I'm Still Around


Wow, I didn't realize that I hadn't written on this blog for ages! And I had forgotten that I had activated the spam comment thingy and thought that no one came to my blog anymore..lol For those of you who did drop by, thank you.. I had been so busy with work and other matters that I stopped writing on this blog for quite a while and saw comments to be moderated still left in the folder... so sorry, my dear readers, I have neglected you.

I hope you all have had a good year. I hope the Rabbit Year brings everyone prosperity, health, wealth and whatever you have wished for.

Life has been hard for us, frankly. With work, inflation and other things, now bread and butter issues at home comes first. Petrol and electricity have gone up, therefore, food prices have increased. I hope situation gets better. But I count my blessings everyday and now I also focus more on prayers and faith instead of giving up after some terrible things that had happened in the past two years. We live for the current, not so much far ahead. Today, we feel blessed and we pray for a safe tomorrow.

Life is very precious. I pray for my family, my relatives, my friends, aquaintances I know around us, the poor man on the street and now I pray for the safety for the people of Japan and around the world. I feel for the victims of recent earthquakes in NZ, China, Japan and all other parts of the world.

Did you know that a good deed a day is a perfect complement to your daily happiness? Buy someone a cup of coffee or even offer to pay for someone her food/drink. It doesn't have to be something expensive, but this brings not only a smile to that someone, but to yourself too. Try it.

My dear best friend told me that never give up hope, because you will be heard. Whatever your faith is, pray because results may not come in the way you expected but, in other ways that you will feel blessed with. Happiness is not about money wealth but what we feel in our heart.