Ugly Side of Singaporeans

Nice show but marred by ugly kiasu Singaporean parents

I can't help but decided to post this bad experience today. It shows the bad and ugly side of Singaporeans who put their 'kiasuim' into professional practise, and got me terribly mad.

Off work for a few hours, I decided to bring my girls to catch Sesame Street Live on Stage at BPP since it is the school holidays. Although we were there a good half hour early before the show started, the place was already packed and my kids wasn't able to get into the designated area for kids. For all kids who couldn't get in, we make do with standing around the gated area. Frankly, I think the organisers didn't do a good job because the kids that sat in the designated area had parents in there as well. They should have just allowed kids only.. but many parents, maids and other adults were sitting that area.. taking up so much space, depriving kids of the chance to catch this event. sigh. That was why many other kids can't even get in. I remember some of the mascot live shows at United Square only allowed kids, no adults since these shows are meant for kids. Kids who are with parents should be allocated behind. Parents should be allowed at the sides so as not to block the view of children. And OH YES, Video-Cams should not be allowed. Especially on TRIPODS!

So, off we were trying to find a good spot so that kids get a good view when the show starts. However it was a daunting task because there were TOO MANY KIASU PARENTS who stood around the gated area, thus preventing and blocking kids from this show! One very good example of such ugly Singaporean Parents... look at the pic below!

See, before we were there, the father had already 'parked' his video cam on a tripod smacked right in the centre-front. He was there to record the full show and had been fidgetting with the video cam. The mother carried the child who had been crying and kept whining as well. He looked exhausted and slept before the show started. It seemed to me that it was not the child but the parents who WANTS to watch this show! The father kept telling the son that he is recording the show for him and that he should not cry and he kept prodding his son to wake up! The mother and father took the best part of the front and blocked all kids who wanted to watch as they are both not very short nor very slim.

The father appeared irritated and kept making tsk tsk-ing sounds whenever a child tried to sneak in between him and his wife to catch the show. He even scolded one child and said it is so cramp and squeezy already so please don't come in here. He made hand gestures like he couldn't understand why kids must come around to catch sneaks of the show near both of them. When the show started, the kids all got excited but he made sure he and his wife covered their space broadly and well and that the area around him and his tripod is cleared of anyone. He even suggested to his wife to move to the right a little (prevent more kids coming in), being so inconsiderate and that blocked my daughter immediately as my girl was watching from behind between them both. How selfish of this person!

Why take a video cam when you are here to enjoy the show. Why block the kids who are there to watch an event meant for kids. If you wanted to record the show, might as well just buy a Sesame Street DVD for your child that comes with pure professional video capture and excellent audio system. Such a cheapskate parent!

Such shameful parents. So kiasu. So selfish, self centred.


Facebook or Blog, Which Do You Like Better?

Everyone is on facebook nowadays. We seldom blog about ourselves and the activities as much as before. For myself, i'm bogged down with work most part of the day. Many of my blogger friends I know are either busy with work or they are just perpetually on facebook most of the time. When they are not online surfing and on facebook, they are on their facebook mobile. That is still socially connected via facebook. Seldom see our friends consolidate their news/personal/etc online on blog because one can just post their status and upload a pic right after that to share.

But, do you prefer to share them on facebook or on your blog? Blogs are journal/diary-like and they are kept and categorized in separate dates for diff events. But facebook is different. You post your 'event/activity/news' and get comments immediately.

It is great to have facebook, when you can see your friends' comments when you share. But, somehow, I like blogs because I can have my 'journal' and pics for that memorable sake.

What about you. Do you own both a blog and facebook too. I know blogs can be a bit time consuming but it certainly has it's benefits. Does anyone know if facebook's history are kept for how long?