Manhattan Fish Market

Although I've walked past Manhattan Fish Market plenty of times, I've never tried their fare. So last month during the school holidays, we popped by into the restaurant. We couldn't decide which was good so decided to share a Seafood Platter. It looked scrumptious and it did tasted good. Perhaps we were too hungry? I have not heard much reviews from this restaurant except some news when they first started few years ago and there was a case about originality between them and another reknown outlet that sells the same thing.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones and frankly, this restaurant does serve tasty food. I love the fish and the large prawns... mmmmm

The kids had a Kid's Fish but they were mostly busy with the Free activitiy from the Kid's Menu given. Many restaurants adopt this method of letting them do some puzzles, colouring or spot the differences. Smart move, eh.

Kid's Fish Meal (can't remember the real name..)

My girl busy with her menu activity..

Yes, the food was nice! We ordered this large Seafood Platter to share.


Nick Phillips said...

I actually haven't tried eating here before. The food looks good :D

Tammy said...

Oh my that looks so wonderful! We love fish!

Angeleyes said...

Hmm... I also never tried this one... always ended up in Fish & Co for whatever reason...

Do they taste like Fish & Co? I heard the owner used to work in there before he started this in M'sia. :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

I haven't been there in ages. The portion is normally too huge for one person. Your picture is pretty tempting

Umbrella Rec said...

Yummy! You make me hungry in the middle of the night. Now where can I find some food???

The fish reminds me of the fish you keep in your tank. How are they doing? No news about them in your blog lately?

Anonymous said...

been there a couple of times! Good or not, I think it depends on our orders and taste buds :)

I remember there was one dish which didn't suit me at our last visit!