Spare the rod and spoil the child?

OK OK another tag before 2007 is over. So, do i spare the rod? I grew up with the rods.. many many many... hahahah but lucky it was pretty much under control. A whip or two, that made us very very good. Thank you, MUMMY DEAR! Quiet as a puppy, in our own rooms. Tidying the house and do everything like clockwork. There was no need running away from it. Fearful we were, but we knew we were more fearful of what comes after.. THE NAG.. boy that was the worst!

Anyway, I do wave the rod, or THE CANE as Asians couldn't have it better... lol. And my girls know that is the power cane. The do fool around with each other at times but knows when it is flashing power, by the look of my face and the voice when I am really angry. So, I didn't really use it that much. Most of the time the real victim is my poor Marble table legs. Rae says, Mummy you are really lousy at hitting cos you always missed us.. Well as if she knows better.. *wink*

My next 5 bloggers are :- Drum Rollllllllllllll
1. zero 2. kosong 3. nought 4. zilch 5. 000

Well I cannot really think of anyone I wanna tag, right now... hahahah.. end of 2007's tag... hehehe

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1. Jo-N wants to be her children's best friend.
2. Trinity doesn't want to spare the rod.
3. Dora definitely spares the rod.
4. Sue doesn't spare the rod.
5. Constance tries to spare the rod but waves it ever so often

Never Judge Too Quickly / countdown to 2008

Have you ever met a stranger and judge them before you even knew them? I think many us are guilty of doing that. Packaging is as important as the contents but sometimes we do judge a person too quickly before knowing the person in more depth. Also sometimes those whom we think looks sane may turn out to be a queer person too.

My good friend Angie, sent me this YouTube video few days ago. It was really funny. Sometimes things turn out not what they seemed to be, and it can be really hilarious! Enjoy, have a funny end to your 2007!

Green for Growth / countdown to 2008

Today is the final day of 2007! I had just gone out for some grocery shopping at the local mart. Guess what I got? I got a small pot of plant. I've been wanting to get something green so I found this. I've always liked this plant but I'm not sure what it's called. It lookes very pretty and petite. I've seen some shops displaying this near to their water features.

Few weeks ago, Rae popped in a dollar to get one of those vendor machine toys/figurines. She actually got a packet of 'Water Babies'. Those are the round gels you can use to grow your plants with. It comes dried like little beads. Once you have soaked it in water, it grows to as large as a marble. She wanted to grow the beansprouts in them, but I told her I'd get a plant for that since Beansprouts aren't really the type of house plants one would be growing at home.

Well, I've completed this task for 2007. I hope 2008 will be a year when my 'greens' will flourish too. Best wishes to all of you for the NEW YEAR!

Link Building and SEO Consulting

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What's on your wallpaper?

I've got this nagging thing on my mind. This TAG! hahaha.. I'd already say yes to it, so I gotta keep my word.. it took me a while to do this cos I had to go all out to take the pic using my digicam. I've been taking pics with my hp all this while so for today, I gotta get my camera out to charge first. Take the pic then connect them to my pc.. I've got my lazy bones so all these is kinda like 'ma huan' tampok.. hahaha cos when i really need urgent pics to blog, I can just send it via my mms ma..

So here is the wallpaper on my hp.. Kam buan liao. Small pic okay lah. Full body shoot, kio um kar!! I've had this pic since the holidays when I brought Rae to watch Winx Club.

And I guess I gotta tag some too huh? So who who who ???? I'd tag 10 names but no lah... I'll be nicer, I'll do 5! For the fun of it, or something for you to blog, come on!! Be a sport! hahahahaha

1. Joe
5. Akk

Food Glorious Food


Look at the spread from Carrefour! The sushis, cheeses, garnishes and pickles, chilled meat and the fresh from the oven ribs and roasters! I took these pics before the Christmas Day.. these would be good for a New Year's Cocktail Party, ya? Yummy Yummy!

Six Million Dollar Man / countdown to 2008

Hey everyone, I can't resist posting this one too.. Was my favourite tv show when i was in primary school! He was my idol! I grew up with Lee Majors as my imaginary friend, did everything with him! No words beyond explaination...hehehe

The intro is just great! I could remember them all, word for word! yeah!

The Big Blue Marble / countdown to 2008

Big Blue Marble. This one is specially dedicated to Firehouse Kopi Soh..

Yes I love this show too... waah got someone who appreciates shows I watched ler...hahahah sooo happy untill pa leng tao liao! This intro song is just great! I hope all of you who grew up watching all these will remember your growing up days in the retro 70's.

