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When I was young, I had little exposure in ballsports, except Volleyball and Netball. I'd not mention about Badminton since those were feather light balls. Perhaps those were the only kind that my school provided since it was an all-girls-school. Now that my eldest is in school, she too, hardly gets to pick many types of games in school, as her school's strength is in dance and literature. She wanted to play Netball but she didn't auditioned for it and it was a little late for new enrollment. I didn't let her try Hockey as I didn't like the idea of her thrashing out in the open field and the risks involved. Now the school Cheerleading team is looking for new talents and my girl has shown some interest.

Last weekend I was watching a team of kindy boys and girls playing soccer near my home, I can't help but admire how these little kids learn to tackle the soccer ball swiftly and decisively. My younger daughter is now showing signs of interest in that sport. She had a brief moment of kicking the ball when it came her way.

My friend who has a young daughter also loves football told me that playing this sport actually enables players to make decisions in a short frame of time and handle situations of stiff pressure well. It is also good to pick up teamwork as we all know playing this sport is all about teamwork. Her father is starting a young team of all girl's soccer for the neighbourhood. He has asked if I would be interested in letting my girl join since they are in the same age group. Sounds like fun. Would you let your young daughter enjoy this game. It'd be fun to shop for soccer jerseys for little girls..


stay-at-home mum said...
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stay-at-home mum said...

Sure is fun!! My son is on his school soccer team, and when they play in tournaments, even more fun. The downside is the injuries. Some of his friends, sprained their ankles, dislocated their hips, scratched shins (even with shin guards) break their ankles, etc. Girls, I think maybe not la ... cheerleading or dancing may be better. I always have to say a prayer for my son before each game, that he comes out intact!!

Eh! so glad you are back blogging. You were MIA for awhile!

Constance Chan said...

wow your son seems to be having a great time. i like my kids to play sports better than stay at home and always on the internet or games. thanks for the tip.