At the Club

The courtyard

The fish pond

These are pictures taken recently at the civil service club. This branch is located in Tessensohn. Once in a while if we do go to town then only we would drop by. Most of the time, we'd be in the one at Bukit Batok because it's nearer and this branch has been opened for about less than a year. When I drop by the Bukit Batok branch, I'll take the pics and post it here.

Usually we'd be there for a swim. They have pools that are like the mini wet and wild thing in eastside. There is a pool that u can relax and float following the flow, a wave pool that is similar to the Tsunami pool in Pasir Ris. And also a playground pool for little ones. For the serious swimmers, head on for the lap pool and for those who prefer to sit and watch, go for the jacuzzi pool. If you are not in the mood for water therapy, you can still try your hands at bowling, or tennis, go for exercise at the pool. Of course if these games do not excite you, there is still the fruitee machines.. hahaha

There are endless programmes in this club, from cookery, hobby, sports to self improvement. They cater for the young and old alike.