Also, Kopi Soh.. skype can type as chat or can also make calls and kong ua also, like the telephone. Just buy a microphone from the pc shop and fix nia. Just remember don't get the pasar malam one if not later our ears all can hear u hissing like snake aneh kuan... hahahha

Last things, we have many many members who are not just young as 20's nia, but also those who are in their 40's, 50's and more! We all share jokes and chat like in kopitiam one. That's why we called the room sembang.. Do join us, ya. Will introduce you to our members, sure can click one lah..

Big Blue Marble Show Information
(extracted from love2register2 of YouTube)
Big Blue Marble was a children's television program that aired on PBS stations from 1974-1983. Each episode contained 2 or 3 different segments, each one focusing on a child from a different country (what their life was like, interests, etc...). The apparent goal of the program was to promote cultural awareness/understanding. I believe themes like ecology were also discussed.

The show encouraged viewers to become "pen pals" with other viewers from different parts of the world, and facilitated this with a segment during each show.

As far as I know, the show hasn't been shown (at least in the US) since it originally aired. I've heard that some of the children that became pen pals kept in touch for years (even to present day).

This version of the show's intro was from a later season and is a different song than was originally used*. I don't know when the change was made but both seem to be remembered fondly depending on when you watched. You can hear the melody of the original song sung faintly at the start of this clip.

Cultural understanding: that's the 70's for ya. Should kids today be exposed to stuff like that?

Little House on the Prairie / countdown to 2008

Hahahaha! Little house on the prairie!! How many of you grew up watching this? The intro song will certainly bring back more memories, ya?

Laverne and Shirley / countdown to 2008

Another pleasant surprise for me again. I found my favourite comedy show, Laverne and Shirley.. gosh this show brings back memories for me! I am going absolutely crazy now. The theme song brings back memory lane. I remembered trying to record this song with a cassette player in front of my television! It was only one chance in a week. When the dogs bark, it's ruined and I have to wait another week again!

The Electric Company / countdown to 2008

In the 70's I grew up with this Children's show, The Electric Company. I was surfing the internet when I found that I can get the videos of this show on YouTube! I was so glad! I guess this show influenced me alot when it comes to reading pleasure. I love the opening as well, when they shouted Hey You Guys!!! This show is very retro and I think it's really cool at that time, compared with Sesame Streets or even other kid's shows.

How many of you ever saw this before growing up in the 70's? They had about 6 seasons of this show in all.

This cool method was how I learnt how to read.. not like the way the kindy teachers teach nowaday. Now the Letterland concept is more common, though.


Why Travel to France

Christmas brings about the concept of snow in some countries. A time for merry making and lots of good food and wine.

In Singapore since Christmas also falls on the December holidays, some take the opportunity to travel to European countries for a change of nice cool weather. Why not make it a trip to France during your next holiday. Embark on a food trail of authentic French diet, Great wine, Caviar and Champagne. How about the much loved Escargots (snails cooked in herby butter served in their lovely shells) Instead of taking the common travels, go for the road less travelled.

In this website, you get to learn of the France secrets of why the French Fries are so crispy! Learn of the history of the massive transformation that made Paris what it is today, where the most famous tree in France is, the overlooked and hidden villas, and breathtaking architectural details. Why Travel to France? Leaves a lot to be desired, really!

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Good Ol Days

My Sis and I

We are coming to the end of 2007. Do you find that this year really flew by so quickly? Well, I do. Gosh, another year and another year. It is getting scarey! Scarey because I will be waving goodbye to being a 30s mom and next year I shall be hitting full 40! I just can't believe it! I wish I could stay being a teenager, sometimes. Life was fun being a teenager! Seeing the photos of my friends, I see how they have grown older too. However, when I closed my eyes, I can still remember their chubby cheruby faces in primary school.

(Penang Prawn Paste)

Gone are the days of our primary school where we can just lose ourselves to the world of games and by hanging out in each other's homes. I can almost taste the sourish mangoes in rojak sauce from the stall outside our school! And eating laksa with extra hae ko nearby the roundabout at Sunrise Tower, Gurney Drive.

Back then we didn't have computers to write emails. Not like the kids nowadays.. We enjoyed writing letters. We had penpals, not internet friends. We had diaries, and no blogs. They were so personal and how I did looked forward to them even though we could be living just less than 3km away. It didn't matter if it was a school week or holidays. We'd still be writing letters with those fancy stationery to each other! There were tricks on how to reuse stamps too.. so we didn't have to buy stamps except for the few that we send to each other..

(my neighbour's house, taken by Nancy Yew few month's back)

I also missed the carefree days when I can just ride my bicycle to the Midlands Park and not have to worry about anything. It was quiet but certainly safe. There were no MacDonalds during that time until we reached the teens when the first MACDONALDS FRIED CHICKEN was opened near the Tip Top Restaurant, in Pulau Tikus! Gosh that place was really monopolized by CPT school girls.

