Lea Is Back To School Today

When Lea was sick last week, she stayed home as she was not allowed to be in school. Did you know what actually happened? She had HFMD! I was terribly worried for her because my elder had caught it before in school when she was in Kindy. So when Lea caught it, I was worried how she would take it.

Lea's red spots on her sole

Other than some spots on her hands and feet, she had fever which lasted for 2 days. During the fever it was not prominent, only when she was recovering on her third day, did the spots appear. She did complained of a little ulcer at the tip of her tongue of which I applied an oral gel for her. As all other HFMD cases, she had to be confined at home, no school until she gets a medical clearance. The doctor said there was nothing to worry as hers was a mild case but of course, how could any mom not be worried. Some cases were so serious that it became fatal.

She was away from school for about 10 days of which by then the doc had given the green light to return to school on day 9. But I kept her at home just one more day and also didn't let her attend her speech and drama class that was suppose to be in the afternoon. Her teachers and school all were in touch and I kept them updated about her condition. Even the clinic called up but of course for some information too as they had to submit these to the Ministry of Health to make sure these are isolated cases.

So what did Lea do while she was at home? Well, she ate a lot, cried a lot, threw a lot of tantrums. She had all the attention she wanted and she got it. She even got to playing on my new laptop cos Daddy let her when she couldn't sleep! And she danced and sing a lot because she didn't want to miss out on her school practise and sang Chan Mali Chan and some songs she was suppose to sing and dance for her school.

I guess I am so relieved at the end of this traumatic session. I was a little down the best part of the week but I chose to ignore it actually. But I'm better today.

Tau Sar Pneah Craving

I went hunting for Tau Sar Pneah lately. The bakery that used to sell their Tau Sar Pneah is no longer producing it due to high operating costs lately. They have stopped several products for the time being. That means I have to settle with those that are being imported from Malaysia. I don't mind Malaysian made ones but it's got to be Penang ones because that is where the better ones are from.

I saw these ones on sale at the atrium of Suntec weeks ago and bought it to try. Well, thumbs down, really. The bean filling was dry and tastes terrible. sigh.. nothing can taste as good as Penang ones.

I remembered buying some good Balestier ones before. Perhaps I should hop over there to look for it. It was supposed to be one of the best homemade ones in Singapore. I remember vaguely trying it in the early 90s when my cousin bought some.

Stem Cells Holds Promise


My Gynaecologist told me how the stem cells from cord blood during birth can help to cure a string of medical conditions. These conditions include Heart Disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. These stem cell discoveries hold the answer to the miracles we never knew possible.

As a mother, she has only those limited chances to store the cord blood in the few times she gives birth. How about the ones who are singles? Does that mean they are being left out of life's promises to fight to say alive should they never get to have a baby? My friend's Grandmother suffers from diabetes and heart disease. Just imagine a new life she would have received at the thought of being cured using these treatment. That would bring hope to millions of people around the world who would have thought of giving up.

All is not lost because in the further technology of science and research, had led to the discovery that these potentially life-saving stem cells are also found in the menstrual blood. These cells have the potential to be 100% match for the donor and also her first degree relatives too. Now all women of the world can take part in this exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology by C'elle. Read up on C'elle Client Testimonial and the limited 'Caring and Sharing' promotion whereby a purchase of the C'elle kit allows one to get another free. Give the promise of life, to your loved one or best friend. You may want to read more About the Science Showcase in their website, Celle.com.

Sponsored by C'elle

Do Away With Dust Problems

Overlooking the window in my room, across the main road, I see lots of new site deveopment for new homes. They have cleared a big parcel of land and is going to build some villas there. Two years back there was another site next to it that also developed into 3 storey homes. During the construction, my elder girl goes into a bad state of wheezing and rashes. it is because of her sensitive nose and skin allergies caused by dust. When it happened, I would close the windows most part of the day, only opening it for the cool air in the evening when construction stopped. I also installed an air purifier in the room to make sure the air is unpolluted. It helps to filter out other allergens like pollen and bacteria that may be in the air we breathe.


Food Festival

We happened to be at the mall when a Food Festival was on. There were lots of food for sale there and everything looked really nice. I lingered around the Thai food stall deciding and deciding if I should get the yummy looking Thai Dessert - Mango with Sticky Rice. I love this dessert. The other dessert I enjoy was the Tako which is made with Rice Flour, Water Chestnut and coconut. Besides the dessert, there was also the Thai Guava and it tasted really nice, crunchy.

