Been Ages, eh?

Wow, it's been ages since I last updated anything here... Well I felt like writing today since I'm off tomorrow. Work has been pretty crazy. We have our busy as hell days and we have some quiet days. We are understaffed - there's only two of us to handle EVERYTHING there is to do..

Anyone went to queue up when Shell offered petrol at $1 per litre a week ago? I didn't but I got to watch the situation. From 10am till almost 4pm the car queues were crazy. Honks didn't stop and the buses didn't get to ply their routes on time. Bus lanes were just useless. See the picture? This is the situation that happened outside my workplace, till 6pm. Crazy. A man with a large advertisement board on a stick walked up and down, counting down the hours. 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours... bla bla bla. I didn't queue though I had a quick thought. My petrol was about half full and by the time I reach the petrol station, I might have wasted the other half tank away...

It's only two weeks left before the school holidays comes in. I hope my girls won't be too bored. Intially our plan was to go back Penang for the long holidays but then, now that we have a business to run, it will be difficult. So I really have to find some activity for the girls.

I also think that I need some time to 'plump' up before I see Mom. I've lost weight tremendously and I don't want her to be too shocked. Moms will always be mom, she might start thinking unnecessary stuff. Work keeps me on my toes and many things on my mind gives me some stress. My body handles stress this way - lose weight. Forget all those 'kiam pui' centres, stress tops them all. I don't eat and sleep as well but at least the consolation is, I am able to put back on my old clothes which I thought I'd never get to. LOL

Forgive me if I had not been bloghopping too. I do want to but most of the time, I either have small pockets of time to either check some mail, fb mail and do some time on BBlitz. I don't even have time for my FarmTown, my crops have all died and withered.

I will survive.


Nick Phillips said...

I think I know you. You sound mighty familiar ... LOL!

It's been a while since I've seen your post something.

jepunlauee said...

hoon ,do write and tell us more about your business and share with us your daily business life..
Do take care of yourself ,ya..
lost weight ,siok la,unlike me bloating like a ballon day by day...hahhaha..

Constance Chan said...

Nick - ok ok i get the hint now.. LOL.. hahahahahah i miss blogging, as a matter of fact. But i still go around whipping up my idiot camera taking weird photos whenever I can.. shhhhh

JLE - sure, sure I will share some stuff with you all soon.. let me get enough photos first ya.. eh ya i feel like i can walk faster with the weight lost too..hahahahahha but JLE, you're not even overweight nor plump.. you look very nice and right on many of you photos.. so in real life sure even thinner!

reanaclaire said...

constance.. where have u been? now which is your active blog.. i have linked your Fad about food but didnt see any new posts lately.. hope u come back to us soon :)

Umbrella Rec said...

Your blog used to be the most active one in the past. I thought it died already. Glad to see that you've finally updated it. :)

I guess your fish tank is dried up too by now..haha

Constance Chan said...

reanaclaire - i'm so guilty.. i don't know which of my 'too many' blogs to update now..lol but personal blogs are still the same - almanacqueen and sunny. Fadaboutfood will be updated if i have something about food to share..but unfortunately.. lately no time for domestic kitchen...sigh

umbrella rec - yaya my blog sort of gone 'dead' for a while.. hehehe oh my tank. sigh now i have air and just 'stuff' in the tank.. .hahahah.. not fish. it's becoming like storage tank..