Cool Hot Weather

The weather gets pretty hot in Singapore lately. In Singapore recently, we had forest fires blazing away because of the heat. And in the concrete jungle in the city, the haze is more prominent as it gets trap among the tall buildings.

It may be hot in Singapore but perhaps after living in the tropical city all my life, our body is already 'seasoned' to withstand the heat. I suppose if you were to put me in another country like the deserts in Australia or Arizona deserts in United States, it shouldn't be a problem. The only difference would be the humidity levels. Arizona is known for its desert climate but compared with Singapore, at least it still has it's winter and cool breezes. November through February is considered cool winter months with temperatures of 4 deg C - 24 deg C and summer months of about 32 deg C - 48 deg C.

I definitely prefer to have some cool months like those in Arizona because the only cool temperature of below 24 deg C in Singapore means we are in the mall or in our own home enjoying the air conditioning. Time to look at what the homes in Scottsdale have to offer. We are talking about big open spaces, big homes and rooms, perhaps a possible cactus garden and a real garage for the car. How about a space for a swimming pool? It does sound tempting.


Uncle Lee said...

You saying its hot, ha ha, and we now at -17'c!
My car looks like its made of glass with half inch ice covering it.
And bottom like lace with long icicles below the doors.
Forgotten the colour of grass already, ha ha. Lee.

Nick Phillips said...

Yup, its been a couple of hot days over here too. But thankfully its been raining everyday for the past few days :D

Umbrella Rec said...

At least you rarely need to walk under the sun or rain in Singapore because the infrastructure is very well plan, the buildings and LRT stations are often joint together. In Malaysia, we even have to cross the road to get to the opposite side of the LRT direction (refer to STAR LRT station in Masjid Jamek which is ridiculously designed)