rules against Drink Driving. Although the general rule for safety is not to drive if you have been drinking, there has been circustances whereby drivers were booked for having shown a result of borderline readings of alcohol consumption when tested.

How does one who failed a test like these handle a defense if he really was not guilty. There are some who may show a higher than usual alcohol level due to medication like Breath Drops or toothache drops. It would be helpful to read up about such information from a California DUI Attorney who specializes in cases like these.

United Square is Kids' Mall

If you are a great fan of Sanrio's Hello Kitty and happen to be in Singapore, you might want to visit the Hello Kitty store in United Square. We were there to watch a live show when our window shopping trip chanced upon this store. When my girls saw this shop, they felt as if they were in a dream world and refuse to leave the place.

United Square is a great place to be if you are pro-kids' fan or if you want to send your kids for enriching classes here. You can find just about anything for kids in this mall that is located in Novena area. This is where you can see the funky Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream kiosk, Globetrotters Restaurant that is big on kids' stuff, and usual kids' stores like Toys R Us, and a Disney theme furniture store, Junior League (Salon for kids) or enroll your kids in language centres, speech & drama schools, golf with Kindergolf or even let your kids pick up fencing.



When I was younger, it didn't bother me at all when some friends commented how bad their skin was or how much skin problem they face. I used to be blessed with good skin until I reached my thirties. That was when I realised that I've not really cared much about my skin since I never thought I needed to. However, I was totally wrong. Over the years, I've had to bat against problem spots like blemishes, dryness, enlarged pores and pigmentations. Living in a tropical country meant my pigmentation problems and skin got worst when I am out in the sun often.

Am Australian owned skin care range developed by Dr Natasha Cook, who specializes in Dermatology is something I am looking forward to. She has created solutions to treat skin problems, especially those associated with aging and problem skin. One reason why her studies are so credible is because in Australia alone sees a high percentage of those who face more problems of skin for over-exposure to the sun. Look at the range of products she has developed to prevent and reduce aging problems such as the Dr Natasha Dermatologist Concentrated SunBase SPF30+ that also comes in three shades. Follow the skin regiments of Dr Natasha Cook to reveal a new looking you.

Lea's New Nursery Kindy

Mid week already and I wondered how on earth did I get to it so soon. I had been busy with errands and stuff since Mon. Lea had started her new school on Mon and she was excited and raring to go even before it was time. This time her nursery studies will be parallel to school term so she will also enjoy the normal school holidays just like Rae. The last nursery she attended was more like a daycare thingy.

What's great about her new nursery kindergarten is that they are big and they have lots of facilities like a large playground, a real kids' canteen, separate music rooms, indoor gym, trikes and bikes for kids, and they even have a little corner where they have little chickens running in a coop for kids' learning experience. I am sure she will be able to integrate herself into primary school in a couple of years time with this exposure.

(picture: Lea in blue pinafore and Red PE Ts & Shorts)

Monday, she was pretty proud of wearing a pinafore just like sis. Her school is just across the road from Rae's so she thinks that she is just as important. She has two teachers, Mrs Thomas and Teacher Chen. At the end of the day, the teachers were praising her for doing so well in school and could follow the class activities and not a 'sob'.

She participated in singing but she told me she didn't do any dance because she didn't want the teacher to be laughing at her. She also said the food in school was yummy and she refused to drink milo because her preferance was Ovaltine. What a lot of opinions for a first day.


Wives Biscuits

Ah Boy brought back these Wives Biscuits the other day. I've tried a few variety before but I'm not a fan. I dislike when the sticky filling inside gets overly sweet. I'm more of a tau sar pneah fan, preferring the saltish savourish taste. However, these ones that I tried were different from the usual ones I've tried. They were very soft, and less sweet.

The pastry was very delicate and will crumble when touched. I cannot read the Chinese Words on the Box so I have no information about these brand at all. Thinking about these, I have my saliva drooling already, but not about wives biscuits. More about the home grown tau sar pneahs and beh teh saw from Penang. And also a famous Cintra Street pastry - like those kueh bahlu but only richer and larger. Penangites call it Keh Nooi Koe.


Australia, Largest Island Continent in the World

If there is any country I'd rather be, I'd like to be in Australia. Australia has so much to offer. It is a place full of charm, lovely weather, wide open places, shopping in cities and the fruits and vegetable are just so delightfully fresh.