During the food promo, there was an eating competition that runs on hourly basis. It was funny to watch the participants that comprised of elderly women, and a young boy. They had to eat some fried chicken pieces that was fried by the Taiwan food stall. It was funny seeing them trying so hard to chew and swallow the food down. The elderly women were struggling with the food, I could have sworn.. why did they take part, I wonder. Free meal?

Thai Guava

Tako Dessert and Mango with Sticky Rice and more desserts

Korean BBQ Seafood Stall

Eating Contest

Keeping Weight Down

Global recognition always puts pressure on the unhealthy lifestyle obesity and even the slightest signs of being fat is such a put off. Many of my friends here in Singapore also tries to lose weight competitively to look good, have a better image as these are the factors that puts them to be in the frontline at work and networking.

As they struggle with many ways of losing weight, risks like over-exercise, aneroxic disorder and surgery risks may become an issue that plaques them. Like all methods of losing weight, one should really read for information and find out how suitable they are the method they choose to take. Among a popular way of dieting include the consumption of diet pills.

Although diet pills are popular globally, one should always read about the healthy risks, the effectiveness and how safe it is. Taking into all these in consideration, the price that makes up for me should be value for money as some may require to be taken for a certain period of time.

So how does one find out if these diet pills all come in a positive note for consumption? Reading up on customers reviews who have used these product will give you an idea about it. Expert reviews will also give you information about effectiveness and value for money and clinical studies will also enlighten the risks, ingredients and safety. These are the important factors one should find out as a customer. It is important that consuming diet pills are also subject to certain risks.

To make things easy, a website that conveniently lists down all the available diet pills is available online for you. These reviews are done and being featured based on Safety, Effectiveness, Value and marks down from the Top 1 in the list to those in the bottom category. One may list down a Top 1 as a good diet pill but one should also be aware that sometimes the Top 1 product may not be suitable for him or her. Thus he or she may find it more favourable to pick the next top product for effectiveness.

How Much Nutrition In That Bowl of Noodles

I was at the school canteen when a friend's daughter bought her own lunch. The school tuckshops has queues so long that I usually don't encourage my girl to queue for it. She eats quite slow and by the time she gets her food I think she will probably not have enought time to eat them anymore. So I pack lunch box for her few times a week if she stays back for lessons and activities.

Last week I took this picture of the food the girl bought. I really cannot believe how can a tuckshop be selling such a meal. The soup looks like water and there is not obvious item that shows nutrition in it. I remembered that school tuck shops have certain guidelines in their requirements so what is this.. I don't see any vegetable and there is only one piece of fishcake (processed food) , probably few pieces more under the noodle and unhealthy instant noodles. Ugh..

Get Certified In IT

Some of my friends work in the IT industry. When they were doing their courses in their teens, they talked about being analysts, programmers and some even wanted to build up an IT business empire, very much like Bill Gates.

When the internet boomed in the 90s, there were many jobs in the IT industry. Many had completed their studies and started working in IT firms and industry, trying to get a basic foothold of experience and develop into full fledge IT personnels and professionals. In big firms, there were many opportunities in the IT departments of course. In a country like Singapore, sometimes you will need the extra edge in order climb up the corporate ladder besides work experience. Retraining is a compulsory factor for an IT industry as the technology is always moving in the fast pace.

One of the important training programme for IT personnels is the Cisco certification. As the world moves towards lots of networking in voice, security and wireless, one could arm him or herself into a specialized Cisco Certification in that area. Other various Cisco Certification includes security certification such as CCNA in Security.

As the global IT industry demands for more qualified and certified personnels, Cisco Certification will become the new much sought after professionally certified requirement for that extra edge. Globally recognised, this qualification will boost one's career in the IT path and lead to more possibilities in goals, positive career advancement and enhancement.

I am sure that for one who has very entry level knowledge in IT, picking up a certification like these will not only enhance a new career move for me but also enlighten me into the prospects in this industry.

Sponsored by Cisco

Creative Webcam Free from Qmax

As the hotspots are growing, I decided to sign up for Qmax to get free access to Wifi@sg. Previously to access free wireless broadband access, laptop users will usually patronize Starbucks, McDonalds, BurgerKing and outlets that offer wifi connection free of charge. Lately in the past few years, these free Wifi access had been extended widely indoor and outdoor to public areas without having to go into outlets. All you need is a wifi enabled laptop and you can get connected.

