Hot Summer Nights? Global Warming lah.

I love the movie Grease, the first one. The sequel was good but not as good as John Travolta's. And I enjoy Olivia's beautiful vocals. The movie was screened in late 70's and it was a favourite of mine. I remembered trying to learn the lyrics then.

Did you know that in those days, we would play songs in cassette tapes and stop/play/stop/play just to write down the lyrics? We didn't have internet access of course and no one knew the lyrics so that was what we did. Of course that stressed out the tape and pretty soon we have tapes that are loosen in the the cassettes and we have to manually wind them when they get caught in the recorder.

Everyone wanted to dress like John Travolta and combing their hair back and looking cool. The girls all had larged permed hair too. Those were the times. During those era, we were not concern about global issues as much and lesser plastic bags were used. No computers, less air conditioning because we seemed to be able to take to the heat better. Peculiar? Nope, like they say it is because of Global Warming that is making our planet warmer than ever.

Support Global Warming? How about Al Gore and Grease. I found this YouTube while searching for some videos. I'm a supporter for Green Living and Grease, of course.. But this one about Al Gore, is just sooo funny! It may lag abit. Mine did, but it's worth the wait because it's very Edu-taining... Enjoy everyone!


All Time Chocolatey High

I took a snapshot of this 3D signage as we were driving around in Penang. This one was taken in Bagan Jermal area and is a place selling Chocolates. I didn't go in there since we didn't have much time and were making our way home. It reads Cocoa Boutique. I wonder if tourists or tourist buses stop by this place for chocolate purchase?

Chocolates are yummy. My favourite brands come from mostly Switzerland such as Lindt. I do not really care for Milk Chocolates but I just simply love Dark Chocolates that has a higher percentage of Cocoa in them. And I must have nuts in them too. I also love the Toblerone Dark Chocolate. I bought quite a few bars recently because they were on offer! The Japan Meiji Dark Chocolate is also quite yummy.. It comes in a very thin bar and costs only about $1.50 only. But there isn't anymore at home so I will replenish my stock when I go shopping on Monday.

Do you have cravings of chocolate? I get that often and sometimes I keep a bar of these yummy snacks in my bag.. but with all that driving in hot sun, my chocolate goes out of shape because it probably melted in the hot sunny weather. I just can't live without chocolates!

Furniture Shopping

My dear friend had just flown to the States on Monday. Currently she is putting up at a hotel and looking for her own apartment. She confirmed one yesterday and is making some decisions to furnish it. She was telling me how she prefer to look for her own Bedroom Furniture as she is very particular about how the colours match. Because her contract will require her to be there at least 2 years, what she need most is a place she can call home since she is so far away and missing family and friends. Her shopping trip is today and I hope she gets to find something she like. On the other hand she could also check out Spacify for cool modern furniture like these below.


I used to be a Coke collector. Although I don't do that anymore, Cokes that comes in different shapes, bottles still attract me. I saw this one months ago in a supermart and although it was pretty expensive, I still bought them anyway. Instead of keeping it, I had opened it up for a drink. I love Cokes in cans and glass bottles because they are very bubbly, compared to those in PET bottles.

I also realised that there is NO COKE ZERO in Malaysia. Gosh no wonder whenever we asked for COKE ZERO, they just nod the head but end up bringing us COKE regular or the light, or Diet COKE. I kept thinking why these people do not listen to customers and just bring anytime of drinks when we asked for COKE ZERO. Only when I asked my friend and my sis, only I knew that COKE ZERO is not launched in Malaysia yet. Basically, it is quite similar to COKE LIGHT and DIET COKE but it taste less bubbly than those.