The largest island continent in the world, travelling from the North to the South Australia or even East to West Australia is no easy feat. It would be a dream come true to be able to take a long cherished holiday with no constraint of time factor of travel and enjoy the different cities, sights and flavours of each territory. If you find yourself in any part of Australia, rest assured that you will be able to find quality hotels even at the last minute in some of the biggest cities.
You can surf online Cheaper Than Hotels, offering some popular Perth Hotels, Brisbane Hotels, Melbourne Hotels and even Sydney Hotels. You can pick from the thousands of hotels available in this site by just filling in your preferance and travel information in their search facility. Other information such as car rental and hotel reviews provides you with sufficient information for a pleasurable trip.


My Kid in a Costume Tag

Geng tagged me this. I thought it was a very unique tag and fun to do. As I received it on both blogs, I decided to do both with a different picture. Check the other blog here.

Here are the rules

My Kid In A Costume Tag
Look for a picture of your child/ren wearing any costumes. For example: a cartoon character, a character from a popular movie or program, animals, flowers, national/country costume, etc. Share with us a brief story behind the picture. Tell us where you got the costume and for how much. Pass it on to people you like.

This picture was taken just less than 2 weeks ago. As usual, the girls were in their costumes dressing up for their own song and dance skit. These Korean costumes were bought more than a year ago when many kids' stores were selling those. I saw it and could see them in it so without any hesitance, I bought them after checking on sizes. I didn't get different designs because they have both grown wiser to make comparisons and think the other dress is finer or more prettier. Getting the same would stop sibling rivalry.

I'd like to deliver this tag to Daddy Hainankia, Mummy Jipunabor, Mummy Jepunlauee.

Managing a Hedge Fund

Big Players in the financial market are an influence lot. Every word/decision that are spoken gets everyone scuffling about in a hurry to buy or sell their shares and stocks. It is important to read a lot and learn from the professionals in the field. There is a blog which you might find interesting. Set up by a team of academic and banking professionals, they bring you updated news, helpful hints and reviews of the current market. Read and learn about sentiments of Hedge funds with with Market.Melange Hedge fund manager´s brainstorming tool


Arguments, Fights, Jealousy

School holiday is coming to an end, with Sunday being the last day. I admit, I am a little glad. With both of my girls at home so often, there has been arguments, sibling fights and all that sibling rivalry. Sometimes it really gets into your nerves. Once minute they are fine, happily playing. The next minute, Horror of all Horrors! I think mom's will understand what I mean.

I was glad to have them home for the holidays, which meant I didn't have to rush in the morning getting the girls ready for school and all that erratic driving sessions during the day as Mom's Taxi beats the Time, Hot Sun, Passing Shower, Traffic Jams just to get her young ones in time for school, classes, enrichments, and home for a meal.

See the picture here. Lea cried uncontrollably. Why? Like any other day, clashes and temperaments soar high. They had the karaoke cd on one morning. Rae started singing. Lea wanted her to stop but Rae continued singing and ignored her. Lea started singing at the top of the voice. After a while she started screaming and crying. She complained to me that Rae sang too loud, she couldn't hear her own voice. Yes kids do fight over a simple thing like that. Did your kids behave this way, moms?



Friendship Chain

I received this Friendship Chain tag from Everyday Healy and almost forgotten about it, untill when I was reading her blog just now. Anyway.. it was so sweet of her to pass it on to me.

So here it is...

~~Begin Copy~~
This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
1. Make your Authority Technoraty explode.

2. Increase your Google Page Rank.

3. Get more traffic to your blog.

4. Makes more new friends.

Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.

2. Put your own blog name and link.

3. Tag your friends as much as you can.
1. Picturing of Life 2. Juliana’s Site 3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.4. Little Paces 5. Everyday Healy 6. Sunnysideupfoodie 7. Almanac Queen 8. Caramel Corn 9. Add your blog here
~~End Copy~~

So I now would like to pass this tag to my blogger friends whom I presume appreciates tags that will blow their technorati figures or at least increase more backlinks for them.

The bloggers are: Allenooi, Zoopslife, Chikai, Kikkey, Madel

Enjoy doing this tag!

Globalize Your Business

There are many social sites for bloggers, parents, friends and also with niche hobby.

With our internet links across the globe, entrepreneurs can now take a step further by registering as a member of Mindflite Exchange. Mindflite Exchange is an online social meeting place for all business entrepreneurs and investors. It acts as a meeting place for those are focused in business prospects and networking by exchanging financial tools, business experience and links leading to exciting ventures, partnerships and more. Click here to join MF/X and read more.


Goodbye Sam

I was chatting with Taoju of PGHK when she asked me to have a look at a you tube video. I'm sure many of you have been watching lots and lots of you tube videos of pre Election, and now that the results are out, there has been music videos and more you tubes released into the internet.

