Back to Singapore

Aaah I'm finally back in Singapore after a week's holiday in Penang and Genting Highlands, Pahang. We started driving from Singapore from about 5 ish. We used the Tuas' custom entry to get to Johore because we were worried that there might be a jam due to after-work-hours as many Malaysians travel to and forth Singapore for work daily.

After clearing the customs and getting our passports stamped, it was about 6pm. In case you were wondering why didn't we start travelling from morning, it was because Ah Boy had to work that very day and because it was a Monday, he needed to clear emails first and complete all the paper work early. He managed to get off work about 4pm and got home, have a shower then helped to put the luggage into the car.

Weather wise driving in the evening was really very nice. It wasn't hot nor humid. However it got a little stressful when it was dark. At about 8 - 10ish, Ah Boy was still fine. I kept conversation going during the trip because I wanted to make sure he was fine and still alert. If really need to, then we can switch places but i've never driven on his Honda before. His car does not have a hand brake but has a pedal brake on the far left instead of a clutch pedal. So from the left are, foot brake, middle-foot brake and right is the accelerator.

Dark unlighted roads @ 12.51am

Anyway, driving later into the night got a little stressful not because traffic was heavy. It was because roads are not lighted except for the luminous signs painted at the sides of the road to guide you along. If there was a car in front it was easier but if there were no cars, you'd be squinting your eyes out to make sure you follow the luminated signs! YIKES!

Altogether, we took about 3 toilet breaks. The girls were watching their favourite movie Enchanted and Mr Bean along the way. About 10pm they were all asleep. I kept a watch for the road for Ah Boy. Just to be safe because it was our first drive at night.

The total trip to Penang from Singapore was shorter than we expected. It was about 8 and half hours.. I guess we made a record time compared with the 10 hours drive back previously during the day. Traffic at night consists of more Trucks and Heavy laden goods' vehicles. There were some buses but not many because many buses do not leave Sg as early as us so it was only after the Selangor/Perak state we saw more buses from KL/Perak heading north.

We are almost almost reaching! It was about 12.59am in the morning!

Reach Toll! @ 1.00am

We finally drove across Penang Bridge @1.04am

All in all, it was a heck of an experience driving at night. Thank God we arrived safely.

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Kikey Loo said...

I bet you have a nice time in Malaysia.(^.^) Welcome back!

angeleyes said...

Quite scary also hor??? I dont really fancy late nite drive... too stressful to the eyes... I still remembered my days in those nite coaches... something I wish I can leave behind.... hehehehe

Anyway, glad that all of you arrived home safey!

Nick Phillips said...

You went to Penang and Genting ah? Cool :D Hope you had a great time.

I've always loved night driving but these days my eyesight so bad, I stick to day time :D

little prince's mummy said...

Night journey!~

jepunlauee said...

must be very excited when you see the sign board"georgetown"...
hahaha..that what I feel,when I say your photo..hehehe..is it maybe I miss penang so much???

reanaclaire said...

hi constance..so did u manage to eat the food in pg? did u have a nice trip?

Tammy said...

I'm glad you had a safe journey! :o)


Very daring lor .. to drive at night on such a long journey.

Wonderful Life said...

Though it's risky to drive at night but a lot of ppl would prefer travel at night in order to escape speed traps... :P