More Japanese Invasion - Japanese Food Outlets

These are food outlets - all Japan-owned, or Japan influenced.

Ajisen (Japanese Ramen Restaurant)

This is one of my favourite ramen place! The noodles are really nice and the stock is wonderful. It has this miso flavour stock that goes very well with savoury food. It is also very big in their portions so I dont eat much of the noodles but i love the soup! They used to have the Pork belly or soft tendon bones in the stock but I can't quite remember the japanese name of the dish liao.. The price for a ramen is about $8 to $12 per bowl, which is really reasonable! Of course the final part is, it is full of msg as well... so drink up plenty of water..

Donut Factory

Lately there seemed to be doughnuts everywhere! Not the usual ones you see at the bakery but speciality doughnuts kiosks! In the 80's there were Dunkin Donuts, American style but it has disappeared in the 90's. The latest craze are doughnuts from Japan. They use very fine high quality flour and they taste really light and fluffy. There are many variations to choose from. Half or a dozen doughnuts costs about $10. It is priced about $1.10 a pc so if you get a dozen, the price goes down about10cts or more each. There seemed to be queues everywhere..

Mos Burger

Certainly my all time favourite! I love the food from Mos Burger. Absolutely definitely yummy! I love the Fish burger, the boneless deep fried chicken, the thick cut potato wedges and their Creamy Corn Soup! They have rice burger too, not bad, not bad. These are rice patties shaped like buns with sliced beef or burger patty in between them. I will take some pics next time for postings.

Pepper Lunch

I enjoy patronising this restaurant. It is similar to hot stones or the sizzling hot plate concepts. The food comes raw, so you need to cook it briefly with your chopsticks to avoid burnt food.. It is also similar to teppanyaki but they have steaks, and burger patties in these sets. Comes with soup, rice and drink for sets. I love their burger patty ones.. It is really yummy! Their sauce is really good, kinda like those Bull Dog sauce, the fruity sort. A good pick for a hot meal! The only downside, this is not the place to bring your kids! The hot plates come fast and furious so watch out for your kids or they will get burnt!


Dragon said...

u also want to make me lau nua ka? nvm, im going this dec, u r going to take me to eat all the food that u posted over here. wakakakaka.

Joze Foo said...

i miss the rice burger la.....i had it last night in KLCC but i am not sure if now they still have it... hoon i warn you not to post the pic of the rice burger! If you post it pg will be flooded with my saliva....

Joze Foo said...

sorry error on previous comment....it last time not last night...pai seh pai seh