The Miraculous Garbage Enzyme

Sometime last week, I chatted online with a good friend, Taoju. She was telling me about this Green Movement called Garbage Enzyme. I didn't really understand much about it, actually. She told me about the advantages of the Enzyme and how one can use it to enhance cleaning more effectively.

To me, of course I can always buy that cleaner, detergent, antiseptic liquid from the stores. These are just as effective. However, one thing that drawn me to grow interest in it was not really the cleaning part, but the usage of it that can help us create a more environmentally friendly world. If we could use less of those 'bad' chemicals that is depleting the ozone layer and do otherwise, why not?

Garbage Enzyme works in a miraculous way in purifying our earth.

What can Garbage Enzyme do?

Purify Air/Reduce Pollution
Can you imagine how much pollution is in the air? All that smoke from cigarettes, exhaust, chemical residues from our household products.

Purify Underground Water
The enzyme we create when is flowed to the ground goes down further and also helps to purify the water from our rivers and to the sea water.

Natural Pesticide
Enzyme acts as a natural pesticide so we can be rid of pests like cockroaches, flies and mosquitos that carries many ailments to human

Antiseptic Use/Household
It has anti bacterial value and you can use it in your household as a natural antiseptic. Adding 30mls of enzyme to the water you use to mop the floor acts as a cleaner and steriliser. Soaking your vegetable in 30mls of enzyme and 1 litre water helps to clean your vegetable/fruits more effectively from the pesticides/chemical residue that are toxic to our health.

Prevent Chokage
Residues are also what is creating our basins and toilet bowls clogged up. These chemical residue can be released when you pour some amount of concentrated enzyme into the toilet bowl. It will help to purify sewage and prevent blockage. Adding a little to your cistern also helps to purify the water.

Spraying this enzyme in the air helps to deodorize the air since it works as a purifier and antiseptic. It has been successfully tested to remove bad odour from shoes soaked in it for a short period of time instead of a whole day (Taoju tested this on her kids' dirty gym shoes).

It also helps to cool down your car temperature if you add 30mls of enzyme into your water tank. If you have pets at home, bathe your pets in an appropriate amount or deodorize the kennel to rid it of bacterial and foul smell.

The release of Garbage Enzyme to the ground and air will in future help to ease global warming. Garbage Enzyme was invented by Dr. Rosukon from Thailand who was concern about the state of the world, the depleting ozone layer. She has been encouraging people to start saving the earth by making garbage enzyme at home from our kitchen.

I kept an open mind and for the next two days thereafter, I did more readings from the internet to read about the usage as well as how to create this Garbage Enzyme from our kitchen waste. Creating the Garbage Enzyme is actually very easy.

All you need are:
An Airtight Plastic Container
Brown Sugar/Molasses
Vegetable/Fruit Dregs

The ratio for the ingredients in making Garbage Enzyme is:
1 part Sugar
10 parts Water
3 parts Dregs

Remember to use a plastic container as there will be some gas build up. The ingredients when added up should come up to about 80% of your container, thus 20% space is needed for fermentation. You may release the gas once in a while (some say once daily, some say once every week) in the first month during the fermentation process. After that keep it airtight till it reaches the end of the 3rd month when it is ready for use. Filter it into your bottles and use it on your household and those recommended.

You may read up more in detail on it's usage recommendation here.

Let's all do our part. And if this Garbage Enzyme is natural and effective, why not?

I have started collecting dregs for making Garbage Enzyme. Watch out for it.

UPDATED! Read about the GARBAGE ENZYME I DID on my other blog.


jepunlauee said...

wow..thanks for the information.......(^0^)

Anonymous said...

hi constance, I just heard about this enzyme during my visit to hubby's relative's house during the cny. there is another way to make the enzyme using mineral water and natural honey, same as yours, need to release the gas in the first month and keep for another 2 months.

Chua Mei Ling said...

I'm doing research on Garbage Enzyme for some school project...need your permission to quote some of the information here.
Thanks for putting up this information!
BTW, i just discovered blogs...not a regular user but i used it to b**** about my sisters in-law (u noe...thinks that my hubby shouldn'
t noe about...)

Constance Chan said...

jle - hope you find this useful enough to try it at home :P

martini - i've read about replacing brown sugar with honey too, but honey is a tad too expensive for me.. :P but if making Fruit Enzyme for consumption, I might want to use that.. and mineral water, sounds very organic.. nice!

mei ling - sure you may quote me here. and yesss blogs are a good outlet for gossips or complains. get things out of your chest a little, yea?

Tammy said...

That's very interesting. I'm all for natural products, especially ones you can make yourself.

Umbrella Rec said...

Check out fruits enzyme. This one you can drink it. If not, you can send it over and I'll drink it for you :D

I bought everything to start up garbage enzyme but I don't really have time to do it. Too busy with the fish tanks. I don't even know where is the brown sugar now.

Anonymous said...

hi constance, I heard people consume the one made from brown sugar too, you can consider it!

the only thing I consider is "can we use the plastic container to fermentate the fruits?" or "should we get an airtight glass container?"

how do you think?

Constance said...

tammy - yes, it is interesting. and i didn't expect to be trying it out but for the sake of Green living, i wasted no time. do try it.

umbrella rec - yes, i also have been reading on the fruit enzyme. in fact i've been getting the fruits ready plus right bottles for making that. at the moment, writing this, i had 2 bottles done just yesterday afternoon! will be posting it soon.

martini - yes, the one for consumption is called Fruit Enzyme. I'd just made two bottles of that yesterday. watch out for my post about it. yes brown sugar is what you can use for garbage enzyme, or any kind of brown, natural sugar, unprocessed. for consumption, you can use a glass bottle but for garbage enzyme use a plastic one is best. for both, do not fill the contents to the brim but about 80% of the bottles so there is space for fermentation process and the contents will not spill out.

永遇乐 said...

Garbage Enzyme is a really good step to save green environment~
Thanks for using it ! ^@^

Anonymous said...

i am doing a school research studies project and i was just interested to find out if there is any specific reason for using brown sugar instead of the usual one?