Read About My Garbage Enzyme Post

Following the previous post about Garbage Enzyme, check out the MY FIRST GARBAGE ENZYME on my other blog, fadaboutfood.com

I posted some photos of some steps and the recipe of Garbage Enzyme. It is not yucky at all and should not be foul smelling because the dregs are mainly veg and fruits. No meat, no oil, etc.

I would like to encourage my readers here to try it, for the sake of our environment. It is very simple and can be done in your kitchen if you cook everyday. Keep the vegetable and fruit skins and parts of the vegetable you are going to throw away in a bag and save it for making garbage enzyme. You can start making it right away. Be sure to measure the weight of vegetable dregs you add each day as you add into the container. For me, I actually collect those dregs in a bag, keep it chilled in the fridge for 2 days and weigh them and made it. But you can measure the sugar solution in the container, leave it aside and add the veg dregs in daily too. Once the right weight of dregs are in, close the lid tight and mark your dates.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Constance, here people are doing it, composting. Then use it as compost for their gardens.
Good idea yours.
Have a great weekend, Lee.

Purpled Sky said...

This is really interesting, Constance! Imagine the cost I'd be saving on antiseptic/cleaning agents! and I'd be saving the earth, too!