Medical Billing for Health Industry

For every visit to the local medical clinic or those offering various medical services - consultations, patient and customer care plays an important part. Every customer or patient wants to know that they are being taken care of exclusively and gets prompt attention. Such intangible efforts can be made possible if organizations, companies, medical services and business focus more on customer and patient services instead of financial, ordering and other administrative tasks.

In an article I read recently, with initiatives to tackle and provide a long term solution in long winded tasks in purchase-order and billing, a flagship product by Netalytics is founded. This product by the name of Metasoft will play an important role by reforming health care with electronic billing.

The need for electronic billing is a solution for those in the medical business to simplify, organize and reduce costs and allow these medical practitioners to focus and concentrate more in their patient care. Methasoft's Netalytics increase clinic's efficiency by linking customers' data, billing, treatment, patient's addiction tracking and medical history and convert these data into formats that are required by Medicare and Medicaid for insurance and other medical claims. By using MPMsoft, an Electronic Medical Record is created for each patient and this cuts down additional paperwork as it can be transmitted to thousands of medical insurance payers.

In the case of small medical clinics and those that have shortage of staffing, doctors can now focus more on the emotional, care and treatment of their patients. This will in turn allow a more effective patient recovery. An electronic medical billing certainly is the answer for the booming health care industry.


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Hi Constance, very interesting.
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aussieahchee said...

hahaaa! sound like your medi billing system is far more efficient than mine over here. Went to the doctor last week and tried out the billing system, only to find out that it will be awhile before they can sent a cheque back to me for my medical rebate!!!

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