Who Deserves Best Friends Forever Award

Received this lovely award from a new blogger friend, Mummy Gwen. If was a BFF bank card. How unique! I do hope the interests are high, I definitely need some. hahaha.. Anyway, thanks for this sweet award. I'm sure we will be Great Blogger Friends for a long time to come.


1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. 4 of them followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

I'm nominating these fabulous bloggers for the award. It's ok if you have received this award before. Enjoy the fun! :

The Nominees are:
1. Joze
(my most frank and honest blogger friend)

2. Kikey
(who needs more awards than tags, after her 5 week trip, have to give her an award for the most PEACE sign in her photos!)

3. Tau Sar Phneah
(for his zest in blogging, now he owns his own domain! Congrats, son!)

4. Kevin
(aka Taugeh, very humble PGHK member)

5. Purplesky
(for her positive attitude, she could even do a complicated tag like the 6 questions and 6 layer tag! She really deserves an award!)

Hungry Ghosts' Festival

Today is the last day of 7th month, the Hungry Ghosts' Festival (Zhong Yuan Jie in Mandarin). Well, I think so.. hahaha. I was chatting with Lor Mee this morning that I do not have a chinese calendar so I really have no idea. Tomorrow, the resident' committee is organising a Mid Autumn Festival celebration near the Children's playground. I was suppose to go get my tickets but I had totally forgotten about it. I hope they have tickets on sale at the spot tomorrow. I'll be bringing the girls for their Walk the Lantern night.

It is only this year that I've started to participate in the resident's committee celebrations for festive and the community in my estate. Perhaps that is a good thing too. But also, I find that they really have done some good things around and supporting them is my way of saying Thank You too. A ramp was also built nearby for the handicapped for easy access. It is also near the shelter that leads to the school.

Today has been raining non stop. Perhaps like what my mom used to tell me, the rain represents the tears of the 'spirits' who shall have to go back to the gates of 'hell' after being freed for a whole month, gallivanting, and seeing their families.. How about you. Did you mom tell you any story about this.

Before the last hours, you might like to check out this trailer of the Singapore movie, A Month of Hungry Ghost

Review Your Site

I heard that there will be a live Penang Hokkien podcast tonight about several topics. I hope this time the topics are interesting enough because lately the topics do get a little boring. I have been a member of Penang Hokkien for almost 3 years already. I actually accidentally chance upon this site when I was searching for hotels in Penang 3 years back. I wondered if anyone had actually added this site into an international site that does WebSite Reviews. As Penang hokkien community had been expanding globally, I am sure it will be among the Top Websites in time to come. More and more recognition is now given to the lovely dialect of Penang hokkien. Of course we all owe it to John Ong for his passion in promoting Penang hokkien in his podcasts.

If you go to Talkreviews.ca, you will be able to view all information about websites from various countries. If you have something to share, why not add a site in. You might also like to share your blog and let the viewers review it too. Online stores that do well benefit when their sites are mentioned and praised here. It's a great place to look for in shopping information too.

A Teochew Dinner

More than a week ago, Hubby and I brought the girls out for a chinese dinner. We seldom go for a sit down chinese dinner in a restaurant because there's only so few of us. The girls don't really eat a lot and sometimes the price is not quite worth the 4-5 pax package.

However, we were bored with the usual food that's usually laden with too much salt, msg and oil outside. We drove to River Valley vicnity as there are several food outlets and decided to go for Teochew food at Teochew Cuisine Restaurant. It was our first time there and because it wasn't crowded and fully air-conditioned, the kids will certainly behave better. We had the noise and the kids will never enter a restaurant that has no air conditioned, yeah spoilt girls.

We didn't order the a-la-carte but ordered from the Chinese Set Menus instead. As usual, they all go from 98, 118, 168... all the numbers for you to pick. We pick the second set suitable for 4-5 pax. I'm sure with Hubby and I and Kakak, that would be 3 adults and the 2 girls could muster enough appetite for one adult.

