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Farewell My Dear Friend, HNKP

In sembang room, I remember always
Funny, happy chats, we once enjoyed,
Your sudden leaving left a space
So hard to accept, so empty and void.

Special thoughts stay with you forever,
Fond memories rush thru my mind
A friend, a blogger and PGHK member
We always remember till end of time

I dedicate the above verse to my PGHK friend and blogger, Hainam Keipui aka Joze. She passed away recently and left many of us feeling shocked. I had been busy the past few weeks with some personal matter. Then when I logged on to facebook two days ago and saw some of the condolences messages by Dragon, Taugeh, Boone and few others, it came as a shocked to me. It was, and still is hard to digest this news.

Joze was a bubbly person. She contributed to many shows in the PGHK podcast. On a personal level, she came across as a friendly person, honest and frank. I knew her since since 2007, in sembang chatroom. It's a place where PGHK members regularly share news, chat and joke with each other about anything under the sun and their love for Penang Island. From skype chats we all moved on to multiply, blogspot and facebook. That was how the members kept in touch with each other.

We shared many personal and private chats and although she knew this was coming, she still lived her life the way she wanted - Happy. She told me how she dreaded this day but she quickly perk herself up and change subjects as she didn't want to burden others with her personal problems, and didn't want that kind of pity.

She had many people who loved her, her aunts, uncles and her boyfriend and best friends. She told me how she wanted to travel but she could never go far because she had to bring with her bags of solution and a stand for dialysis. She had to be home often because she needed to have dialysis done regularly like every 5 hours a day. And never once did she complained about the inconvenience to her friends. NEVER.

She was so young and still so full of life. I once went in search of a nearby dialysis centre so I can make sure she won't have to bring a stand and her solutions of Baxter along should she come over for a holiday. Now, that day will never come. I won't have the chance to see her here. Now that I am looking at the remaining stickers I have yet to send to her, I feel so sad. She had been complaining of being bored. I thought she could do more scrapbooking and momentos. I had been eager to see her work in her blog. Now I won't get to.

She is far more matured than any people I know. I am sure God must have taken her for a good reason. God must have special plans for her. I am sure she is in a better place, without fear, pain and only happiness, reunited with those who left her when she was so very young.. How unfair but perhaps this is the only way. Reunited, back as a family.

I can't help feeling remorse over this. Perhaps that is when we should take a lesson. Look around us. Joze is a heroine in her own way. She tried to fulfilled her life even though she knew what may happen one day. She played, danced, ate, shopped, blogged and she loved to take photos. She was really full of life. She showered her family and friends with love, laughter and joy. She didn't burden us with sadness nor her fear.

Goodbye Joze, I'll miss you. May your soul rest in peace.

A video done by Ang Ku Kueh in memoriam of Hainam Keipui.