This is my Aquarium

I post this information of my Aquarium which Ah Boy bought last year. It seems that the fry that we had did not survive during the March holidays because there was no food for them over a whole week. Okay I gather that my fish must be either guppy, molly or swordtail because I only learnt recently that these fishes do not lay eggs but have their young born alive. Our little fishes that were in the aquarium were born from our first batch bought from the store and how happy we were when we discovered these little fishees in the aquarium among the artificial plants, shielding them from the adult fishes.

Umbrella Rec was so kind to post an article to help or rather guide beginners like me learn more about having planted plant with soil (as substitute food) in fish aquarium for food should one is away for the holidays. There are more detailed information so if you are also interested in breeding fish, check out this post - Planted Tank for Beginners

I told him that I would post some photos of the aquarium I have so that he could tell if it is suitable or not in terms of light source and etc.

Here are the photos and whatever helpful info I have about the aquarium:

The aquarium and it's measurements

Looking down

Opening the cover and Light information

Left, centre and right from top

Hopefully these photos are good enough for Umbrella Rec to advice if I need any other device to be attached besides a timer for light. And, Thanks!!


Joanne Peh is Best Actress 2009

I watched the Star Awards entertainment last night on telly. I think many of my friends really were shocked to learn that Joanne Peh came out as the winner of the Best Actress in The Little Nyonya. Many of them had thought Jeanette Aw would be the one getting this award. I beg to differ. I think Joanne Peh deserves this award. She herself had a pleasant surprise last night! Congrats, Joanne Peh!

Yes, Jeanette Aw did a good job in this show. But watching her in many of the other shows for the past years, she did not really get many dramatic roles to play. And because she always played the good girl next door, the only effort in The Little Nyonya was for her to talk less here and be less 'Manja'. But she did good in her roles, except I find her role did not really let her shine as much as Joanne. For Joanne, her role was more dramatic as a matter of fact. And having watched many shows, she really is an all rounder. Here she is demure and sweet but she did play up the dramatic roles when she was tortured and abused. I think this is the edge where she probably won by more than an inch.

So, the Best Supporting Actress went to Xiang Yun (who played Yue Niang's granny) and Ng Hui (who played Ah Tao). Ng Hui has never been in my favourite list of actress for the past years because of the roles she played but this show really showed off her strength in acting. And she is now in my A list. Xiang Yun is such a popular actress who have really shown and maintained her progress as years go by.

Surprisingly, this year there isn't much for our Ta Jie - Zoe. Guess motherhood has brought her to concentrate more of her family and kids than in our small screen.

A little lukewarm, this year's Star Awards, dunno why. Apart from the show The Little Nyonya and By My Side (which won Chen Han Wei for Best Actor).

I am now waiting for the drama - The Ultimatum starring Zoe Tay and Fann Wong which will debut in May 27, 9pm. Can't Wait!! It's been a long time I get to watch Zoe and Fann acting together! Fann getting married and Zoe, mom of two kids!


For Batik Lovers or Mother's Day

If you love Batik, you must have a look at the collection on this post.. or the advert on your right.

Batik Lovers' Post

Yummy Thumbdrive

A close friend had been asking me to get something for her lately. Well, it is an exclusive promotion offered only if you buy two sticks of Magnum Ice Cream Bars. Well, actually I bought some of the Magnum ice cream mini bars recently because it was on an offer of buy a box get one free, but I know how much it meant to her to get this. It is a Thumbdrive shaped like a Magnum Ice Cream! Cool! Since she is not in Singapore and is missing out on this offer, I decided to get it for her before the promotion or the stock ends.

I think this is so cute, don't you? Looks so yummy too. This looks a little like those cute erasers which I love to collect since my younger days but if you open up the cap, it's a thumbdrive!

I think the person who must of thought of this idea must be really a joy to work with! Lots of creative juices running.. The full set with a strap so you don't loose it!


Hurry Get Your Free Wrinkle Cream Now!

I know I would. Try this Free Wrinkle Cream that is.

That is because it is being given away to the first 2,500 people who visit the website. Why, because I'm bought by what they have in their reviews.

