Painting a tile for school

I'm too lazy to write. Hmm.. actually not that lazy. Frankly, I'm lazy to sign in my blogger, that's why. And I don't have a habit of keeping my passwords signed in all the time. What if, my pc has some problems and if I send it to the PC Doc, he can access all my sites because I am signed in All the time.. Also, I don't want my girls to access my sites either. Sometimes they use the computer when Daddy's laptop has some problem and they do need to finish off their school projects. Once, I forgot to sign off my messenger and when my girl was on it, she started 'chatting' to my friends! LOL

Anyways, since I was commenting on a friend's blog, I might as well blog a little and post some updates.

A month ago, at my girl's kindy, we had the opportunity to do some tile painting in conjunction to their charity drive and also have these painted tiles adorn the walls of their school walls. What a lovely idea because it would be so nice to come back many years in future and see that you have been part of their school kindy alumni.. Here are some pictures I took.

Getting started

Sis Rae, looking on behind

Artist at Work..

Finished Product

Yayy... This will adorn my kindy walls!