Homecoming for Kakak!

Finally! Sofiya is back home.. and I ain't that busy with the chores, kids, being taxi driver and chef as well as tutor... hahaha..

The view of Terminal 1

Gosh! What a long wait.. Its getting cold too. Let me put on my sweatshirt!

Waiting Waiting
We were at the airport half hour early.. The flight was supposed to touch down at 7.00pm that evening. The girls were really excited. They kept asking if she had cleared the immigration. By the time she collected her luggage it was an hour or more later.

Exam Stress..
I realised how difficult it is to juggle being a mom and still do the never ending tasks at home, never mind that - but smack right in the middle when my eldest is having her final semester school exams. Her exams give me stress, and I am the sort who can't go through a day without the usual household routines.

Messy Home?
Nope.. I can't leave the house in such a mess because it affects my mood totally. I'll be ever more grumpy. And having to rush Rae to her tuitions, piano and ballet as well as send her to and fr school is taking me away from cleaning and cooking. By the time I come back, I am back at welding my broom, mop and also the kitchen knife! Ha ha ha.. I try not to cook too much but I still have to boil the daily soup and also at least a dish or two.

So where does that leave me? More work (yes! i blame myself for trying too hard) and also in betweens, I am also shuttling my younger one for her 4 hourly nursery.. zoom zoom zoom.. I work against the time daily for the past two weeks.

Now that Sofiya is back...

I am back at blogging
I can help my girl with her revision in the afternoons.
I can take a shower without my girls knocking on my bathroom door every 30 seconds like there is an emergency.
I can sit down and eat a proper meal.
I can pick up a toy, a book from the floor without having to clip the broom/mop at my armpit and trying to sweep/mop at every step of the way.
I can take multiple trips to the fridge instead of using my dress to multi-task as my bag for carrots, apples to cut, fresh milk for Rae, cheese for Lea, organise or throw out old stale food and act as if I have 6 pairs of hands.
I can take a full length shower instead of arming myself with the scrubber on one feet and scrub the bathroom floor while shampooing my hair.
I will not trip over for trying to put on my Ts and shorts in a single move.. Gosh how silly can i get? lololol
My little one will not come home complaining to me that it has been a boring bunch of ponytail for 2 weeks.
Finally, my mountain of dry laundry is not getting any higher and certainly not staring at me in the face here!
Darn that ironing job too!

Look! Kids are waiting for their kakaks!

Kakak got me these!

The girls were so happy to have her back home! They were really impatient at the airport, (gosh there were all the other kids waiting for their kakaks too). And most of all they really really couldn't wait for the gifts she had promised to bring home for them!


Dragon said...

wah... seems like she is very helpful to u wor.... if she is around, u can do so many stuff that u like..... really hor miah.... my god, 3 posts in one day!! will u have another one to make it 4? wakakakaka.

Joze Foo said...

yalo so keng 3 post in one day....good for you hoon.now nobody will accuse you for going for "fruitees"

Joe Lim said...

No wonder lah,you can join us until almost 1am just now at PGHK Sembang:-)

Kinoko Land said...

I guess your Kakak must be happy working for you and your kids seem to like her dearly :-)

jepunlauee said...

lucky for you,hoon...at least we can get you to kap with us again...coz our afternoon lauee club's not the same witout you....wakakaka...

David said...

Wah... your kakak very "ho mia" can cuti untill so long... hehe...

So you may much relax from now on lor :)

K3ViN said...

wah 3 post in one day? really like superwomen in gary song haha...... Ur kakak seen very helping u lor..... no wonder can cu kap in sembang 4 soooo long haha like just been release from jail nia haha......