Wrinkle System Diamond Edition Wrinkle Cream, is the product.

Mind you, as I am writing this post, I didn't want to miss out on this FREE product that has a 30 day money back guarantee. Reviews of this cream have shown that the deep wrinkles appeared much smaller, reduce the eye wrinkles and among them, stimulates the production of the collagen in the skin. This product will help to improve our skin's elasticity.

I really can't wait for my product to arrive through the mailbox. I know many of the mothers of my daughter's friends worry about wrinkles ALL THE TIME. And this is one way to get to try a product to see if it works. BECAUSE IT'S FREE! Who needs a deep pocket in the economy downturn now for a good facial product.

If you want to try it, better hurry up and click on the link to Free Wrinkle Cream because I know of many who are gonna do so. The shipping for this product is international so if you can't get it FREE, you still can purchase it to be delivered to anywhere in the world, from China, Saudi Arabia or even in Pakistan. This product is going to be hot stuff! I'm not joking, I just ordered one!

Yes, I forget easily.

I must be getting old! I posted the previous post about that block of flats. I was intending to show you the block of flats in that goose poo colour but forgotten to post up the picture. How forgetful. So, that would be the second obvious reason I'm getting old.

First, my taste of colours. Second, my forgetful picture. Anyone can guess what else?
Here's the goose poo flats that i thought was cool errr.. until the girls boo-ed me. Hrrmmmpppphhhh...

Oh, and did i tell you that I bought a new 19" LCD telly for my room yet?

I Love Batik, Without A Doubt

When I was younger, I liked modern looking furniture, clean neat lines and also swanky apartments and restaurants. I realised that as I grow older, my tastes have changed. The opposite, as a matter of fact. I enjoy eating at kopitiams (local coffeeshops), love retro colours, old old looking apartments and mismatched furniture. Is this a sign of me trying to hold on to all things old? I saw this block of flats, painted in a retro green colour and I went, WOW! AWESOME.. my kids didn't like them of course. I can't blame them. Few decades ago, I'd have snuff these colours liken to the Goose Poo. hehehe

Shows of the lifestyle of the Peranakan and different cultures are all just lovely now. Ornate, flowers and patterns of Frangipani, colour red, temples, old buildings all fascinates me now.

I just couldn't resist looking at Batik handicrafts too. East Malaysia has plenty of factories doing these but I wasn't interested then. Now they are even found online like these ones! And they are cool! Click on them to see what they have.

Batik Apparels


Natural Looking Furniture

Wood furniture is in demand. They give one the feeling of resort holidays, warmth, log cabins, holidays away from concrete jungles, countryside and also the feeling of a nice warm fire during winter. It is also very often that many people who loves to bring their 'holidays' home will also dress their homes with furniture either of natural wood or resemblance of them.

I had a chance to check out a site that sells rustic furniture online. I love their bunk beds and am sourcing to look for one for my two growing-up daughters. The bunk beds I see here aren't the stereotyped wooden furniture at all. The round shape used is so natural it reminds me as if one had actually climbed up on a tree for a nap! And it does looked as if you had cut out a log and naturally tie them into beds. The only thing I'd have wished for would be that they offers it in more shades of brown than what is available. And because I am looking for a child's furniture, it would also be fun to have a bed that looks like it is a bed built into a large piece of log! Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Decisions on Webhosts

A friend asked me yesterday about blogging. She has a few months old daughter and is keen in recording down the milestones of her cute daughter. She had asked for my advise about blogging as well as how to get a domain and which website hosting company is recommended.

For myself, I first started blogging on a free hosting platform before moving on to paid hosting. I believe that many have their reasons in moving to a paid hosting. For those who have not really tried blogging using a unique domain name, it certainly is useful to read up some resource about it first. If you are planning to keep a blog permanently and uniquely yours, purchasing a domain name is a good choice. However besides getting the domain and the name you wanted, you still need to pay for hosting in a company that offers this service.

