Little Nyonya

For the past month, I've been glued to drama Little Nyonya on Mediacorp's channel 8. This show is really an eye opener about the life of Straits' Born Chinese and there are still many things that we do not know about their historic culture and traditions. Growing up in Penang, I was exposed to the life of these people, but I had not learnt to appreciate them when I was young as I left Penang in my late teens. My mom used to attend her ritual Thursday or Friday Dondang Sayang thingy in her kebayas. Back then, I thought was too 'ornate' and loud for my liking. But now when I look at these clothes in the drama, I wondered if mom still kept those at home..

Watching this show and the preparation of Nyonya food reminds me so much the poundings on the pestle and mortar that mom uses in most of her cooking. It was familiar sound and it had faded off into the background as 'white noise' but I do remember the poundings very fondly. Mom tried to get us to learn cooking but being new generation kids, we prefer to be out playing with our neighbourhood friends more than be in the kitchen.. She also did not force us and hoped we would be married off and not have to lift a muscle in the kitchen!

As this show is shown in local Singapore television, there is no guarantee that it will be made available on any DVDs because I have not come across Singapore dramas (only movies) on DVD, for the time being..

However, I found that because it is available on MobTV, one can actually get to watch it on the internet like those demand tv or pay tv. On MobTV, this show will be available till the third quarter of 2009. MobTV can be subscribed online.

On the contrary, you may also like to watch it on YouTube that was uploaded by someone called Media Corp Fan.

Here is the first episode in 7 parts:

Episode 1/Part 1

Episode 1/Part 2

Episode 1/Part 3

Episode 1/Part 4

Episode 1/Part 5

Episode 1/Part 6

Episode 1/Part 7


sting said...

cool! you uploaded these videos! thx :-) heard quite a lot about this show and it sounds very interesting

oh happy 2009! :-)

Kikey Loo said...

hey, hoon.. this is the first time i know we have nyonya show. thanks for sharing this..

aussieahchee said...

hi, The nonya show looks interesting. Perhaps you can put the full YouTube link on, so tat I can put it on my favourite & see if I too can get the whole episode on YouTube. Thanks, Constance!

stay-at-home mum said...

I have not really been following the series, catching a few episodes here and there when time permits. But it brings back memories. My Ma-ma and chor chor used to wear the kebaya everyday, and my mum does so now, but only on special occasions. Much of the culture and heritage has been lost.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hoon, i really enjoy this and it makes me want to appreciate our culture more more :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Constance, my mom was a Nyonya and love their way of cooking. So, you too a Nyonya lady, huh?
Love to see them in their sarong kebayas.

We have a few trueblue Nonyas here too and they speak Malay....so when we have our get together pot luck dinner parties, you can imagine the English, Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hainanese Singlish, and Nonya Malay being spoken.
And love the Nonya kuehs they make too.

You have a great week Constance. We having a snowy one...expecting lots of snow anytime now, tonight and tomorrow.
Best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

i like the ending episodes when the bad ones met their retributions.... the earlier parts are a bit depressing... can't bear to watch it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

is me again Jipunabor,after learning about this drama from you, i have been burning midnight oil these few days,finally i have finished everything, i like it so much,kamsiah che che.