Birds and Bees

When you have children, we as parents are the educators and we teach them and guide them when they are babies all the way till they are ready to leave the nest. There will always be a time when your children will ask about the Birds and the Bees and some parents know what to say while some make up some stories relating to animals, insects and so forth.

Of course I have been asked many times by my two young girls like where do babies come from, none the less. And each time, I have been confident to explain the size of the babies, they grow bigger in the womb and that we give birth to children when they are big enough and cannot fit into our womb. I know I usually emphasize the babies and not really much about the process.

So, silly 'ol me brought the girls to Popular Book Store because Rae wanted to get a new Tiara story book and the library was closed and opens only the following day. Guess what I picked out besides the books the girls got.

A Pocket Scientist book. In this book, there are many interesting things, mysterious information that kids love to ask. Among them are Why do people eat, What's under the sea, What makes a flower grow, Where does electricity come from and many more.

Then happily blogging away on my other blog, my girl in the midst of watching TV and reading this book, she blurt out...

"What does this "..having sex.." means?"

I went...whaaaa what! And she repeated it LOUD and CLEAR! Of course I heard her correctly, just that it was just so so so loud and innocent.. Then I said nonchalently... "Oh, that means kissing lo" Then she asked the next question...

"What is Penn Nis"

I turned back and asked her.."where did you read it from?" She said the book I bought for her.. See.... look what mummy got herself into.

Like they say, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Frankly, this book is very detailed! It has a section where the title is: How does a baby start?

It explains: The mother and father cuddle each other very close. The father's p*n*s gets stiffer and fits comfortably inside the mother's V****a. This is called making love or having s*x.

Now I know where her questions are coming from!


Purpled Sky said...

Oh. My. God. Why does the explanation have to be that graphic?

Oh, girl, how did you get out of the situation? I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your place!

Constance Chan said...

purpled sky - gosh i don't think i answered her at all..i changed the subject when she asked about P***s. i muttered something like private parts then i changed the subject and asked her about something! lol


I think this book is pretty good if we are able to explain seriously to the lil ones how its all being done. Maybe the key would be to find the right age and mental age of the kid to see if he or she can digest the info. I might buy and keep it for later use when the time is "ripe"... hehehehe.

Ailecgee said...

Hey, this brings me to remember what my daughter asked me when she was 3yo."Mama, where did I come from?"
I answered, "from my tummy." Then another question "How did I get there inside your tummy?".. I think my answer to that was given in a manner that a baby could understand.
Then told her she'll learn about it when she gets bigger.
Oh well.. those big little problems!

Raynebow said...

Hmmm... she could also have asked u HOW or WHY the penis can get stiff?!! Those questions will be harder to answer (oops, pun intended!), hehe!

Nick Phillips said...

Can I borrow this book when my son starts to ask me these questions? LOL!

Asianmommy said...

Yikes! I would freak out.

Constance Chan said...

family first - it is good but with my kids asking even more things now, headache! hahahha

ailecgee - ya ya i had c-sections for both deliveries so it was certainly easier to say had to cut open the tummy to get them out...

raynebow - hahaha wah lucky they didn't ask that...*shiver*

nick - hahaha can can you want i can photostat just that one chapter for you too..hehehe

asianmommy - *shudders* too lol

Joze Foo said...

walau the book so canggih~

little prince's mummy said...

Juz saw u got another blog!~ :)

little prince's mummy said...

Great books!~

Anonymous said...

haha, that's a great book!
hmm, no wonder she gets curious the moment she starts reading it :)

I have an award for you, http://martini-khoo.blogspot.com/2008/11/power-blog.html

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... this book is very very detailed. ;p