I also read that Malaysia kini website crashed the other day due to too many accessing the site. I did try but couldn't get in too. Thus I could only get my election counts on my cable tv but not on the Malaysia TV network since I didn't subscribe to it.

So now that the results are over, I read about lots of mixed feelings about in Penang, but mostly the majority are happy about it. It spanned from across all races showing that what the people truly wanted was an efficient government and one that really shows concern for the beautiful island of Penang. I agree and I think someone need to do something about the poor state of Komtar. It has been neglected for so long. What was once a pride of the Penangites has become an eyesore.

Check out the you tube entry for easy listening song, based on a classic song Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha.

If you like the above, this one lagi funny! Goes with the Ten Little Indian Boys song.


Coupon Chief Comes in Handy

Easter is celebrated fondly by children and adults alike. As it is usually a long weekend with Sunday as a fun day for kids, lots of parties are in the line. It is also a time to be looking out for gifts for the yearly Easter Party organised by my friend. Gifts and chocolate eggs are exchanged as gifts for our treasure hunt prizes and most of the time, I am designated the same task for purchase of gifts. This year, I prefer to shop for gifts online and not be in the crowd in town.

CouponChief.com allows me to do just that. There is a large selection of items by brands and stores that you can purchase using discounts from Coupon Chief. This is the place you can consider as a one stop shop for any gifts online. Use the coupon to get attractive discounts, free shipping, free stuff and more. Without the coupon you might end up paying a whole lot more. I was looking for shoes for myself until I saw Zappos coupons come in handy since they have goods like Dr. Martens, Hush Puppies and New Balance. For kids' prizes, I am considering using the Buy.com coupons since they have 10% off Little Tikes Toys. No need to wait for sales seasons.

Wheel Them Around

Most of the time during shopping trips, I am torn with which kid gets to sit on which side on the shopping trolleys. My elder will usually get the larger basket and the younger one on the smaller front section facing me. On one of my shopping trip last weekend, I found out that this particular type of trolley allows my girls to have fun by having another one sitting just below the basket! This trolley allows two basket, one on top of the other, but if you take the basket below out, my younger girl can sit there comfortably. This has a face frontal seat for kids of 6 years and below but my girl wanted to sit so there she is. It is sometimes easier to wheel them around then letting them walk and starts taking things or get lost along the way. Anyway, they did have a good time and did not disturb me throughout the whole time in the store!

No Phototaking Allowed

Remember a week ago when I frequented the Pasar Malam? Well I was snapping happily at the stalls that lined up when I received a rude shock from a lady at one of the stalls. Still I managed to take the shot of the stall, before she defendsively stood in front of me and said in a stern voice ' pu ke yi pai! pu ke yi pai!' In Mandarin, she said I wasn't allowed to take the shots of her stall. Which I already did, before her hand cupped my handphone camera..

What do you think why she disallow me to do it.. Actually I think she was selling some goods that probably infringe some copyright.. or something. Well her stall had some nice things that my girls love and I also bought 2 umbrellas and a little bag from her other worker. It didn't bother me but she was there to make sure I didn't take any photos.. hahaha

Can you guess what were the stuff she sold that I am not allowed to take shots? If she could bravely do a business here, what is she afraid of? hmmmm... This pasar malam usually stays at a designated place for minimum 3 days to a week or more. This one stayed for about a week, after which they pack up and head on to another destination to display their goods.

Selection of Wedding Invitation Card Online

I was given the task to help pick some wedding invitation cards for a friend who will have her wedding by end of this year. There are many wedding card designs from the printer but there is nothing compared with what I have just see on a website online. This is especially helpful for wedding couples since they are busy most of the time with other preparations like picking out venues, menu, wedding gowns and suits as well as the lists of what to do.

This site has many selections of Contemporary Wedding Invitations. Easy menu buttons let you select from their many themes, colour, paper type that suits your preferance. As my friend is a person who enjoys fantasy and classic tales, I shortlisted one under the Fairy tale theme, which was perfect for her. Besides invitation card, I can also select the same theme for an ensemble such as the Reception cards and Thank You cards which may come in handy after the wedding celebration. Production takes only a maximum of 4 days which means that I don't have to work back as long as 2 months for printers to execute this printing job. There are also selections of romantic verse to be chosen and one can also pick fonts, text colours and more. It is unbelievable how it is so easy to order wedding invitations from this site.

This online store is simply named 1st Class Wedding Invitations, of which I think deserve the 5 star thumbs up, in my opinion.


Korean Entertainment by Rae and Lea

The week long term break has officially started. I brought Rae to get her brownie uniform today but the darn store was closed! They close on Sat, Sun and Monday! Gosh. And I wanted to clear my errands by the beginning of the week so I can enjoy the holiday week with the girls. This afternoon, we went to Civic Centre in the North. Rae was going for her piano appreciation week and her classes had been schedule to Civic Centre for the week. I sent her there for the full hour class and I went on my hour long window shopping..

