I will be busy in the next couple of weeks, or even months ahead. My family and I have some sudden loose ends to tie up, thus I probably will be blogging a little less. But I have been blogging a little less lately too. If God help me, I probably have time to but there's so much to do. Will definitely keep you updated on my life. Although you may not see as many posts, I still hope you will drop by still.

I am trying to look at many things positively. But it is hard when one falls. I know I am sounding rather vague now but if there is a new low, I have been there before and I can pick my life up again, just work a little harder. I thank God for my life and being able to be of existence in this world. Life had been good in the past. Now is the time for action. I am plague by bad economy news, high cost of living, recession news, arrows pointing down and thumbs pointing down.

I don't believe that life will always be a smooth journey. I am praying for a safe journey. And a happy tomorrow. Here is a poem, how I am feeling now.


If I can endure for this moment,
whatever is happening to me.
No matter how heavy my heart,
or how dark the moment may be.
If I can but keep on believing,
what I know in my heart to be true.
Then darkness will fade into morning,
and with this dawn a new day, too.

This poem is titled Endure, written by Bobi. It was originally published in Poems On Life.


Martini said...

Hope everything is alright there. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hoon Xie,
hope every thing is fine.
you will pull through.