The food was delivered promptly, we didn't wait too long. We saw that many diners that dine here either have sets or they go for mostly the Teochew Style Steamed Fish. Ours had Steamed Fish too, and yes - it was nice and fresh indeed. The other dishes were also wonderful. The only thing that didn't suit my palatte was the last course, a dessert of some yam, deep fried in sugary crisp melon sugar outside. It was too sweet and it was too heavy for me. I'd rather have those normal sweet but cold dessert instead of the hot deepfried ones as a grand finale. We didn't eat those, asked them to pack and brought them home. (Yes, we are a typical chinese family)

The Restaurant's Namecard
(worst namecards I've seen, i had to tweak the colour
otherwise, you won't be able to see the text!)

Our Steamed Garoupa (this is Cantonese Style, because I don't see
the usual salted mustards?)

The Braised Claypot with lots of chewy stuff
(Sea cucumber, Abalone and etc) that I don't eat..lol

The Meat Platter

This is a version of Battered Prawns that was also dipped in Duck Yolk
before they deep fried it. Was very yummy indeed!

We packed the dessert up (12 pcs of Deep Fried Yam)
Too sweet for my taste! and we rushed home to catch the
closing ceremony of the Olympics Game!

Buy A Business

Starting a new business is not easy. You need to do some research about the market trends, the target audience and how you will market your product or service. It is about starting from scratch. However, there are some who will try to work out a smarter way in a new business by buying an existing one and concentrate on the running of operations. Then there are some who builds up their business to an acceptable reputation and sells the business for profits. These are some of the ways that veteran businessmen who have been running businesses for many years. They are more concerned with the bottom line and profits.

If you have the interest to try out, why not pick up something from a site that allows you to buy or sell a business. It is definitely easier when all the groundworks are already there. From real estates, restaurants, retail, services, beauty salons to even popular franchises such as KFC and Pizza Hut, they are there for your picking. The site that I was referring to is BizTrader.com.

No More Merdeka?

I've been reading about the current situation in Malaysia recently. I also realised that the Malaysia Today had been blocked by the Malaysian Government. Even the tongues are wagging now in Singapore. What has become of Malaysia? It is very messy. What a joke it has become. When people ask me about what is happening, I can only shake my head. Are you all feeling the patriotism of Merdeka that is just around the corner?

I hope that when all the politics have died down, whoever that sits at the top and management Malaysia will do it well, based on justice and equality. Sometimes I wished they would take a lesson from Singapore. Here even the minority race are given equal benefits just like everyone. Buying government flats, health benefits, baby benefits, tax exemptions,

Whatever the race, religion or colour of the skin, as long as you are fair to all races and create a true blue Malaysian, then the country will be peaceful and harmonious. If you create too much segregation and classification on races or religion, there will never be equality. And after the minorities have been neglected, the majorities will take more and they end up segregating themselves and fight among themselves for money and power.

Have the people forgotten about the true blue value of achieving Merdeka?


Get Your Own Portable Sauna

I enjoy going into a sauna room. In the past years, I'd visit one about twice a week. It helps because I do not go for gym workouts or play much sports, thus not really produce much perspiration. The chinese physician that I used to visit advised me that perspiration helps to remove small amounts of waste products from our body. It is very good to improve our health. It helps me to get rid of fatique when I used to work from morning till the evening. The sauna room is a stress reliever for me. However, I like my privacy when I am in one. The sauna room located in my estate is always occupied. Sometimes, I really just want to close my eyes and sit in there without a chat. But when you know the neighbours, you find it hard to be alone. My neighbours can be very chatty indeed.

I discovered this amazing portable sauna on a website. It is as small as your handbag and is portable enough to bring anywhere. This is something which I would love to own. Setting up is easy too. In the bag are, Steamer, Steam Hose, Foot Pump and Power Supply plug for you. You can even bring it with you on your holiday trip if you rent a little apartment.

Just imagine setting it up in your own home, and be able to enjoy your privacy too. That means I can forget about spending time waiting in line for the sauna room.


How Not To Feel Bored

Are your kids usually well behaved in a restaurant? Well sometimes, they bore Lea to death. She usually loves to meddle with the cutlery or run around the place. I would not let her walk or run around the restaurant we patronized recently because, that place has many of those antique vases and ceramic pots displayed. They have signs that says not to touch as they are antiques.