I enjoyed the fun time when I would just climbed down the longkang near the Fettes Road market just trying to net those little 'peacock' fishes. Life was simple then. We played games that we simply created in our little minds and the kind that don't need money to buy. Like 5 stones and kali tuay. Penang Hokkien had a podcast dedicated to these old games that people played recently.

If you were born during the 50s and 60s, okay, okay ancient liao.. (hahaha) you probably understand the games they played in those era. For me, I just loved those jumping ropes that were made by rubber bands held in chains together. Games like 'touching' and how we'd even have rhymes like 'ajinomoto, cap mangkuk merah'.. wonder if anyone played those anymore. In anywhere in the kampungs in Malaysia? Are they solely girls' games. I did remember some boys playing those too..

An Old Primary School Photo

I've missed my old school alot. The primary school that still stands proud, looking quaint and our secondary school that now doesn't seemed to carry the nobleness of a Convent School anymore... sigh. Where are the strict nuns, the choir girls, and Mrs Kee? I'm sure my sister, my friends, my aunt and all those who have studied in our Alma Mater CPT, would think so. Does anyone still have the old school magazines? Do they have it in the current school library?

Did Earth just spin faster without us realising it? Even Pluto is not a planet now. Things have changed. I do miss the good old days. How about you. Maybe it's time to catch up with one another before the end of 2008.. you'll never know.

May 2008 be a year of keeping the spark alive for old friends, families and love ones. I wish you all a lovely lovely 2008.


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Authentic Katong

Since I had taken many pictures of Katong area on Christmas Day, let me show you the rest of the pictures I have. There are many of the old shophouses which nowadays home owners like to conserve and retain their intricate carvings and their bright cheerful colours.

Don't they look very much like Penang and Malacca?

This kinda shophouse can be found in many places in Singapore, including Chinatown.

This one is just being renovated, downstairs, that is.. probably another kopitiam.

I think this is more like a 'hiao' nightclub.. lol

An interesting signage done in 3D form!

These shophouse were exactly where we had our Bak Kut Teh.. err I didn't take the coffeeshop of the Bak Kut Teh.. silly me..

I was told they sell fabulous Durian Puffs here.

Healthy Skin Healthy Mind

Healthy eating is an asset. Our body absorbs nutrition and churns out the wastage. You can tell a healthy person by his/her complexion and his/her skin colour. Bright coloured fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. Take for example, the Orange, Carrot, Mangosteens, Noni and Grapefruits. They contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants to help us rid of free radicals.

A fruit that is gaining popularity is the Gac (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng). This fruit is bright red in colour, and about the size of a cantaloupe. It can be found grown in sub tropical Asia. It is a native fruit in Vietnam. Many Asians grow this in their home gardens and harvest this bright red fruit, and cook them in rice during special occasions and festivals. In Asia, this bright red colour represents the Wealth and Joy.

Gac is really an exceptional fruit. It is known for its skin nourishment properties. It helps to boost the immune system and acts as a catalyst in rejuvenation of our skin. It is different from other tropical fruits because it is not a juice, but it is considered, oil. The pulp has a natural oil which is the premier source of carotenoids. Did you know that our skin absorbs this fat soluble nutrients better than juice.

It is known as the ‘fruit from heaven’ because of its many abilities of its nutritional properties. In Vietnam, it is considered nature's gift to the woman folk to nourish the skin. Gac has a high concentration of powerful antioxidants keeping free-radicals under control. Did you know that Gac contains as much as 10 times more Beta-carotene than a carrot itself?

Get ahead of what is good and healthy. Give yourself the best. A healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy you. Try R.G. Skin Revitalizer.

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East of Singapore

A quiet Joo Chiat on Christmas Day

We travelled to the quaint side of East Singapore yesterday on Christmas Day. We were heading towards Joo Chiat area because Ah Boy was missing his Bak Kut Teh. There were few that was popular in Marine Parade but he decided to go to Joo Chiat. It was a quiet day, maybe because everyone had gone to Orchard for more Merry Making or they probably be attending Church or visiting friends and families.

Proud of the heritage of the Peranakan Blood

If you have never been to the east you will be in for a surprise. That is because Singapore is not all of concrete jungle as most people would think. The east side is similar to Penang and Malacca. It is likely to be the influenced of the Peranakan (Baba & Nyonya) heritage and descendants that usually live in this part of Singapore. In fact traveling to the east reminds me of home in Penang alot. The shophouses and the designs of its tiles and also plenty of food as well. Savour anything from the popular Bak Kut Teh, Kuehs, Otak (Singapore), to Nyonya Dumpling (Bak Chang) and Durian desserts and puffs.

