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It's been almost 2 years since I started blogging. Time certainly flies. Along the way, I had accumulated few other blogs, the latest being my food blog, Fad About Food. Each time, I seeked tips and advice from blogger friends, especially when it comes to purhase of domains and hosts for blogs. I hear many different views from different individuals but not quite enough to know which of the web hosts that work well, give value for money or if they offer essential online help for bloggers like me.

If you are new to blogging or seeking advice with regards to web hosts, domains, pricing and more, you should check out Web Hosting Geeks. I remembered how some of my blogger friends asked me which webhost provide cheap hosting as well as a free domain registration for a start.

Web Hosting Geeks provides more than a basic list of web hosts, as a matter of fact. You can find answers from budget hostings, blog hostings, top 10 web hostings, where to find free yahoo domains, features, independant reviews, customer reviews and more. Find out which of the many numerous hosts make the list in web hosting awards for each category so you can get a clearer picture about good web hosts. If you find that the lingo or terms are not too familiar, fret not. They also offer good posts and information such as Web Hosting Guide or How to choose the Best Web Hosting or Reliable Service. These information are invaluable to a person especially when he or she really has no idea where to start. So remember, when you need to find out everything from hosting, value, service and more, Web Hosting Geek is the answer.


Nick Phillips said...

Wah, this assignment still got meh? Cool :D

Richard said...

I have to agree with you, many people are using web hosting geeks, I think their services is great. btw, nice write up!

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reanaclaire said...

hi Constance, how r u? thanks for coming by here.. which blog are u actively using now?