So when Lea got bored after the dinner, did you know what she would do? She loves to clean tables, chairs or whatever she gets her hands with, with the moist wipes that are meant for customers after the meals.

Here's what happened to our wipes.

1. Wipe your mouth clean

2. Wipe a larger area around your cheeks and nose too

3. You may like to wipe your forehead and a little bit of your fringe.

4. Wipe your stomach area

5. Don't forget to clean out your little belly button too!
It gets very dirty in there..

6. Inspect and Smell it from the inside if it is any good.

7. It's still wet, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce makes sense, try it on your knees too.

8. Feel soooo gooood! You should do that when you are in the restaurant! (is that lady behind watching me???)


Know Where The Predators Are

Security issues around your neighborhood should never be taken lightly. Would you feel safe leaving your kids alone at home or at the park playing by themselves? In the United States, the public is kept informed of the whereabouts of Sexual Predators who may live in your neighborhood. This refined law was named as Megan's Law. It was named so, after a young child - Megan Kanka who was brutally raped and killed after being kidnapped. The neighborhood had no idea that a violent sex offender had moved into Megan's neighborhood, just across the street from the victim's family. This traumatic incident prompted the law to refine to protect all innocents in the neighborhood by listing out the location of residence of each Sexual Predators, by name, picture, address and more information online, just by entering the zip code.

Yummy Ribeye Cubes

I had the most delicious tasting ribeye meal the other day. This one was from Sakae Sushi.. Lately my eldest girl pestered me to visit sushi bars as she had developed a love for sushis.

Instead of trying the usual Tempura or Unagi meals that I usually do, this time I tried out this Ribeye cuts. This one is served in cubed form, not in a steak cut. But when you pop it into your mouth, it really tastes Heavenly. I can't remember what the name of this dish is called because I ordered it from the computer screen at the side.

The beef was very succulent, and not overdone. It was somewhere between medium and medium well, yet it was still very tender. It gave me the impression like 'melt in your mouth' because I never encountered beef as tender as these. The flavour was somewhat very garlicky and it had bits of crispy salty garlic on it. You don't need any sauce to ago along with it as the natural taste is just perfect.

Ah Boy bought some Ribeye beef cuts the other day. I intend to try something similar like this but not sure if it will be as successful! Otherwise, I shall just grill it as a normal steak and not risk wasting a good cut of beef. Rae loves steaks. So do I.


Control Your Weight Safely

I never stop thinking about losing weight. I believe many men and women has that at the back of their mind too. When we gorge on our favourite food, we know how much unnecessary amount of fat and sugar content we are consuming. It is sometimes hard to control them. Whenever I decide to go on a diet, the urge to eat is even greater than before. Diet programs, diet pills and programs that involves some form of control, restrictive food intake or just eating one single category of food are the popular fads in the past years. Prepackaged meals like the Jenny Craig program did work for some dieters but it takes a long time. You need to go through 3 levels of the program before you see results. I am one who cannot stick to a diet program for a long time. So Jenny Craig will not work for me. The other diet program that I tried was also the Weight Watchers that works in tagging 'points' into it's food category. A certain allowance is what you are allowed for food consumption. If you stay within this 'point' system, you will gradually lose weight. Again, I stress that gradual weight loss is just not something that keeps me on my toes for long.

So how can one actually find a good way to lose weight then. Did you know that dieting has risks involved. And what about some who have some gastric problems or other heath risks. How can one lose weight without going for surgery, low carb diets, low fat diets or even low calory diets. In this case, it is wise to seek out Dr. Raj Banerjee - the man behind The Fat Loss Guru program. His program is safe, effective and you do not risk your health by cutting down on food either. In fact, the key to a successful weight loss program is about eating at correct times of the day. A sensible time factor that comes with a fat burning diet generator 'tool' and the ultimate diet handbook is all you need. His program was being designed to help overweight patients that are susceptible or prone to a string of health risks, like hormone imbalance and other serious problems like diabetes. Safe for everyone, effective and simple guidelines to follow is a sure way to lose fat fast and then it works long term too!

