Need More Moolah

I've been on a buying spree. I think it's stress. I need more money but I am doing just the opposite, spending more. The month of Jan and Feb sees me poorer by a lot. Kid's education are high in the first months, because of books, uniform and extra stuffs. Not to forget Chinese New Year clothings for them. Gosh, then I've been feeding my passion of cooking, baking and shopping for those ingredients are just costly. And when I'm fueled by this passion, I want to perfect a recipe in a single day instead of over a time frame. I even baked cookies 3x in a single day once recently because I wanted to perfect it to a T.

Oh, and I had to make some decisions about my blogging. Some decisions have to be made and it's not easy. I am sure those who blogs for some pocket money is facing the crossroads too. It's one or another.

Any of you made some decisions yet.


Tammy said...

I still do some paid posting, but I've been so busy babysitting that I just don't have the time I used to to blog. :o(


You mean you wanna stop blogging cos you wanna bake professionally? Sorry ar .. me a bit confused now.

Constance said...

family first - hehehe just tat i've been very lazy to blog, means less paid posts... but i blog more on my food blog.. there no income.