Maths, Play Catch Up

October month is always stressful. It is the exam month and everyone is mugging their books to do their revision. The private tutors that most parents engage are always extra busy this time because they would either add extra classes to help their students to strengthen their foundations and also give them more 'exercise' as well.

My girl used to attend Maths classes in a commercial school weekly. She once told me that her tuition classes uses computors in addition to tutor based tutoring. During each October month, unlike private tutors, her Maths class done in a commercial tuition centre can't fit in additional classes prior to her exams. And the school already has a permanently fixed schedule for all the maths lessons. As much as she can solve most of her Linear equations and an avid Algebra solver in her classes, while at home on a no school day, she just prefers to sit in front of her computor going online.

Private tutors may add extra classes but they, too are sometimes busy juggling so many students that one has to really inform either one to fix extra classes in a certain time, agreeable for both parties. So, it may not necessarily solve your problem. However, I have actually managed to find a good alternative to getting your kids do Maths, be it tuition or supplement classes, how you may want to call it. It is an online Maths program that one can actually use to supplement students knowledge in many areas of the syllabus.

What is most brilliant about this program is that, it is 'ON' 24/7, in your own time and place. Online maths tutoring, Tutorvista has just what every kid might need. If your private tutor already had his or her schedules fixed and cannot fit your kid in, try this online maths tutoring program. And for parents who have also taken time off to spend time tutoring their child before the exams, one can even subscribe to it for a week. No worries if you don't know how to do it, because the Maths answer is only a click away and there are Maths problem solver examples done in video animation that assist the child to find out how to work their way to the answer. This program covers such a wide range of syllabus in Maths, be it College algebra you are facing or even a basic concepts in Algebra 1, you can find one for every child in ages from the kindy to college level.

I think each parent who wants to supplement their child's Maths lessons will find this very useful. One can also connect to an online tutor instantly with a preferred tutor on the spot too. What is brilliant about such online tutoring is that you can do it in your own preferred time, without having to leave your home or location. This saves one's time, transportation and this is also excellent for those who is on a home schooling program. Simulations, assessments, any tasks are all available and you can be assured that their tutors are all graduates with degrees and they have to pass all the stringent tests for a certification to ensure that you are getting certified tutors from Tutorvista's program. They have so many things on their website, right down to a Square root calculator available you can use! Payment can be weekly, monthly and you can use the service all you want, anytime, anywhere at that one cost! Incredible! No missing out on your maths tution at all.

Besides Maths, this website even has other subjects like English and Science subjects: Physices, Chemistry, just to name a few! Try it. Go for the free trial to see how wonderful it is.


Painting a tile for school

I'm too lazy to write. Hmm.. actually not that lazy. Frankly, I'm lazy to sign in my blogger, that's why. And I don't have a habit of keeping my passwords signed in all the time. What if, my pc has some problems and if I send it to the PC Doc, he can access all my sites because I am signed in All the time.. Also, I don't want my girls to access my sites either. Sometimes they use the computer when Daddy's laptop has some problem and they do need to finish off their school projects. Once, I forgot to sign off my messenger and when my girl was on it, she started 'chatting' to my friends! LOL

Anyways, since I was commenting on a friend's blog, I might as well blog a little and post some updates.

A month ago, at my girl's kindy, we had the opportunity to do some tile painting in conjunction to their charity drive and also have these painted tiles adorn the walls of their school walls. What a lovely idea because it would be so nice to come back many years in future and see that you have been part of their school kindy alumni.. Here are some pictures I took.

Getting started

Sis Rae, looking on behind

Artist at Work..

Finished Product

Yayy... This will adorn my kindy walls!