Jop Delivers A Baby Girl

This Baby Poem is dedicated to my PGHK friend,Amy aka Arabaijop. Congratulations to Amy for the birth of her new baby girl. Received the information from Taoju that she had delivered her first Baby Girl on Mon, 25th Aug morning. It is wonderful news to many of us who have been waiting and asking, 'When is Baby Jovie coming'. Finally, the time is here and we are all cheering!

Welcome to the World, Baby Jovie.

I Never Knew

I never knew I could love so much,
until the day I felt your touch.

I softly kissed your tiny cheek,
and from under your lashes I saw you peek.

Your beautiful eyes so small and blue,
my sweet little baby just brand new.

I cannot wait to watch you grow,
from your little head to your tiny toes.

My daughter my love, my little joy,
my little angel, my baby doll toy.

I promise to love you with all my heart,
I'm here for you from the very start.

I'll comfort you when you cry,
I'll answer true when you ask me, Why?

While you grow be sweet and kind,
and show all others how much you shine.

I never knew by Martha L. Sheridan from http://www.FamilyFriendPoems.com


Give New Moms A Treat Too

Have you often wondered about the gifts that mothers receive when the baby is being welcomed to the world? Many would bring baby gifts like blankets, toys, toiletries, new clothes for the baby. Although these are very much practiced for a long time, perhaps some emphasis should also concentrate on the mom too. As a mother, I know how difficult it is for some to go through pregnancy, labour and care for the infant. So why not send a special basket for mommy and make mommy delighted too?

After the 40 weeks of lugging baby in her womb, aching backs and interrupted sleep, pamper your mommy friends with a pregnancy gift basket. Let the mommy feel appreciated that after all the trouble she is also rewarded to make herself feel good with some toiletry items, aromatherapy, luxury items. She certainly need a boost to feel positive. Some moms suffer from post natal blues so it helps that gifts will put a positive note that she is being thought of. So how about it, if your friends are having a baby, send her a lovely gift basket too.

pregnancy gift basket

Tai Pei Buddhist Centre in Singapore

Each time when we drive towards the Lavendar area, I'd be fascinated by a building. This building is the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, located at Lavender Street. It is because my eyes are always drawn to the top of the building whereby a Buddhist statue is seated right at the top. Although it may not be a large one but somehow there is this peculiar feeling that I have to look up. Look at this picture I took not too long ago. In fact I had been taking many pictures of the same thing for the past year! I just could not feel the satisfaction to use the previous pictures. And I feel that this one is also not good enough as I wanted to show the entrance plaque as well. But like always, this road is usually busy and lots of cars just get in my way.

I took this just over the weekend when we were heading for Suntec City. We ALWAYS make a wrong turn at the expressway and always end up at Bendemeer and towards Lavendar. Is that a sign or something.

Normal People, Quirky People

For someone who loves to read, the monthly Reader's Digest that I subscribe by post is never enough, so reading articles and more from their online site is a good option. My favourite reads are Amazing Stories, Inspiring People and Advice and Know How. These stories, articles and advice columns are interesting and provide lots of real life situation and information about people, in general.

Recently, under the Advice and Know How columns, there was a Q&A relating to the subject Are You Normal or Nuts?. It provides many insights to real situations from people who write in for advice about the quirky habits or fears they face and wanted to know how normal they actually are, or not. In this topic, a reader wrote about his fear of heights. Now I believe this phobia is very common, and I have to admit that I am one of them. However this reader's quirky phobia was not about fear of falling.

It was about his desire to jump off the high places and he is afraid he will actually do that! That sounds very dangerous indeed!

He wrote in to ask how normal is that. I myself have a similar desire, not about heights. Whenever I walk on a road, sometimes I get this terrible desire to rush into the center of the road when a car is approaching and just stand there. It is a desire about wanting to see what sort of instant reaction he will actually take, if he will run me over or he will swerve away. How normal is that, certainly not! But thank God, my fear about causing fatalities and accidents is stronger than the desire to just run into a road.

