Facebook or Blog, Which Do You Like Better?

Everyone is on facebook nowadays. We seldom blog about ourselves and the activities as much as before. For myself, i'm bogged down with work most part of the day. Many of my blogger friends I know are either busy with work or they are just perpetually on facebook most of the time. When they are not online surfing and on facebook, they are on their facebook mobile. That is still socially connected via facebook. Seldom see our friends consolidate their news/personal/etc online on blog because one can just post their status and upload a pic right after that to share.

But, do you prefer to share them on facebook or on your blog? Blogs are journal/diary-like and they are kept and categorized in separate dates for diff events. But facebook is different. You post your 'event/activity/news' and get comments immediately.

It is great to have facebook, when you can see your friends' comments when you share. But, somehow, I like blogs because I can have my 'journal' and pics for that memorable sake.

What about you. Do you own both a blog and facebook too. I know blogs can be a bit time consuming but it certainly has it's benefits. Does anyone know if facebook's history are kept for how long?


prince n princess mum said...

Guess what.. I prefer writing blogs, too!~