Make Money and Friends Too

There are so many ways to make money online. In the late affiliate marketing has become a new trend. Affiliate marketing is similar to getting people to sign up through your site or recommendations and earn per sign up. Among so many of this money making opportunity, there is a new program that is going to be a blast! This is an affiliation program whereby it focus on Dating Sites! Yes! Something that is niche and is interesting. Earn cash by recommending someone to any of the dating sites in SinglesCash.com. Be registered yourself. Meet new people and new friends. What a cool way to earn money in this Dating Affiliate Cash program. After all humans rely on contacts and communication in life. Great Program, Great Money Making Tool. Check out these Niche Dating Sites now.


Affairs and Cultures

I received this image from a friend's email recently. What a peculiar pic. This is something that probably speaks of a two timed affair or infidelity. Wonder if this pic was doctored or posed for a purpose? Or is this from any movie? My friend described this as affair porn. The context 'porn' comes in many ways so perhaps it is just a tongue in cheek.

Here is another funny signage that I received from another friend by email too. I thought it was funny but there is so much truth in the icons and how the different culture speaks and thinks. That is why sometimes doing business abroad also requires us to know and learn from the culture before determining contracts. It is also good if all can meet halfway and understand each other's traditions, habits and culture.

Western Versus Eastern culture/habits

Moods and Weather

B: The logic is, rain is pain.
The more the rain, more prosperity .


B: Before drove cars, now cycling for environmental protection.
Before no money and rode a bike, now got money and drive a car .

3 Meals A Day

B: Good meal for once a day is sufficient
At least 3 good meals a day.


Modern Office Furniture

My friend will be moving out of her home office soon. She has been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer from home for the past year as rentals for office space has been very expensive. However, she has found a nice little cosy walk up apartment and will be setting it up as an office. To improve the look of a working environment I will help her hunt for nice and simple OFFICE FURNITURE to complete the look. She wants to convert one of the rooms into a little meeting room for potential clients for discussion. Besides looking for meeting tables and chairs, I found this simple yet trendy single sofas which she might like for her library corner.

Mark Lee Co-Owns Old Town, Singapore

Old Town White Coffee is doing very well in Malaysia. The coffee chain with 87 branches of Old Town Cafe in Malaysia specializes in its white coffee from the town of Ipoh is very fragrant.

When the movie Ah Long Pte Ltd was released in February, many Singaporeans had been paying attention to this brand of coffee brand that is one of Malaysian's famous place for lepak. In Penang, I saw a cafe branch among the year old New World Park food outlets at the Swatow Lane vicnity. In malls, they are everywhere you turn.

(picture) Old Town in East Coast Playground, East Singapore, Mark Lee in Ah Long Pte Ltd

When I was at the Playground last Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised that there is an outlet of Old Town Cafe over there. And to my surprise, this place is brought in by no other than Mark Lee, the popular comedian actor of Ah Long Pte Ltd. In the papers, it was written that he loved the aroma of these coffee and their signature dishes. Thus, he decided to bring this brand of food outlet into Singapore after positive feedback from a poll he had conducted with his friends and relatives. Among the other business partners is none other than my favourite director, Jack Neo.

I'm sure my Malaysian blogger friends who are fans of Jack Neo's movies and fans of Mark Lee would be happy to know that their homegrown coffee joint has reached Singapore.


Rap Music Source Online

I have been searching for the latest Hip Hop release for a friend of mine. She is hoping to purchase them online before it hits the local music scene. She works in an entertainment night spot and she wants to get them for work purpose. She sometimes get me to help her find Rap Lyrics as well. I was helping her to note down the latest release and dates when I found a source online that caters to all things rap and hip hop, from the Top 10 artists to rap songs, albums and even rap music videos.


Lao Zhar Bor is Funny

Has anyone ever read laozharbor's blog? I sometimes read and watch her YouTube videos which can be very hilarious. She is really bold and she has even done a rap mtv that is also in YouTube. She is a brave elderly woman who tries everything even rap! Cool lah. I don't think I will have her guts when I am older. She will be starring in the Money No Enough sequel again. You can go to her blog at laozhabor.blogspot.com but before you do that you might want to watch this funny rap mtv that was done quite some time ago. Sharing with you all. Have fun and enjoy. I'm sure many of you who watched Jack Neo's movie will recognize her.