Do you have any quirky habits? Perhaps it's time to pose this question to yourself. Are You Normal or Nuts? We are all human, after all. No one is perfect. You might want to read some Reader's Digest Laughs for some entertainment in your free time.

Sponsored by Reader's Digest


Make A Date With The Moon This 27th August

I received this through email today from an old school mate. Knowing that i love astrology, she sent me this information. On this 27th August, don't forget to watch for the moon. Not just one but you will see two moons!

60,000 years ago was the time when Mars was near to Earth. And now it will be traveling nearer this 27th August. It will be special. Because to our naked eye, the planet Mars will be as bright as the moon. So during the date 27th August, you may be able to catch it next to the moon at 12.30am. Thus you might rub your eye thinking that you are seeing double vision. But you are not, obviously.

Here is a picture of how it may look like. According to reports, the next time you get to see this again will be in year 2287!

Which Hosting Is Right For You

For someone who loves to blog, it makes sense to check out hosting sites should I decided to buy my own domain. Many of my blogger friends have already bought their own domain and they get to have a unique domain name. However, I do recall about how some of them had problems with the hosting sites and if you are not very IT literate, you probably might find yourselves running and surfing looking for help.

Although some friends have asked me which hosting company offers the best solutions, the best price and the best value, in total. For someone, who have not tried other hosting companies other than the ones I am using, I cannot really give them the best answer for questions like these. So the best option would be to look for a site that does web hosting review. The reason you need it is because not only you get to learn about which hosting company that gives you the best price, value or service, you also get to see all the extensive companies that offers hosting and what they offers. A website Web Hosting Rating offers these helpful advice for those who are still deciding which hosting sites to use. They rate and give hosting awards according to Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best Forum Hosting and more. Thus if you are unsure, do a little research about what kind of web site you are going to have, like a blog, online store, forum, online resource or more. Update yourself regularly by reading their articles on useful tips like how to choose a domain.

Japan Street in Singapore

Remember my post whereby we went to Jurong Point? When I went there, there were many new stores or changes since the last time I went. What was interesting was that they added a new food street at the basement level. I saw the mall's signage poster and decided to check it out. It was a food street on Japan food. It was named Shakutsu 10. I'm not really sure what it meant, but perhaps either my friends Jepunlauee or Kacang who understands and reads Japanese might explain it to me.

The food street was nice. The interior was done up with lots of Japanese props. Look at the large fittings at the top. Like the gigantic fish and the enormous octopus! But they were interesting, indeed. I also love the many little japanese 'vases' on the shelved partitions. It did felt a lot like you are in Japan. There was also a Japanese retail outlet selling groceries in there. Many of the food outlets had the very Japanese looking 'Fake' bowls of food as part of their designs for their store. I love this place because I do like Japanese food a great deal too.

The Entrance

Giant Fish

Food outlets

Are these vases or sake jars?

Lanterns with Japanese Words

Enormous looking Octopus mounting from the top!

Japanese /Food Retail Shop


Black Friday Online Sales

When it comes to queues, Singaporeans know it better. It is all part of their living lifestyle, I dare say. They queue at the banks, fast food outlets, see doctors, and even queue overnights for tickets to be in their National Day parade. They are veterans in discounted sales when malls start selling like frenzy during the sales period.

In the US, a day after Thanksgiving is usually called Black Friday. During this time customers will be in the line as early as 5am in the morning waiting for the store to open. This is the best time to shop as prices are slashed and many who are eyeing for great bargains are snapping up Christmas presents during this time.

If you are like me, one who hates to be in crowded places, you should try shopping for great discounts at the Black Friday online store instead. The only difference is, you get to shop in the comfort of your home, anytime when you are free, and forget making that trip to the stores in the city which will only cost you fuel and parking fees. Black Friday online stores offers many great deals from many merchants like Pacific Sunwear Special Deals that are only offered to online customers and Macy's household accessories.

Black Friday Online Store is being updated often for new items by many merchants. You can expect to receive their thanksgiving flyer to be posted up online for more updates as it gets nearer. Check out what is available now.


Japanese Does It Better, Escape A Fart!

