Wide Comparison

I still get many queries from some of my friends who started blogging. They always ask me about domains and web hosts and which is the most suitable or best host for blogging and creating an online shop. What can I say, I may have spent some time blogging in the past few years and have owned some personal domains with unique names but I do not have the full wide experience nor answer to which web hosts has the best service, pricing package nor best ratings. I can never really do a comparison with other hosts because my experience lies in the two hosts I use and not several which one can then put together and compare.

Unless one has covered almost every web hosts in the market, then one would be able to comment. However, to make things easier, I always ask them to visit a web hosting site that not only provides ratings, it is also the place to go to when you need to understand all the queries about hosting, bandwidth, service, price and many more. That is because everything you need to know is all compiled for you, including useful articles you can read to gain more understanding about the subject.

In this site, you can read many reviews from independant companies and individuals and also some webmasters. This way, you will know what consumers are looking for when it comes to setting up a blog or commercial website or even just for educational purpose. And you will be able to avoid the little pitfalls that may happen.