There are several operators, among them that I know of that offers Wifi@sg are iCell, Singnet and Qmax. They offer FREE wifi broadband access for three years, and may be extended. It is part of the national plan developed by IDA to get Singapore to be fully integrated with broadband access, nationwide. Currently I realised that those who are in the West Coast Park having a barbeque could surf by being a registered user with Qmax. Such is the advantage of having public wifi free. I am hoping they will extend to my residential area as soon as possible. Maybe by that time, I can cut cost and cancel my broadband connection!

I signed up as a registered user for Rae last year because her school is in the hotspot area. I can actually surf the internet while waiting in the car for her.. hehehe

And I signed myself up only two weekends ago. Hubby got a free webcam (Creative webcam) and I chose a free ear pc (gonna use it for my laptop) but there was no stock so I can only collect it somewhere in August. Oh Well..


Get Rid of Pollens and Allergens

I grew up with sensitive nose. It usually will trigger off when I'm near pollens or dogs and cats. But I can't avoid dogs at all. We had as many as 6 dogs at one time. I was an animal fan. In those days, we had nothing like air purifiers or air filters for home use. Those were gadgets that were expensive and only hospitals could afford.

In recent years, such products have been produced for our homes, office and small area usage. It is such a relief to me. My two little girls are also having sensitive noses. I installed air purifiers in our rooms and also use beddings that prevents and discourage the growth of Dust Mites. There is nothing I enjoy than a home free of pollen and allergens that makes me so sickly. I believe I found the best Allergy Solutions, finally.


My Girl Has Make Up On! Aiyooo

Rae was in her Danceathon concert last Friday. Her school had organized the Official Opening of the New Building of the school together with a Charity Dinner. It was a big event and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan was invited as the Guest of Honour.

Rae and the rest of the school in Tap dance class, Fusion dance, Choir, Band and those who are performing in the Danceathon had been practicing for weeks. So when it was time for the concert, they had to come prepared with makeup on their faces. Rae was so excited about having makeup on. She kept on and on about it.

In the previous stage concerts or dances, the makeup was usually done by their teachers. But this time they requested to have parents to do it at home before they reach school to perform. Gosh, I've not done makeup on a kid before, you know. Because I don't really encourage it. But I've seen them done in the dressing room. So there it was, Mummy Constance had to apply makeup for her anxious daughter! So how did I do? Errr.. I didn't give her a light makeup, but one that I thought was good enough for stage performance. She used most of my Shiseido makeup which was quite expensive! Shiseidos for Blush, Eye Shadow and Eye liner (only on top lids), Lip Liner (MAC) and Lipstick (Shiseido) and my yummy gloss from Biotherm! The only thing I didn't apply on her was mascara..

Rae, all made up for her stage performance

And you know what, she told me that the teacher added a little more for her when she got there... sigh..


Relief from Carpal Tunnel Pain

Years ago, I used to have a terrible ache on my right wrist. It was due to too much of computer typing from early morning till the late night working on tabulations and alignments in catalogs and books. It is also very common among some of my friends to when it comes to certain time of the year when we handle financial reports yearly. After months of working on that, I get a very numb feeling in some of my fingers especially so in the index and middle fingers.

When I visited a doctor, he advised me to shake my hands often after every half hour or so to prevent stiffness and stop the pressure of the median nerve from building up. He also gave me some Ibuprofen to reduce some swelling. He diagnosed it to symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. Because of this numbness, I found myself unable to work or blog for long hours at a stretch because of the pain and it sometimes reach a certain extent that I have to stop for a few hours and use ice to bring the swelling down. Although after the medication and ways to stop the swelling, the same numbness usually occur after months later when I am working hard on my projects again. I think oral and application of ointment or ice method does not really solve it permanently, especially when I am doing lots of blogging.


It was until I discover a product that could be the consistent remedy to my painful experience. It is called the IMAK Smart Glove, designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon that can be worn on your wrist and recommended for carpal tunnel relief. It can be used for most pain connected to the wrists, like tennis elbow, arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome of course. Covered by the IMAX Comfort Guarantee and product warranty, this product enables me to get some relief from my agony and will be my desktop companion for a long long time.

Sponsored by IMAK

Hurry Up or Be Late

Time is Precious. And Expensive. I got his cheap clock to be placed in the bathroom recently. It costs only $1. Cheaper than the batteries! Why do I need a clock in the bathroom?