Okay, let's face it. Japanese can be very creative. Not only do they play tetris using their physical body (I watched it in Sotongbin's blog), they also do things like how to escape a fart. Watch this video. It's weird.. I wonder if they used effects.. but it's funny. They teach you the many ways how to run away from a fart. Unless you are super athletic and can do all that somersaults, I suggest, don't try to do this at home! hahaha.. But how do you escape your own fart when you are in a crowded place. Any tricks I know? Share your tricks, please.. Do the Japan television have funny gags like these all the time?

- Watch more free videos


Rae's Cake for Kakak (part 3)

Here are the pictures I took at after the cake was baked. We celebrated the cake cutting session with Kakak on her 33rd Birthday and I took some pictures of her and the girls. As usual, sibling rivalry persists. Lea insisted that she wanted to cut the birthday cake for Kakak. And Rae said SHE baked the cake and that SHE should be the one cutting it..

Gosh, my girls can't spend a day without being quarrelsome. I said it was Kakak's birthday so birthday girl should be the one but guess Kakak also just let them have their own way.. But it was a good experience for Rae. So I suggested to let Lea cut the cake first, then Rae can do it afterwards.. Read further for more story.

Happy Birthday Kakak!

Lea cuts the cake.. dee dum dee dum cut cut cut

Whoaa..I had to stop her before she cuts up everything!!
She just won't stop!

Rae now wants to cut also..MOVE AWAY LEA, IT'S MY TURN!
cut cut cut...gosh they are now DESTROYING the cake!!

more more more

Lucky this was just a small cake.. but the cake was cut into many many pieces following this.. because Lea came over and continue to cut again. It looked like a plate of crumbs! I didn't manage to take pictures cos I was trying to protect the cake!! But anyway it tasted yummy and Rae insisted her cake was the best tasting cake in the whole wide world!


Why Do We Need Friends

I received this from Mummy Gwen. Thank you for this Friendship tag. I find that these are some of the little things that makes me happy. A reminder about your friends, your connections with society and how much you need good friends. Since I started blogging, I have made many new friends and life is not so boring.

This simple poem is now dedicated to my PGHK friends and blogger friends whom I've known for the past few years in cyberspace. I probably wouldn't have been as active online and cyberspace if not for you. It came at a the right time too. For those who have no blog, I'm still glad I met you through MSN and Skype chatting away.

My PGHK friends are : Hainam Keipui, Jepunlauee, Kacang, Laksa, Dragon, Hainankia, Tausar Phneah, Kikey, Taugeh, Jipunabor, Taoju, Arabaijop, Sotongbin, Lor mee & Xiao Kia, Kopi Soh, Wyatt, Nancy, Mong Cha Cha, Charles,Kiam Chye, Barramundi, Angku Kueh, Aili, PPP, Celong, Boon , TinTin, Wiwiwawa and all in Sembang chatroom.

My blogger friends that I'd like to dedicate this simple poem to are: Agnes Angeleyes, Chikai, Dora, Elina, Emila, Everyday healy , Geng, Hazel, Health Freak Mommy, Jo-N, Ling, Piggy, Purpledsky, Shireen, Stay at Home Mum, SueSue, Tammy, Tot's Mum, Umbrella Rec, Yan

I feel blessed to have friends like you!

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice.
We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us one we have passed
Sharing memories that will always last.

If You Need To Spread the poem of friendship.

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Store Value Card for Food

Last week, we decided to pop by at Jurong Point. We seldom head over there because most of the time that mall is always packed with people. But it is a very good place for shopping because of the variety of retail and food. We love the foodstalls at the Kopitiam food court too. It has always been difficult to find seating places there. One has to wait for a while during peak period.

What I like about the Kopitiam concept usually is that they use a store value card for purchase. That really made things easier. Instead of digging for cash or coins, all we need is just to give them the card and they will deduct the value from our card. It's been about 2 years Kopitiam uses this concept. Initially many people did not accept this form of payment and felt that they had to pay so much upfront to top up the card. But if you are a regular, you can upgrade your initial pink card after using more than $10 and get a blue card that offers you a discount of 10% for every purchase at Kopitiam. This store value card can be used on all Kopitiam outlets.