Back in time with old stalls like these

Katong Laksa, famous in east of Singapore

When you are there, you might like to walk along the Katong eateries and shophouses.. You will be able to find the ever popular Katong Laksa which have not just one stall but numerous stalls which duplicate in the last decade. I do like the Katong Laksa, though. This is similar to the Thai Lemak Laksa. Very Lemak, with cockles, fish cakes, prawns and the laksa noodles. It is served with just a spoon. No chopsticks.

Our New Member

Baby Ah Lai is the newest member in the family. She is Lea's much sought after Ultimate Christmas gift. We got it for her after she had been whining and talking about it for the past month. It was advertised on the TV during commercials..

She is popularly known as Baby Alive by Hasbro, the goo-goo baby doll that will coo away with delight when you squeeze her wrist. She can be fed and pee too. She comes in a package, with extra diapers, baby bottle, baby towel and a baby cap.

She is really cute and adorable. Christened Baby Ah Lai because that is the way Lea calls her.. Welcome to the World, Baby Ah Lai!

Online Backgammon

Spending Boxing Day at home prompted me to search the internet for online games. I came across this site is different from other games. If you have played the game of backgammon, you might find playing online backgammon interesting. This site is so real, due to it's dramatic graphics which are 3D like. This is played in real-time, by registering as a player. You can either enjoy playing it for fun (Fun Money), or you can even play backgammon for real cash! For real money, they even let you have a free practise play!

You can win big prizes on real-time tournaments by just betting a small amount of money. If there are many tournament players, you may end up with a large win that has be known to reach into the tens of thousands of dollar! Download the Gammon-Fortune's great software to get started! Read the rules and regulations in detail first before playing competitively in backgammon online. As with any other tournaments, matches start on time.

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Lea's Fashion Sense

Strange but funny!
I was busy looking for Rae's shoe size, when I noticed Lea was doing something very strange. She was picking out the clothes from the children's section and testing it out on the mannequin! Oh my... it was so funny because it was a male mannequin and he certainly don't look as if he could fit into any pants printed in polka dots or pink either. But Lea was adament about it.
She kept on trying it on the male mannequin, and I took some shots before a staff hoi-ed at me that I cannot take any pictures. Gosh how rude. So I said to him politely, I was just taking pictures of my girl. I understand that some stores prevent picture taking for security issues, but surely they could tell that I'm no threat to them and I was only taking pictures of my girl.
I would have felt better if he had some social courtesy than from the way he scowled.. Maybe he need to go for some Service Quality courses..

hmmm.. some interesting clothes here..

~okay.. no one's watching..

let's try this on you.. Mister

nope nope! try something else... quickly!

how about you Mister Blueshirt?

Blogging Secrets

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Bake a Christmas Cake

Into the oven and out just right

I was bent on baking a cake this morning. Went out to get fresh eggs and some piping bag. Started about 10am and had everything into the oven and first batch out by 12noon.

I had this crazy idea that I'd like to have christmassy cut out cakes for fun and for the girls, since my previous ones were rectangle ones. So I started to use the cutter that had shapes of x'mas tree, hearts, and animal shapes to press out the layer of cake that was out and cooled on my wire tray.
Well, it turned out not so great.. Because the cutters that I have are the ones for cookie dough. It wasn't sharp enough to cut out my cakes. Maybe the cakes were too thick? The cut outs became crumbly and broke. The human figure shape broke at the neck (groan), the x'mas tree didn't have sharp trees.. and the flower shape looked more like bitten off cake by mice! The more I use the cookie cutter, the worst it became...very soon I had only the leftover crumbles of cakes!
OH WHAT A SIGHT!! (more groan..) so I tried to piped some icing but it didn't came out too well either. Maybe I need more holding power...sigh.. what a waste and what a mess! What am I gonna do.. I decided to just put all the cake bits and pieces, the crumbles in a bag and mould it into a ball..hahaaha

WHAT A JOKE! WHAT A CAKE! WHAT KINDA EXPERIMENT IS THIS? so how shameful my ambition came out to be...sigh sigh sigh.. this was not suppose to happen on the eve of Christmas! Mummy didn't order a Log Cake at all... Lucky I still could salvage an 8" and 7" round layer.. Sofiya suggested I could make a 2 layer cake with that. I agreed so I thought the kids could still have some decent cake... so I stacked the smaller layer on top of the bigger one. I didn't have enough icing so used whatever I had. My girls were so enthusiastic over doing the decor so to pacify each contribution, I end up with a 3 Santa Chocolate Cake with lots of Hersheys at the side... errrrr Colourful enough for the kids, never mind...they are happy at last...

cut out but not "sharped" enough...sigh..

The final acceptable cake, with THREE SANTAS on a cake!