Ah Boy takes a long time in the loo each morning. Sometimes he reads the newspaper and looses track and ends up late for work. Well, he is not late for work actually but late in beating the time to avoid ERP timing.

ERP is Electronic Road Pricing, very much like 'tolls' on the roads. But Singapore is not a nation with many states yet we have these road pricing on our roads. It used to be just CBD (Central Business Districts) to prevent bottle necks on certain time of the day. Then because it didn't help, the government built more ERP gantries/increased the price/increased the road timing. And when it didn't work anymore, ERPs were built in more roads, expressways and extended to as far as the west side where we live.

Nothing Else but Rick Ross Ringtones

I get bored with the default ringtones in my mobile phone. Some of my friends have music being played when it rings and they are so cool. I have been looking for something different. Perhaps something more upbeat. I do enjoy a little bit of rap occasionally. There are a few rap artists I enjoy listening to, like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and even Snoop Dogg. Instead of googling the word ringtones, I actually did a search for Rick Ross Ringtones and found a splendid site that offers nothing else but Rick Ross! On this site, there is a full list of his ringtones that you can listen before you download it. I chose Rick Ross The Boss Ringtone. Now is the time to chill out.

Invading Our Privacy?

Many airports globally are installing the new X-ray machine. These backscatter devices are the latest and will allow the airport screeners a clear picture of what is under a person's clothes. Dangerous devices will be seen in clear form by these X ray machine. It is considered a breakthrough in our scanning technology. However there are some concerns by public about these scanners because some feels that it invade the privacy of the person. A revealing picture of a person's nude body can be seen clearly. I read that some airports allow a choice of a pat down (letting security pat your body) or walk through scan of shame (security to see you naked).

So, which one is for you?


Watch Chelsea Play Live

My hubby is a great fan of the EPL soccer. He never fails to watch it on cable although it may be in the wee hours in our home country when they are playing live. Living in an apartment means everyone will join in the fun. Do you know why? Because when there is a goal, you can hear the shouts and screams from our top floor. Some people celebrate by screaming out the window. But football fever is very alive in our estate.

I know he would very much like to take a trip to United Kingdom to watch the soccers live. He had thought about it long and hard. And he even makes out a calendar to see where the good matches are like his favourite Chelsea team. He wants to support them with right gear and smell the air that the team players breathe. I know he is also sourcing around for Chelsea Tickets
online. He knows he can get information from ticketsolutions.co.uk that specializes in selling tickets for sports, concerts and more special events.

And while he plans for his trip, I can plan for my shopping trip. That makes both of us happy!


Panic in the Morning

On Monday, Lea was in high spirits going to school. It was Racial Harmony Day and she was in her favourite Korean dress. Each student could wear a traditional costume to celebrate this occasion and she had loved this since I bought it for her more than a year ago.

When she came home, Lea wasn't feeling herself (see left pic). She came home with a temperature. It fell into the range of between 38-ish all the way to 39.4 deg. I gave her the paracetamol for kids, 125mg dosage. At 1pm, I dropped by the pharmacy for Neurofen and new bottle of Paracetamol suspension cos I wasn't sure if the old bottle will be as effective since it has been around for more than 4-5 months. I also got those cooling gel pads for the forehead and put them in the fridge.

At about 5pm, her temperature shot up to 39 deg and above. I gave her a sponge bath and it brought the temperature down to 38 deg. That was better. I stayed up the night to check on her and gave her medication twice at midnight and about 6.30 in the morning. She was fine and fever subsided in the night, actually.

Then the big panic came at about 10 plus in the morning. She commented she was feeling cold. That doesn't sound right cos usually she will not bother with chills and loves it as a matter of fact. I went over to check and saw that she was shivering and trembling. Her fever had gone up again. I checked and it went up from 38.4 to 38.9 in just minutes. Her fingers and toes were cold, and she looked like she wasn't really herself.

I MSNed my sis and asked if she knew how to administer Guasa Therapy (chinese traditional way of scraping the skin surface to release heat). I remembered my friend told me that it is an effective way for kids. Our mom used to do that for us when we were kids. Sis said she had not done it before and advised me to get to the doc as the best option.

Although I had given her Neurofen (high fever /painkiller) she didn't seem to look so good. I got so worried. I could see her lips started to turn blue. That was when I panicked. I then grabbed her, my car keys and drove straight to the clinic that i usually bring the kids to. I had my drawstrings pyjama pants on.. what the heck!