I read that this store value option was actually done in a pilot phase in some schools before Kopitiam. In fact, our transportation EZlink card can be used in some food outlets like McDonalds fast food outlets. So other than using it for your Bus and MRT ride, you can use it to buy your McDonalds meals. If only they would consolidate all the card together.. because in Singapore I feel that going cashless is fine but there are just too many cards to carry!


Join An Exclusive Wine Club


My hubby works in the Food and Beverage industry and finds time to take courses to upgrade his skills in being a Wine Connoisseur. There is big demand in wine business as more countries are producing more wines lately and the prices are getting more reasonable as years progress. However, there will always be some variety that one cannot get from the local wine stores. These type of wine selection are usually exclusive, produced in limited quantity and usually available by selective wine clubs. As many grapes variety are now grown and produced in California's wineries, it makes sense belong to The California Wine Club. A special selection is being chosen as the monthly featured wine and this is done no other than the club owners themselves.

In this club, you can arrange to have your wines delivered to you monthly, bi-monthly or even quarter of each year. Members of the CA Wine Club gets special price such as up to 50% of discounts. Each bottle of their wine is 100% guaranteed so you don't have to worry about bad wines. Adventures of each month's new winery and feature will help you plan your wine travel getaway.

Join them now and have your first month's delivery of two bottles of award winning wine, a beautiful 12 page colour magazine, and discounts up to 50% on reorders. All these at only a special price of $13 with a promo code ADVENTURE and save $34.95.

Sponsored by CA Wine Club

The Cake That Rae Baked

Remember the post where I posted about Rae baking a birthday cake? Here are the rest of the pictures. If you had watched the last picture whereby Lea stood by Rae watching her decorating the cake, see the rest of the story here. ( Link to the previous post here )

From the last story, Rae had just finished with the batter preparation. She goes on to decorate the cake. Lea stood there watching. In fact, she was eyeing on the chocolate chips and the colourful sweets. Lea wanted some chocolate chips but Rae said they were for decoration and not for consumption before baking. Big Sister was very bossy indeed.

Lea wasn't happy about sis's decision and started to throw tantrums. She sat on the floor and whined. She decided that she really wasn't gonna get the chips and throws into a fit of tantrum! She turned back to face the kitchen cabinets. Started to lie down on the floor and threw more tantrums! That's my Lea..

Since she wasn't going to get anything she just lay on the floor and cried, whined and made a lot of noise!! Rae ignored her of course. And 'bad' mummy, kept taking pictures.. She insisted that she, too wanted to bake a cake too. But I ran out of eggs, so I told her we can do it in the weekend. More tantrums from her.

Vision Correction Using Lasik

I personally know of two friends of mine who had undergone LASIK surgery. One of them went for it because she had to wear glasses that have increased in power and had eyes that just hurts with contact lens. Although she didn't mind wearing glasses, there came to a point where she finds them getting too thick for comfort. Picking up courage, she decided to try out LASIK. The results have been excellent and she told me how glad she went through it and she felt like someone who had just been born again. She no longer need glasses and her vision is perfect.

LASIK is a procedure using laser technology for vision correction. It has been proven to be one of the popular choice recently with as high as 95.4% of Lasik patients showing satisfied results after this corrective surgery. Superior results and better visual results are more apparent in today's modern LASIK. High success rate and safety measures prompted an FDA meeting for reaffirmation.

In today's LASIK, it is widely approved for use in US Military & NASA's personnel such as pilots and astronauts. However, one must always bear in mind that there are ineligible candidates, those who have irregularly shaped corneas. One of the best way to find out is to ask for a good referral in finding a good physician through meeting and talking to people. An exam taking about 2 hours is mandatory to ensure if you are eligible for LASIK. This includes 3-D mapping and a customized wave-front measurement of your eye and some examination of your corneas.

LASIK Surgery is fast and nearly painless. Some side effects that follow would be dry eye and double vision that will clear in no time. Eye drops help to soothe them and replace the moisture.

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