Buskers & Performances in Singapore

Singapore celebrates Art Festival usually from the middle of May till the middle of June. Of course some are spread out a little longer and may start somewhat earlier. Usually in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale too.

It is quite an interesting month if you are up for art events / performances (theatres, music, dance, etc) and lots of good shopping. Art festivals are not concentrated in the city alone. Alot has been done to bring exhibitions and different sources of exposure from other countries to the local scene. Sometimes, there are even performances in our heartland malls and the heartland amphitheatres.

Although it is not an Art Festival month, I was surprised to find these Chinese Troupe performing some acrobatics and tricks when I was in Jurong having my breakfast. I didn't mind the occasional donation when they brought the moneybag since it was somewhat entertaining, and i am sure they did practised long and hard for it.

In Singapore, buskers like these can be seen commonly in Orchard and other towns.

Sometimes they'd be performing, sometimes they sing and in Orchard, you'd get the creative sculpture standing still, all painted in stone or gold but they are actually human. They'd be holding up so still for about 10 mins or so and suddenly give you a fright by stretching out his hand to you or winking. When i come across them, I'd certainly snap a pic and post it here. Meanwhile, here are the pics of the Chinese Troupe.

Chinese troupes in their balancing acts

If you want to know more about the Singapore Arts Festival, click on this link below.



Dragon said...

i saw that in china town last time when i'm in s'pore

Kacang Puteh said...

Wah!Got show pun er in sg!Lau juak lo,better the japan,very si bai,nothing interestinglah....