Don't forget to off the background music first, ya.

First Image Counts for Business

When you go to an exhibition or trade show, what would be the thing that will draw the customer to their booth? To me is mostly the overview of it. If the booth do not look attractive, chances are one might just walk off and not even pay attention.

Some companies will invest to have their exhibits look good. The need to do this is very important. It is the image of the corporate company or branding and how much he value the products and how he wants to portray his company, his product or his services. It is all part of a marketing package. Some companies do not know what to do in an exhibition. They would just have a table, a few sales people and display their product on it.

When a company has no clue to do up their booths for an exhibition, I believe they can get those who have the experience in trade show exhibits to help them build a successful show. It is important to have proper displays that are effective and attractive to portray the confidence in it's own company. Camelback Displays has many products in their online store. A simple solution to put table covers on is definitely a better option and more effective than to leave it bare.

Some of the exhibit items or products that Camelback Displays carries include banners, trade show furniture, light box, literature holders and even table top display that may be small but create a big impact.


Nostalgic Memories Triggered by Dick Lee's Song

Life Story -- Dick Lee

"Wake up" she said, "Look it's a beautiful day."
Downstairs to the kitchen door, and then away
Into the light, morning moves the world on
Morning passes the time, and morning is gone
Born today some years ago, and had a happy childhood
Then I fell in love and out, so nothing's changed
Lived a life that saw me grow, into someone, I hope, is good
And yet without a doubt, I'm still the same

*Just my Life Story, minute by second, a story
That goes on forever, with each breath that I take
This is my Life Story, celebrating my story
Are smiles and tears and friends and birthday cakes

"Get up" she said, "Hurry or you might be late"
Everyday we hurry off to keep our dates
Time rushes by, there's no time to ask why
Still, we work to beat the clock, to never stop for goodbyes
Maybe I should stop awhile, to see the world around me
Discover how some things move on
And some things never change
Ever since I was a child, I've felt that life is funny
It will twist and turn from dusk to dawn, yet stay the same

So my Life Story, is self-explanatory
Won't you please start from page one, and do go on
Till I am done, till I am done, till I am done

The lyrics above were written by a talented Singapore composer/singer Dick Lee. He has written and staged musicals for many Asian artistes like the Snow Wolf Lake (Jacky Cheung), Sandy Lam, and even composed songs for stage musical Phua Chu Kang. He has won many awards such as Best Original Theme Song in Golden Horse Awards for his song, The Search of My Life (Movie: He is a Woman, She is a Man starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Yuen). Not many may know that he is the composer behind all the winning songs they have heard all along.

In the 90's this song Life Story from his first Album (1974) above was used in a Television commercial and become a song that struck a chord about nostalgic childhood. Even as I was listening to this song it certainly brings back sweet memories of my childhood and prompted me to post this meaningful lyrics.

Meantime, enjoy the music (background) and have a great week!

Cufflinks Mania

My husband is an avid cufflink collector. He usually will shop for them in the men's accessories in clothing stores but sad to say, there aren't many choices for him. Most of the designs available are also limited and not as interesting.

However, I managed to find a website online that specializes in cufflinks. This place is cuff-daddy.com and in here, you can find the most interesting designs that is out of this world. I really love the nautical themed cufflinks and I think they will be very suitable for my husband as he works in a marina club.

In cuff-daddy.com, they have designer cufflinks that are unique for collectors or hobbyists. Although cufflink designs can be suitable for both sexes, I've not seen cufflinks specially designed for women. You'll be surprised that in cuff-daddy.com they do carry designs that are specifically more feminine and suitable for women.