Yesterday my girls were in their Korean costume playing.. they love to play dress up. Rae was playing the piano and Lea wanted to dance. I captured them on video and I thought they do very well as song and dance week if there was one. Kinda like a folk song and dance skit. As usual, Lea loves to dance. Enjoy the video.

Monetize Your Blog Selling Links

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Lucky Cats

I saw these little Beckoning Cat in the mall lately. I used to search for these high and low when I was doing some business as I am one who likes to think that these little cats bring us a little bit of luck. In the past year, I've seen many people who have started to sell varieties of these Beckoning Cats in all sizes, colours and materials. There are many gift shops that have these two.

Many people who does business have taboos in the way they handle their finance. I am one of them. Maybe it is the way I was brought up. I have this thing against counting of profits in detail. The older generation in my family line thinks that this is a sure way the money that you have earned will vanish just as soon. Ha ha ha... do you have any taboos yourself?


Brand Name Prescriptions at Low Cost

Many people stay away from regular visits to their doctors to avoid paying for additional consultation costs. There are also some who avoids the regular appointed pharmacy for their regular supply of medicine by searching for cheaper and alternative sources. Then there are also some patients who may not find the convenience or time to visit the drugstore due to their work commitment or have limitations like transportations getting there.

Such is the case of possible risks of consumers who buys a lower priced generic or similar looking products which may proved to be counterfeit, illegal and not safe for consumption.

Edrugstore.MD is an online pharmacy that offers safe and secure online prescriptions. Here you get only brand name prescriptions thus eliminating being fooled by fraud products which are sold cheaply which could be at risk of being counterfeits. Only approved FDA-approved medications are dispensed to their customers as a safeguard to their health. For example, there are many sources that got many customers to buy Viagra online. But little did they know that there are many drugs that are labelled Viagra but not manufactured by Pfizer. These are the risks that some have been fooled into as some may turn out to be fake and posed health risks to those consumers. It is important to have full information about the medicine or supplements you are taking. Read up about the medicine that have been prescribed to you and find out everthing you need to know about the drug like how it works and if it is safe for you. If you are unsure, you may seek further information and help by submitting a question to their 'ask a physician' menu. All of their pharmacists and physicians are US-licensed.

Edrugstore.MD is the internet's leading online pharmacy. With good track record, quality service and prompt and speedy delivery, you can count on them to supply your medicine safely and genuinely FDA-approved.


Grassroots Games

Whenever my girls see these, they will ask to have a go at it. It is one of those local Theme Park fishing game which guarantees you a toy gift at every toad you managed to fish, with a number on it. I don't really like the look of these toad but because these are so cheap at only $2 a go, or $5 for 3 tries. Simple and sure win. My girls will fish one each and kakak gets to fish one. They got those cheap made in china prizes - two top sets and 1 spinner that can be released into the air. They felt happy to be able to accomplish such games.. Well it is better these way because those games at the themeparks are not easy for them. And they do get disappointed after many tries.

The next day, they wanted to have another go and they could exchange 3 winning toys with one bigger one. The prize was exchanged to a toy Cleaning Set for kids. Not a bad idea. This can be added to the Cleaning Trolley set for kids I got them about 2 christmas ago...

Great Wine Selection Online

Enjoying a chilled glass of wine with a good book is an ideal pass time for me. I used to look for wine selections that are unique and premium for entertaining purposes. Premium wines are also very handy to have as a gift. A friend of mine invests purely in vintage wine. He will source for them and buys as many as a case of these and store in the basement specially built for for his wine collection. It is not often to find vintage wine at the supermarket. Sometimes you can find them in the speciality wine stores but very limited bottles and sometimes they have been reserved by their regular customers the minute they arrived.

New York Wine Co. is an online wine company that has a big range of unique and sophisticated selection of wine categorized by producers, region and varietal. If you have difficulties looking for a particular range of wine, you should visit this site. Select the varietal, region or producer of your choice and you will be able to find a list of wines, the year produced, and all information including price per bottle or by the case, depending on your preferance. Buying them by the case is definitely much cheaper and good for investment. They make great anniversary gifts and for celebrating an event.

New York Wine Co. has an interesting wine club. For a fixed monthly fee, in 3 different categories, you get to receive 6 bottles of specially chosen wine each month to improve and cultivate your interest in wine. Some of their other interesting events include regular free wine tastings, or pick up tips about pairing of wine with foods in The Art of Entertaining Series.