So what happens after you buy a domain? Well, you may like to ask yourself what kind of website you are going to have. A blog? An online shop? Or even an online resource library for public or just for restricted viewers. Some do not really need much traffic if the website is a blog solely for friends and relatives and selected few. Thus, one with a low bandwidth is sufficient. Whatever the choice is, there is always option for an upgrade. And are you one who is familiar with the terminology in IT? If you are not, a good way is to look for one that has great customer service, efficient when it comes to helping you at times in need. A blog or a site may seemed to be working but when something goes wrong to one who is not IT savvy, it is a headache as what I have experienced myself. A 24/7 online help is very much a better deal.

There are many more questions here about website hosting company, such as which one is the best, which one offers you the best value and so forth. For me, I only have experience with one or two companies so I would never know if any other hosting company offers better value or services or not.

For a person to be able to know in depth would take quite some time and effort. However, all this has been consolidated in a website specially for you - for your convenience. Top hosts in terms of value and price, packages offered and even many other information such as what do you really need. These questions, advice and solutions are all accessible from just one website so do make good use of it.

Manhattan Fish Market

Although I've walked past Manhattan Fish Market plenty of times, I've never tried their fare. So last month during the school holidays, we popped by into the restaurant. We couldn't decide which was good so decided to share a Seafood Platter. It looked scrumptious and it did tasted good. Perhaps we were too hungry? I have not heard much reviews from this restaurant except some news when they first started few years ago and there was a case about originality between them and another reknown outlet that sells the same thing.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones and frankly, this restaurant does serve tasty food. I love the fish and the large prawns... mmmmm

The kids had a Kid's Fish but they were mostly busy with the Free activitiy from the Kid's Menu given. Many restaurants adopt this method of letting them do some puzzles, colouring or spot the differences. Smart move, eh.

Kid's Fish Meal (can't remember the real name..)

My girl busy with her menu activity..

Yes, the food was nice! We ordered this large Seafood Platter to share.


Healthy Body Healthy Mind

When I was young, I had little exposure in ballsports, except Volleyball and Netball. I'd not mention about Badminton since those were feather light balls. Perhaps those were the only kind that my school provided since it was an all-girls-school. Now that my eldest is in school, she too, hardly gets to pick many types of games in school, as her school's strength is in dance and literature. She wanted to play Netball but she didn't auditioned for it and it was a little late for new enrollment. I didn't let her try Hockey as I didn't like the idea of her thrashing out in the open field and the risks involved. Now the school Cheerleading team is looking for new talents and my girl has shown some interest.

Last weekend I was watching a team of kindy boys and girls playing soccer near my home, I can't help but admire how these little kids learn to tackle the soccer ball swiftly and decisively. My younger daughter is now showing signs of interest in that sport. She had a brief moment of kicking the ball when it came her way.

My friend who has a young daughter also loves football told me that playing this sport actually enables players to make decisions in a short frame of time and handle situations of stiff pressure well. It is also good to pick up teamwork as we all know playing this sport is all about teamwork. Her father is starting a young team of all girl's soccer for the neighbourhood. He has asked if I would be interested in letting my girl join since they are in the same age group. Sounds like fun. Would you let your young daughter enjoy this game. It'd be fun to shop for soccer jerseys for little girls..


A Day to the Temple for Kids

The year of the Ox kinda seemed a little gloomy, after months into it. Yesterday, I read that a popular Chinese restaurant finally shuts it's doors to patrons after having cash flow problems because of low patronage. Some of their longest staff who had worked for more than a decade could hardly believe it. This Chinese Restaurant is popular with wedding banquets as many as 26 banquets in a single month. And this does not stop the bad economy from swallowing them up no matter how good their food may be. The truth is there, people are spending less and those in business are suffering. Many businesses are finding it hard to stretch.

For a while, I played around getting a job. I am still considering them seriously. I feel very guilty not working at times like these. And with the bad times, jobs are not easy to get by too. I've been flipping pages of classified and they are really getting thinner each week.

On Friday was Good Friday. It was a public holiday for us in Singapore. In Chinese Calendar, it was the 15th day of the month, where many Buddhists will go to the temple. I thought this was a good time to pray for blessings, safety, health and kids. My sis told me this is a good opportunity for me to bring the girls to the temple for the experience. I have not brought them into one before. We headed for Bencoolen St where the popular Kwan Yim Temple is.