If you are looking for ideas for wedding gifts, anniversaries or even valentine's gift, you might consider getting cufflinks. Trendy designs and reasonably priced, these cufflinks will be a good choice for your friends and loved ones. These would also be wonderful as corporate gifts as well. They do ship internationally for their customers.

Korean Fast Food Joint

We had the chance to try out the new fast food outlet BBQ Chicken in the East recently. The food outlet touts as being a popular family restaurant in Korea, so we gave it a try. And what is different about this restaurant is that they use Olive Oil in them.

My girls love the colourful theme and bright coloured seats they have in the restaurant, the Pink, Orange, and even Booth Seats that seemed more exciting than some fast food restaurants available. But looking at the material, which is synthetic leather, i have a feeling that there will be a lot of them worn out by the next few months! Some of the seams were already showing.

We ordered few meals, like the only Beef item that were available. Oh dear, was it called Beef Patty or something? The dish reminded me of Pepper Lunch (Japan Beef Burger Patty on hot plate). It tasted just alright with nothing to shout about.

I had ordered a sort of Fried Chicken that had coated with Chilly all over. It was more spicy than normal chilly and tasted alright too. But it made me think of KFC drumstick smothered in the Thai Chilly Sauce.. I had forgotten to snap a picture of it because I was busy taking the kid's meals! As usual, my kids had the liberty of ordering their own meals.

Overall, the meal felt very much like KFC except that it had better environment. And if it really was all cooked in Olive Oil, I think that is a good choice, compared with other fast food restaurants. Our meals all came with a soft drink and adult meals came with a soup and ice cream too. Pretty reasonable.

Small Fishes Excrete A Lot

I took a picture of the fishes in the aquarium recently. My girls were commenting how much the fishes poo. There were right, actually, These little ones are as mean as Goldfishes I have bred before. Their poos are long, frequent and all stuck on like some long tail. I don't change the aquarium water as often as I don't want them to face too much stress except to just use the pump and clear out their poo. Then I add the water that has been filtered out.

They are quite hardy and I don't need to turn on the oxygen pump because i felt that it was too powerful for the aquarium. I had it off during the 10 days I was away and when I got back, they were all still alive and swimming actively. These lucky 8 are my new pets for the time being. Or was it the girl's?


Cufflinks To Finish The Look

My husband has been collecting cufflinks lately. He speaks of them like a true blue collector and would stop by stores that sell cufflinks. He puts them on as a part of his daily routine and usually tries to get a match with his tie as well. I remembered several months back on his birthday, I was hunting high and low for cufflinks for his birthday present. Most of the stores that sells men clothings has but in limited quantity and designs. I really do not know where else have that as they do not seemed to be popular. Most of my friends who wear long sleeve would not bother with cufflinks.

Lucky for me, I managed to find a website that is dedicated entirely to cufflinks. They have such a large collection, from the usual ones that comes in stainless steel or silver cufflinks to a more fanciful and unique designs that can be kept as a novelty or hobby. They even have cufflinks that can be worn for weddings and cufflinks for ladies too. What is good news about these site is that their prices are really reasonable and make very good gifts for men and women. They do have other accessories like Pendants, Money Clips and Chains. Great place to shop!

Visit to the Hair Saloon

I enjoy going to hair saloons for a wash every now and then. Nothing beats getting a nice wash while you sit and relax. Penang saloons offer you a good massage usually with every hair wash. The ones in Singapore does that but somehow Penangites give better service and it is definitely much cheaper than what I pay in Sg. I treated myself for washes while in Penang, as usual. That was the second one I had in the week... lol besides the one I had before the trip. After all, I don't go shopping as much, I save it up for washes and blow dry VIP.

I brought Lea for a trim after mom commented that I should be keep Lea's hair shorter. My girls have long hair that goes down to their butts and I bring them to the saloon for trims as well. Here are the pics while Lea was having hers. Rae didn't want to follow that day because she wanted to stay at Granny's home and play. So here are the shots of Lea and her trim.

