Nice Welcome Home

What a nice welcome home after work! I came back this afternoon to find my girls laying out bedroom slippers (and theirs too!) on a fluffy mat. It was kinda funny though. I told them few days away that I had no time to do much cleaning and I hope they will help out around the house a bit. I got several big carton boxes and placed them downstairs and one upstairs. Those stuff there were lying around that didn't belonged were dropped into the carton box for them to find it's proper 'home'.

I came back and found many things being put away, much to my delight. That meant I will slowly be able to clear all table tops, cupboard tops, strayed items, toys, bags and whatever I find is unsightly or cluttered around home.

But the bedroom slippers were the one thing that touched my heartstrings! Here, I even took a little picture of it for rememberance!

Guess which slipper is mine? LOL!