Along the way, I called up the clinic to get a queue number first. When I reached there in 10 minutes, the clinic was full of people.. sigh... and we had 10 patients before our turn to see the ever popular Dr Tan. Did you know how long the wait was? Almost two hours! It was about 12.15pm when it was our turn.

Dr Tan said since she didn't suffer from any flu or other symptoms, it could have been a viral infection that has been circulating this week. The weather had been very bad too. Well, at least that was a relief. And because I had bought my own medication he gave us an MC for Lea for her absence from school. Although he said it would clear in a few days, I better be keeping her at home and monitored for the next few days.

Guess I over react. But which mom will not react this way seeing kids turn blue in their lips, right?


Clock in a pair of Cufflinks

My hubby accidentally dropped his wristwatch lately. Like me, it was probably the last good working watch he had worn for the past year. I then tried to surf online for a gift for him and found this wonderful little cufflinks watch! It is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. He is an avid collector of cufflinks so I believe this is something that be of good use for him. This little clock cufflinks is a real mini clock set in rhodium and silver. One can change a new battery when the old one is flat. I would love to get a pair for myself too and they have a similar clock cufflinks in 14kt gold overlay. It is round in shape. It is such an excellent gift! For him and myself, of course.


Little Buskers at Home

Singapore has it's fair share of buskers on the road. Most of them concentrate in Orchard Road because this place is usually crowded with young and old Singaporeans and tourists. Buskers in Singapore need to apply for license before they are allowed to busk on the streets. My girls love to watch the many different people performing like Singing, Playing musical instruments or even Clowning or just being statues. And they have watched Singapore youngest busker (Drum Prodigy) Ethan Ong who played on the drumset as well.

One day I heard my girls having a conversation about performing. Lea wanted to play the guitar (her toy guitar) while Rae composed her own song and sang at the top of her voice. And this is what they did. Enjoy...


Rae in School

3 times a week, I'd pack lunch for Rae because she has to stay for extra lessons, Brownies and Speech & Drama lessons. She usually gets a small snack for her recess while in school but I know she doesn't eat them since I see the same sandwiches or biscuits in her lunch box when I pick her up.

To ensure she eats for her extra classes, I bring lunch and watch her eat before I go home. Sometimes, I bring Lea with me since she is bored at home. Also, I wanted her to see the school her sister is in so that it will be more familiar when she starts her Primary One in three years time. I also get her to buy simple food from the tuckshop now and buy drinks from the vending machine. This helps her to 'fine-tune' her buying skills and be ready for school.

See this picture I took few days ago. Guess what Lea was doing? Fanning while Big Sis ate. Hail the Queen....


Nice WordPress Themes

Blogging is something that I enjoy doing for the past year. It gives me the freedom to express myself and share experiences, photos, information, jokes, tips and lots more things with my friends. When I decided to start a new blog by purchasing my own domain, I did some research and check out lots of other blogs. Among the popular ones I find are those with wordpress themes. You can find nice themes from an online resource site - topwpthemes.com.

If you are keen to start a blog unique with your own domain name, there are lots of interesting themes for you that are optimised for wordpress platforms. Select the themes that suit the functionality of your layout like columns, widgets, colour schemes and themes. When you find one that you like, you just need to download it onto your own pc. It's so simple.

The website is easy to navigate and themes are easy to find, as they are categorized in columns, width, sidebar selections and more. Visit the site often to find new updates on the latest themes.

Horse Riding

Rae had the chance to ride on a horse last Sunday. Well, not real horses, but kiddy-ride ones. Most of the malls have these and the last time she rode on them was at the east side NTUC resort. This one requires some strength in the leg and arm actions to step and pull the horsey to enable it to slide forward. It must have been fun.. frankly, if they allow adults... err..

Anyway, she had great fun. She chose a smaller horse although there are larger ones too. Many kids were on it and you can ride as long as you like as long as you pay of course. A $10 deposit is required and they refund you the remaining when you are done. Otherwise top up more if you exceed the time. These horses were all over the mall. It certainly looks like a good fitness exercise too. Ah well, I shall stay home and ride on the iGallop then.

Giddy Up Horsey

Yee Haa!

Pretty Horses in a Row

Where are the rest of the galloping horses?

Hey! Make way for me!

