Not Picture Perfect

Last Saturday, we stopped the business for a day to attend Lea's kindy graduation. I can't believe she is all of 6 years and going into primary school next year. Time really flies and it was just yesterday when I had just placed her on her little baby cot after a nice warm bath...

The Graduation ceremony was celebrated at the zoo, in conjunction with a family day theme. After all, once you are at the zoo, what best not to do except to take the rest of the day off at the zoo. The kids were excited because they had decided to go to the kids playground for some water play later on. Of course, that will give me a chance to unwind outdoor amidst mother nature's greenery and the lovely sounds of animals.

To every other parent, a graduation for their child is a big day and many of us were armed with cameras, video cams, mobile phones with cameras, iphones, all taking what they could of their pride and joy.

My youngest, her first graduation from Kindy, I just had to mark the occasion with a very good photo.. well that is until.... look at my pics and you will know what happened!

There you are, a day spoiled because the mom does not have a very good photo at all. I hope the camera man has a good photo of my daughter, if he did take it. I was terribly disappointed, I just wanted to shout at the lady in front when she was standing up but I kept my cool and hoped she sat down quickly but... she didn't.

What would you have done?


Umbrella Rec said...

Throw some used tissue paper, animal dung, soft drinks bottle or your shoes on her head! Oops! You can't throw rubbish in Singapore...you'll be fined...hahaha

coffeesncookies said...

that would really annoy me but I'll tell her off nicely. "not your turn yet and please don't block others from taking photos !" that shud be enough to shame her down. kiasu-ism to the max!

stay-at-home mum said...

I would have said loudly "PLEASE SIT DOWN!!" or get your other daughter to say it. What an #$*&@*Y$@*!! Such incosideration! I did not take photos for my daughters graduation coz when we got there the auditorium was full, tho we were 45 minutes early! So we had to sit on the 2nd level, and it was impossible to take good photos from that distance. So no choice, got to buy the professionally taken one, and pay thru our noses for it.