Little India on Sunday Afternoon

Everyone is doing their shopping in Little India

Last Sunday we were in town. Not exactly Orchard Road, but further down towards Serangoon Road. Serangoon is a place where all the indians congregate. It was a little town in its own right. We call it Little India. Sunday is the busiest time since most of them aren't working. You get to see the locals and the foreign indians and they are there for their shopping, entertainment and to meet with their friends. Lots of Chettiars, lots of indian shops selling anything under the Sun.

One of the most popular and successful place over there is Mustafa. Its a real hypermart. You can get herbs, spices of every kind, clothes, electrical, furniture and even buy a car there! It is open 24 hours so you will never be fall short of malls if you find that Orchard stores are closed by 10 or 11pm. Head on down to Mustafa, you can get your stuff there.

Here they don't care. The pedestrians are King of the Road

Lots of them like to 'picnic' on the grass fields
(and leave lots of litter afterwards)

They are very down to earth people, actually. Simple things mean alot. They can be spotted squatting by the roadside and chat or just stand alongside the road. Near midnight, you get to see them drunk and trying to cross the roads. Dangerous, tho.


Dragon said...

i never go to little india when im in s'pore.