Pic: Lea feeling for her sweets during finishing touches.

Surreal Fantasy Illusionist, CRISS ANGEL will Perform with Cirque Du Soleil

Magicians were born to entertain and bring the viewers to a certain point of illusion between real and the unreal. Harry Houdini was one of the greatest entertainer illusionists that loved to perform to challenge himself and the audience stunts like breaking free from a crate that had been nailed and then being lowered and immersed into the water. Stunts like that were very popular and build suspense within the audience. Most of his stunts were physically challenging.

The modern illusionists or entertainer have evolved into mystery and magic in the late. CRISS ANGEL is an illusionist that takes the audience to a different form of magic, provocative suspense with plots, a storyline and a composition. If you have watched Cirque de Soleil, you will be amazed by the music, dance, mystery, symbolic, brilliant colours and everything there is about performance and theatricality. Now, pair that excellent showmanship with magical master, CRISS ANGEL.

CRISS ANGEL is going to perform in one of Cirque Du Soleil's show called CRISS ANGEL Believe. It will be such a haunting exploration of the performance, illusion set in a mysterious and surreal world. The show will be at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Not to be missed.

If you think that you would like to watch this wonderful piece of magical performance with someone special, you might want to try winning a pair of tickets of the show. There is a text messaging contest that requires you to text 'BELIEVE' to 22122 to participate.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe


I only remembered this post because a friend asked me if I'd like to go and light some candle with her recently on Friday, being Friday the 13th. I've been doing this for many years while in school actually because I mingle with many friends who are Catholics.

When I was in Subang at Sis's place, we managed to drop by Sunway Pyramid for some late shopping and dinner. We couldn't decide where to have dinner and we were all aching from the day's walk earlier at Mid Valley. So the first sight of the restaurant that we saw was TGIF restaurant in one of the towers. The last time I had TGIF meal in Singapore was more than 15 years ago! That was a long time and there is no more TGIF outlets in Sg now. I even miss Chilli's and Planet Hollywood for American fare. I suppose the only one left standing would be Hard Rock Cafe for the record. But at least I've still got my Tony Roma in Singapore.. phew!

So here are the what we ordered while in TGIF. I had Salmon, Ah Boy had his medium rare steak, Kids had their Kids Meal of Fish and Chips, and Spaghetti. We ordered an extra Fish and Chips for Sofiya too. The girls loved the thick mushroom soup of course. When it was time to pay the bill, we had a pleasant surprise that our kids' meal were free! Anyways, we had a wonderful time and the service crew were friendly and attentive.

Get Cheap and Efficient Prepaid Phone Cards

In the past decade, keeping in touch with loved ones has improved tremendously. Many people can be spotted carrying their own cellphones and it is also very much cheaper to own one compared with previously. There are also more people traveling abroad across oceans for work and vacations with the availability of budget flights. When one is abroad, calls to our loved ones can get more costly as charges are tagged with taxes of both subscriber at the same time.

However, you can actually save on calls by using prepaid phone card. I know many foreigners who work in Singapore that uses these as they are cheap and doesn't burn a hole in their pockets. Many international students also depend on these prepaid phone cards to make calls home to their parents and relatives. Without the ease of such communication, one can feel quite lost and lonely in another foreign land.

You can purchase these calling cards from stores but there is a much simpler way of buying these calling cards online. Choose from many brands, quailty for the call and the rate-per-minute that is attractive. You can also select the best rate for the country you wish to make your calls to and get your pin and access numbers for the card online. It is so simple and you don't have to make a trip to the local telco shop for your card anymore. TheRichCom.com provides prepaid cards for cards all over the world including US-Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Get their special deals for more value!


Ehub - eXplorer kid

It was Father's Day yesterday and Ah Boy brought the family to Ehub in Pasir Ris. Ehub is the new wing for Downtown East where the chalets, water theme park and outdoor theme park are. With Ehub, they expanded the eXplorer Kid to the new wing and added more segmented areas for indoor play for kids up to 12 as well as additional area for parents or guardians to wait inside whilst monitoring the kids play.

