Natural Looking Furniture

Wood furniture is in demand. They give one the feeling of resort holidays, warmth, log cabins, holidays away from concrete jungles, countryside and also the feeling of a nice warm fire during winter. It is also very often that many people who loves to bring their 'holidays' home will also dress their homes with furniture either of natural wood or resemblance of them.

I had a chance to check out a site that sells rustic furniture online. I love their bunk beds and am sourcing to look for one for my two growing-up daughters. The bunk beds I see here aren't the stereotyped wooden furniture at all. The round shape used is so natural it reminds me as if one had actually climbed up on a tree for a nap! And it does looked as if you had cut out a log and naturally tie them into beds. The only thing I'd have wished for would be that they offers it in more shades of brown than what is available. And because I am looking for a child's furniture, it would also be fun to have a bed that looks like it is a bed built into a large piece of log! Wouldn't that be wonderful!


reanaclaire said...

hi constance, how r u lately? busy like me? i guess those involved in blogging really find time pass pretty fast..agree?

little prince's mummy said...

As long as furniture looks ok and long lasting, I'm ok with it..

Soyun said...

I used to have a small bed made out of logs. That's so sweet and lovely. Hope you find something nice.