Superfoods by Orovo

Health products are in demand nowadays. We are all striving to buy the best premium product to ensure a healthy living. Organic foods, premium products, supplements, skin care are among the many that people are looking for for optimum health. Hewever, these quality products burn a big hole in our pockets as these products are expensive due to a higher mark up for superior quality.

In spite of high prices for such goods, Orovo is probably the exceptional online store that is going the opposite direction in it's pricing. Orovo's products are ensured of the highest quality using the purest ingredients and marketed at the most reasonable price. They provide products from supplements like multivitamins, weight loss and skin care products like the orovo detox which has been a part of their Top 10 Superfoods, at the most reasonable price.

Besides being an orovo user, one can also take advantage with a promising home based business plan by sharing it with friends and family. This is an excellent way of promoting good health, sharing good products and also make a little pocket money. And for the more ambitious ones, there is a potential to bring this business to the very next level in a Business Building Package.

Selling Milk or Cosmetic

I was doing my grocery shopping this afternoon at NTUC FairPrice. I walked to the section and picked up my little girl's Friso formula and also a softpack Fernleaf Milk Powder for Rae. Then I walked past a lady who stood there trying to promote the Nestle Omega Low Fat Milk.

She asked me to try the product and I just politely declined. She shoved a small sample cup of the milk and insisted that I try it. Not to disappoint her, I did, after all it was a complimentary sample. She then said that I should support her and buy from her. Again, I declined and said I still have a large tin of Anlene at home so I won't buy till I finish that one. Well, this lady couldn't take No for an answer and kept on going on about how this product can last till May 2009 and that it comes with a free gift of a tumbler. Sigh.. she is really doing hard sales now.

I declined again and tried to walk away but she kept on talking and talking. Then I said thank you, next time, not today. And you know what she said?

She said if you drink this you can have lovely fair skin, smooth and beautiful. Then she scrutinized my skin and said "wah you so young got pigmentation liao". She then commented that the pigmentation on my skin was because I didn't take this milk product. I was kinda speechless for a moment! Can you believe it? She then went on to say, this milk can stop the pigmentation! So if I want to look beautiful, must buy this product! Wah Liao! Tak Boleh Tahan!

I was a bit amused but just walked away and let her rattle on. Who is she trying to kid? I think this lady got too desperate. She thinks she is selling cosmetic product ah? Perhaps that was her old job before she moved on to low fat milk!

Landlord Software

Living in an estate that is not paperless can be frustrating. That was what happened about 5 years ago. The security house, manager's office and facilities desk all worked in separate locations within the estate. It was frustrating because each time when I needed to book a tennis court, I need to be down at the facility desk in person to make sure I pick the time and slot I wanted. And advance booking can only be made about 4 days before. It didn't work for me especially when I had to leave for work at 8am and the facility desk clerk only comes in at 9am.

Such is the problem when property management do no adopt proper networking or paperless methods. Perhaps they have a certain budget that prevents them to install this in their computer systems. I do know of how some are restricted because they are just a small cluster of apartment blocks.

However, there is an online property management software that is available for instances like these. An online feature that do not need any software installation is the answer. It is the Buildium's property management software. In other terms, it can be described as a Landlord Software. Integrating features like general ledger accounting, secure online payments, giving residents online access or even receiving maintenance requests. With these features, landlords that own few units of residents for rental can make use of this and let their tenants make payments of rent or other payments online without the need to meet up with the tenants each time. Setting up is easy and you get to choose a package that is suitable for the size of the group.

With the recent demand of various available online software, Buildium has really serve a purpose by setting this niche product to customers. Just imagine when one is away on business, he or she can even handle payments for facility or maintenance from abroad from any computer. It is a real online convenience.


Prevent Mozzies Breeding, Prevent Dengue

At the neighbourhood fair last Saturday, there was an educational booth that highlighted on the dangers of Dengue. In the recent 3 years, there had been an increased percentage of Dengue fever, which meant mosquitoes are now breeding more somewhere in the homes of residents and needed much action.

These strains of Dengue had also evolved into a different type and it seemed like those who were bitten by the affected mosquitoes are catching new strains of Dengue fever and not as immuned to as before. There were many new cases and National Environment Agency started to dispense many volunteers to check on housing and provide many educational leaflets, magnets, notebooks to educate the public of Aedes mosquitoes that may breed in as little as a 10 cents coin of stagnant water.

Fumigation is done in our estate on Fridays without fail. I play my part in preventing these Aedes from breeding by making sure all pails are turned and there are no possible catchments of waters in around the house, balconies and the plant pots as well.

