Music to the Ears

I frequent Feng Shui stores quite often. I remembered when I once bought a crystal pendant, the lady of the shop would put the gemstone into a beautiful round bowl and used a short handle stick to go around the rim. This bowl is call the Singing Bowl because it produces a very lovely echoey sound like a song.

Since then, I've been looking to buy one for home but there are not many shops that offer such products. Well, that was until I discovered a website that actually imports such lovely unique items from Tibet and Nepal. Offering one of the world's finest collections of instruments usually associated with healing, meditation and relaxation, this online store carries products such as an assorment of singing bowls, Mala prayer beads, Tibetan herbal incense, gong symbols, bronze statues and more at reasonable retail prices. A great place to check it out if you are interested. They deliver to anywhere around the world.


reanaclaire said...

hello my fren.. how r u constance? its been a long while since u last wrote? seems u r doing fine.. haha... have a nice evening!