Hey there! I'm back. Yes, it's been such a long time since I blogged here. Well, I have some time today because of some spring cleaning at work. So, two whole days, I do not have to get back to work and I just feel wonderful.

How are things. Have have you all been? I feel just so terrible that I haven't been blogging and not even find the time to stop by your blogs. Those who know me, know I've been busy and not just busy but XTRA busy.

My other blog, I do update a little here and there because I need to write for some moolah. But this, being my first blog, I've neglected it and I do feel awful about it.

In the past year, I set up a little stall selling food. We had a little change in our lifestyle but trying to cope. We try not to change many things so we had to work XTRA hard to keep to the same. Liabilities, we have a lot! We cut down expenses and will continue to do that.

A month ago, we started another outlet but after a month, we decided to continue with the new and give up the first one. Traffic is much better in the second, better in the business sense and frankly, it doesn't stretch us both too much although we are in it for the whole day. We have more or less worked out some schedule and in the late mornings, I get to come home and take a rest before going in to work again in the afternoon, which Ah Boy will then come home to rest.

Back to School
School starts today and the kids are back to school. Guess traffic jams are back but I've been home resting and catching up on sleep so I won't know.

Before that, in the holidays
In the past one month, I got to spend some late mornings with the girls and it has been great. I managed to bring the girls out for a movie - Karate Kid. Did any of you watched it yet? I couldn't decide between Karate Kid or 3D Toy Story. Ended up I bought the former because my kids are more grown up and likes to watch real shows, not so much animation or cartoons. We had a great time sharing a large popcorn and large coke! No more Lea getting scared at the loud speakers anymore too

I got to do some really quick bakes! Just had to feed my need for baking. There were times when I even bought some premix ones but they really cannot be compared with our own bakes. The sugar content in most of them are just too high and I can't control them.. So I got back to baking simple butter cakes and chocoloate ones that takes just an hour plus.

Nope, the shopping belt and wallet is tied/clipped really tight! I was a little concern about this but guess what, it wasn't really that bad. We had blessings in other ways, and kind words and support from friends. These are the richness we felt in the past year alone.

I ate a lot of Char Kway Teows, Hokkien Mee and Lor Mee.. I had to. Each plate is eaten for the sake of quality, taste, texture, freshness and etc. Food test is important to ensure standard quality all the time.

In the past year, I've made some new friends and made some new best friends. Friends who have been a great support in this troubled one year and stood by me. I also met many many school friends whom I've lost contact since secondary school days. I didn't get to go to my school gathering but got to meet them because they came to Sg! And in the past year alone, I met up friends like FB Evily, Bloggers Ang Ku Kueh, Kikey, Sharon, Ah Leng and newer bloggers who came by to garner support.

Evily, thanks for dropping by and your wonderful support. I missed harvesting on FT. Wish you the best in everything.

Ang Ku Kueh.. hey, i was expecting to see you 'without' hair..lol but you look very good with them. You are friendly and warm, very natural.

Kikey, you're the brave girl who travels halfway around the world, your blog is just as honest and frank as you.

Sharon, I think you're such a nice and friendly person too. How can I miss such a person in Sg, glad to know you.

Ah Leng, you're the one who inspired me to blog, blog, and blog... hahahah and learn how to make money online. If not for you, I'd be scratching my head about 'domain', godaddy, c-panel and all that weird lingo! Of course I also won't forget how excited I was when you had sooooo many ops in that single day till I had to call you up in Penang! WOW Just don't forget about my $50 ops, ya. CRAZY days, they were.

Thanks to you and your support all these years!

Thanks to all of you.


I received some nice stuff from Sue. She has been so sweet, bought and sent them all the way from Manchestor. Leng also had been visiting me and he also got me a lucky cat, the beckoning cat when he knew I started biz.. Still beckoning away, Leng!. I've also relocated the lucky cat to my new shop, won't get left behind at all. Kikey gave me a Statue of Liberty keyring while she was on her holiday back home and visited me in Sg at the old shop and Sharon, she has been baking lots of cakes and cookies for me! Aren't I lucky to have you all as friends?

So, blogging has also brought me so much 'wealth' from you all. Hope to get more time to blog again, I really can't wait for the end of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger and for the next to come. Hopefully I get more 'luck'.


Rose said...

Busy you. I am also busy with my new venture, but got a little time to rest and blog hopping.

You take care, Constance.

Kikey Loo said...

Hoon, it was nice to meet you too. glad that you like the key ring :)

jepunlauee said...

Glad to see you back..hoon..if you don't mind..pls do post up your outlet for us all to see ,ya..

something for us who are not so lucky to visit you..and let us see what you sells..my friend..(^0^)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I still have not visit your stall at Bt. Timah Market yet... hehe...

Ling That's Me said...

finally you are back! =)

where is your stall? maybe can go and find you =D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new stall.