Best Weight Loss Pills Online

Hundreds and hundreds of weight loss products lined the shelf of the store. Masses of them got listed down when I googled for it online. Different names, various effectiveness and different ways of breaking down our fat, increase metabolism, block sugar, suppress appettite and even detoxification method. How do we determine which one works for us. These products may have safety measures. Some are limited to certain age requirements and some needs prescriptions for purchase.

I made my way to a website that showed positive signs and tips about buying weightloss pills. After all, I do value my health too. I found WeightLossPills.net for information about some types of fat burner and detox pills. In this website, you can find hundreds and hundreds of weight loss pills available in the market. These pills are ranked from the Top 1 to an exhaustive list of over 200, perhaps more. I won't really bother for those that are not ranked high in this site. Score is 10 for the best and 1 for the worst. This compilation is very convenient for those who would like to read about the effectiveness or even if it is value for money. There are also prices listed so you will know how much value for money the product is worth. One may cost a lot but may not be effective so this ranking and review takes away the hard work of trying out each product and wasting money.

Avoid those manufacturers that claim their products are the best before checking out the full review done based on five fundamental ways like:
1. Effectiveness 2. Ingredients 3. Speed 4. Safety 5. Value

Let's Talk About The Weather

The weather cleared up this morning and my mood also changed for the better. The past week has been gloomy and wet but this morning the signs of a sunny day peeked in between some cumulonimbus. Even the air smelt fresh just like clean linen. The sun seemed to be smiling down and everything looked really happy. Or was it just me? Even the day's routine of going in and out didn't really bother me.

I hope the rest of the afternoon stay this way. I could even feel a nice cool breeze blowing into my living area this morning. Yesterday, it was raining like cats and dogs and it looked like there was going to be a storm. It toppled some of my little plant pots over.

Sci Fi Experience - The Leviathan Chronicles

Macallan Orsel, at aged 12 had been living with her grandmother after her parents disappeared during a marine archeology expedition. She has grown into a young genetic scientist. She also discovered that her family is descended from a group of immortals and learns about her extra ordinary DNA, astonishing as it may be, if activated is the answer to peace to civil war. She is also a deadly target for being a threat to the group of immortals if she manages to unlock the secret of genetic code.

The immortals are a group of genetically altered beings living among humans and takes control a significant amount of money in the world. Threatened by Macallan's potential of bringing immortals to an end, rebellious leader and tactical genius, Seishun uses his creativity and hides evidence that may lead the discovery of immortals among the humanity.


If you are a fan of Sci-Fi, you will love the Leviathan Chronicles. Intriguing, exciting and full of adventure. Best of all this is purely an aural sensation of the extra-ordinary. You don't need to read it, nor do you need to watch it. It is done with special sound effects in a podcast that is set to bring your level of imagination to an experience you've never had. Listen to it and you will be addicted. Close your eyes and imagine yourself within the immortals. Feel your heart beat faster and your adrenalin goes up. Our mind and listening sense gets enriched with such unbelievable imagination that goes as far as we allow it to be. Listen to it anytime, even while at work, traveling. No other Sci-Fi quite like this.

It is produced in episodes which you can download on to your pc and listen anytime, not missing an episode or just listening to it again and again.

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Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Was Here

On Saturday, I was on top of the world. There was going to be a Herb Garden Opening Ceremony at the community estate. The highlight of the day or evening for me was getting to see my favourite MP, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan is the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports in Singapore. He is the elected member of parliament for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

He was going to be the Guest of Honour to to officiate the event opening that evening. I have only met him in person once not too long ago when he visited us in our homes. He is such a friendly person and shows lots of concern to the estate and very welcoming to ideas. My 8 year old girl who met him also during his house visit was also excited to be seeing him again. During the house visit then, she stayed up till late just to make sure she could meet this Very Important Person that Mummy had been raving about.

The Herb Garden is a community project created by the Residents Committee to create a united and friendly neighbourhood spirit among residents. It started at about 5pm and ended at 10pm. I love to do gardening, and I do wonder why did I not sign up to be part of the garden community. Perhaps I was too busy blogging away...

Anyway here are pictures of the fun evening. We also won a 17th prize from the lucky draw conducted live there. My girl also plucked up some courage with her friend to participate on a stage game activity for the kids. My helper also had fun and we both took turns to go back home to bathe so we wouldn't miss out on the lucky draws... hahaha