I Love Batik, Without A Doubt

When I was younger, I liked modern looking furniture, clean neat lines and also swanky apartments and restaurants. I realised that as I grow older, my tastes have changed. The opposite, as a matter of fact. I enjoy eating at kopitiams (local coffeeshops), love retro colours, old old looking apartments and mismatched furniture. Is this a sign of me trying to hold on to all things old? I saw this block of flats, painted in a retro green colour and I went, WOW! AWESOME.. my kids didn't like them of course. I can't blame them. Few decades ago, I'd have snuff these colours liken to the Goose Poo. hehehe

Shows of the lifestyle of the Peranakan and different cultures are all just lovely now. Ornate, flowers and patterns of Frangipani, colour red, temples, old buildings all fascinates me now.

I just couldn't resist looking at Batik handicrafts too. East Malaysia has plenty of factories doing these but I wasn't interested then. Now they are even found online like these ones! And they are cool! Click on them to see what they have.

Batik Apparels


Anonymous said...

well said hoon xie xie.

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves to wear Batik too at times. Recently I just bought a few Batik shirts and crafts from my hometown Medan (Indonesia).

Will definitely have a look at Krafonline!

Jess said...

I love batik too.

I plan to design some batik based dresses when I m free