Ah Boy and I did not bother to get inside the eXplorer Kid so we only paid for our helper to go in with the kids. But from the flyer we saw, there are many things to play and do in there.

Above is the map where I took from the flyer. My eye zoomed in on the slumberland... where I probably will relax myself there cos the crew said tat is the place where the OSIM chairs are. And a place for parents to get forty winks. There is even a skating rink inside. My girls want to go into the Ball'O'City but there were too many rowdy boys so i told my helper that i forbid them. They were free to play in all the other areas which made up of over 10 segments. Oh by the way, this place needs entrance fee so we paid up for membership one time that will last time till they are 12 years old. NTUC adults get free entry. Remember to wear socks or purchase from the counter.

For those who have been to MidValley Kids' Mega Play, will love it here. This one is huge!! I could only take a shot of this part with the Giant Mushroom and the Mega Play behind cos I didn't purchase a ticket to get in.

Per hour play is $22 per hour, subsequent hours at $6 . Members pay $11 first hour and $4 subsequent hours. NTUC members monitoring free entry. Non Member $1.50 per entry. Charges are for peak. Off peak charges are reduced by $2.00 on weekdays, non school holidays, non eve of PH.


We Are Going To Ehub in Downtown East

School Holidays are still on in Singapore. We wanted to book a night for a barbeque and stay at the Pasir Ris chalet but the chalets are all fully booked! So Ah Boy and I decided we take a day trip there instead. Downtown East at Pasir Ris is a nice place for kids and adults. Of course if you can get a room for barbeque would be perfect. There are lots to do.

Water Theme Park - Wild Wild Wet,
Outdoor Theme Park - Escape Theme Park,
eXplorer Kid - where the kids can play indoor
Bowling Alley, Cinema, Kbox karaoke, lots of shopping and food outlets too.

The new wing called Ehub has been opened since the school holidays so i believe there will be lots to do in there. I can't wait to see what they have.

Stop Identity Theft with Shop Shield®

Shopping Online
Shopping online usually requires us to pay in the form of credit cards most of the time. Credit card and personal information need to be keyed in for payment. But do you worry about the security of shopping online? I do, and I always monitor my card closely and check my statements to make sure there is no fraud purchase. I know of friends who have their credit card or other personal details 'stolen' and being used for purchases she didn't even get. Worst still some are information used for loans! Even without having to worry about credit card information, most of us worry about having our passwords and log in identities being stolen too.

Perhaps it is time to put a stop on all these insecurity. You can always install a firewall/anti virus program and even the spyware protection softwares on your pc. But you will still always worry about new spywares all the time. You will always have to update your spyware programs daily to make sure. That is the same as looking behind you are not being followed daily.

How Do We Stop Online Identity Theft
Stop all that insecurity by trying out Shop Shield® New Identity & Fraud Protection. How does it work, you may ask. If a person hacks into your PC, he would try to retrieve your information (personal information, passwords, log in identity and credit card details) from your database.

What Shop Shield® Does
With Shop Shield®, when you shop online, your data is being converted into temporary anonymous information. This information is meaningless to the hacker. There is no personal information data in your database and the temporary information is deemed useless to anyone who has access to it! It is because your information is broken into undecipherable fragments and if ever your personal information is compromised, Shop Shield® promises to reimburse you with every cent of loss up to $10,000 and and beyond the coverage your credit card company or bank provides. It is a Bold Guarantee that Shop Shield® has dared to make and even provide the most personalized victim resolution services at no charge too.


Shop Shield® is in the beta stage, is FREE and is open to public. There is no financial commitment to using it either. It has been successfully pilot tested and is ready and recommended for public use. Visit Shop Shield® and Learn More on how we all can do to stop identity theft now.

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