Decisions on Webhosts

A friend asked me yesterday about blogging. She has a few months old daughter and is keen in recording down the milestones of her cute daughter. She had asked for my advise about blogging as well as how to get a domain and which website hosting company is recommended.

For myself, I first started blogging on a free hosting platform before moving on to paid hosting. I believe that many have their reasons in moving to a paid hosting. For those who have not really tried blogging using a unique domain name, it certainly is useful to read up some resource about it first. If you are planning to keep a blog permanently and uniquely yours, purchasing a domain name is a good choice. However besides getting the domain and the name you wanted, you still need to pay for hosting in a company that offers this service.

So what happens after you buy a domain? Well, you may like to ask yourself what kind of website you are going to have. A blog? An online shop? Or even an online resource library for public or just for restricted viewers. Some do not really need much traffic if the website is a blog solely for friends and relatives and selected few. Thus, one with a low bandwidth is sufficient. Whatever the choice is, there is always option for an upgrade. And are you one who is familiar with the terminology in IT? If you are not, a good way is to look for one that has great customer service, efficient when it comes to helping you at times in need. A blog or a site may seemed to be working but when something goes wrong to one who is not IT savvy, it is a headache as what I have experienced myself. A 24/7 online help is very much a better deal.

There are many more questions here about website hosting company, such as which one is the best, which one offers you the best value and so forth. For me, I only have experience with one or two companies so I would never know if any other hosting company offers better value or services or not.

For a person to be able to know in depth would take quite some time and effort. However, all this has been consolidated in a website specially for you - for your convenience. Top hosts in terms of value and price, packages offered and even many other information such as what do you really need. These questions, advice and solutions are all accessible from just one website so do make good use of it.