Daiso is Tops!

I lurrrve to shop in Daiso.

Why? Because you can find physically anything there. No, its not a hypermarket. It's one of those $2 shop. We had a big player in Singapore in the 90s. But it has since stopped operation. Now, we have lots of shops like these in the heartlands and malls. But the best, is Daiso. Daiso is Japan owned. Most of it's stuff is japanese inspired or Japan made. Of course if its $2, don't expect too much okay?
Some of the things are really worth the buy but of course there would be the occasional stuff you can actually get lesser than $2. Still, on an average, its a good place to shop. You can get cute stuff if you like the 'kawaii' kinda things fr Japan. From kitchen ware, food to the odd stuff for your garden. And if you are into gifts, its a great place!


Dragon said...

hmmmm..... why u don't want to upload the photos in one post?

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

because i dont like the way my text wrap at the side of the pix wor. sometimes it does tat.

Dragon said...

haiyo.... can make it center one mar......u see mine, all in the center.