We parked just across Bugis Street Flea Mart, directly below ILUMA. This is the first time I've seen this beautiful unique building there.. I was really awed by the external facade of the building! It's new and I wonder if the mall is opened for business yet..

Iluma building

I know this popular Kwan Yim temple will be fully packed with people and smoke because 15th is a day many would offer prayers in this temple. Ah Boy was worried if the girls would be uncomfortable with the crowd and the joss sticks.

So what I did was - left the girls outside first with him while I go in and pray first. Then when I am done only brought them all in to pray at the main altar. Lea and Rae were very good. Rae followed the way I guided her to place her palms together and I spoke on her behalf out loud so she could hear how to pray.. Po-Pee Po-Pee Peng-Aun, Gao-Tak-Chek, Gao-Tua-Han.... all that stuff.

Lea was so cute. She closed her eyes and clasp her hands instead! She thought it was to be done as we did in Church! So I told her to just place her palms flat against each hand.. She did so diligently and repeated what I said. Never mind if the girls spoke dialect like Greek. I was really proud of them because they did not complain about the crowd, and the smoke that made them weep. Very good girls! I think this is a good experience for both my girls at this age. I shall not hesitate to bring them to the temple again in future. In fact, on the way out of the temple, the girls said they wanted to visit this place again because they really liked it. I guess, I didn't have to worry if they will adjust, God has showed them the way in a quiet way.


Our Trip in Genting, again

We had just been to Genting shortly on a short break during the Chinese New Year and two weeks ago on the school holiday break, we drove up there again after the kids spent some time with Phor Phor (Granny) in Penang. They love the place and in the Chinese New Year, we only had time at the outdoor theme park but we didn't go for the rides at the indoor theme park. This time we bought single ride tickets since my eldest is tall enough for some of the rides, compared with previous years whereby she had not reached the minimum height requirement yet.

We started our drive in the late morning after our last breakfast in Penang. The girls were sad to leave because the both knew they would not see Phor Phor till the next available holidays. They pulled long faces and were quiet in the car for a while. After a nap, they woke up refreshed and had forgotten about it and looked forward to the Genting Highlands' trip.

Kids were sad when we had to leave Phor Phor.. *sulked badly* We promised them we'll be back in Penang when they get to have longer holidays.

We reached Genting about 2pm after a series of wrong turns.. We tried to exit into Tanjung Malim to head towards Genting but we just got lost amidst the small little rural towns as we were relying on signages most of the time. We went back to the main expressway and decided to take the next exit instead. That was when we realized that it was the same, bringing us back to the same rural roads. After a road query at the petrol kiosk, we managed to get back on track and found that our previous drive was not lost except that we just didn't have the confident to drive on those rural roads. We found the signage finally that heads Genting and finally got ourselves up the hills to Genting Highlands. *read - We NEED GPS badly*

It was a long queue at the hotel lobby. This is the first time we saw a massive ticketing way of checking in... taking queue numbers... and our first stay at First World. We've been to Resort, Theme Park Hotel and Genting. And this was the only available room available for this holidays so we grabbed even though we were told it is a very small room. Indeed, it was a small room with only 2 single beds! Lucky we brought along our inflatable camping bed just in case!

Wanna be a Superstar? (picture below) This is not ours. But we had a go at this fun thingy. They took shots of us on a background, omit it and superimpose us on dancing figures to our song selection. All we need to do was sit and shake our heads.. I've got a CD but not sure how to show it in my blog.. have to think of a way.

Theme Rides way up high (indoors)

Lotus Rides (indoors)

The girls had fun in this Ferris Wheels (indoors)

Lots of shopping for you

An overview of the indoor First World Plaza

Watch Ripley's Believe It or Not here!

Reindeer Ride (indoor)

Ride on the Gondolas (we didn't take these because it looked a little boring and slow...*yawn*

If you want to scare yourself silly, here's the place

So much to do in Genting Highlands - First World Plaza

We enjoyed our trip to Genting Highlands a lot. The kids want to come here every chance they have.. well, we have to see about that, won't we?