Make/Renew Malaysia Passports in Singapore

This information is dated 29 November 2008. Some rules, regulation, costs and others may change from time to time so if you are reading this years later, the information may be change.

This post is created because there are so little information for Malaysians residing in Singapore. It is for those who have PR status and finds their passport expiring or expired (like me!).

I was going through my family's passports recently because I wanted to add a recent photograph to my youngest daughter because her current photo was taken at a few months old. Then, to my horror, I found out that my passport had expired for almost 3 months! And hubby's passport expired by 2 weeks! Yikes!

So off to the High Comm we went.

High Commission of Malaysia
301 Jervois Road
Singapore 249077
Tel: 6235 0111
Fax: 6733 6135

Now it is back in Jervois Road.

It used to be here for many years and then for some years, it was moved to Hill Street. I think that was because they were doing renovations then.

The new building is up so those who wants to renew/make passports goes to Jervois Road. Call them up to enquire about anything else besides passports. Oh the new building is air-conditioned, finally. No queuing in the hot sun and rain anymore. And there are seats while you wait. Phew! Loos are nearby as well as a vending machine for snacks and drinks. If you had been to the old High Comm, you'd find this such a luxury!

Entry to High Comm
I know the first thing, we normally do is to enter by the main entrance. Well, you will be asked to go out and walk to the guardhouse (on the left side) on the other gate to get a pass first. Use any ID but not your IC of course, since you need to show your original IC later for submission. Then only you can walk back to the main entrance. If you have a pregnant lady, ask her to wait at the entrance and get her ID card for exchange or the poor lady have to walk to guardhouse and walk back... But on the other hand, perhaps the security may need to look at her face to get a pass. sigh. Why can't they let us go in by the guardhouse or move the guardhouse at the entrance?

Form (Fill up the form first!)
You will need to get the form from the counter. You cannot get a queue number unless you have fulfilled all the documents' requirements and photographs below. A form costs S$0.50 cents - of course you have to pay for your form so don't bother printing it from the internet. *update below says you may print from internet but on one paper (front and back).

Go early to get the form, fill it up, accompanied WITH the documents and photo, then only they will give you a number. In the form, I ticked 32 pages because that is the least number of pages and cheapest available... now to make passports, be prepared to dish out RM$300 per passport. Each renewal is the same as doing new passports because they give you a new book anyway. No more adding new renewal dates to passports after 5 years of expiry. So save your money, no need 64 pages. Besides, most of the countries scan the passports instead of stamping, so my passport pages are not utilized much. Lots of empty pages. Unless you travel via old fashion customs often, they stamp on it.

2 passport sized photos, blue background only.

For making passports, you will need 2 photographs of passport size. Please do not go to just any other photo studio for these photographs as you may face rejection. To be sure, take your photos at the High Comm. They provide the right size, with the right shade of blue background that is required. You do not have to take it from any shops outside the Jervois area (previous years we did that) because there is an instant photo kiosk (manned by the High Comm staff, with the right blue background) in the passport building itself. It cost S$6 per 4 pics.

Documents (make front and back copies on the same piece of paper)
Original Malaysia IC and copy
Original Singapore IC and copy
Expiring/Current Passports

Borang W and copy
Sg birth cert and copy
Parents M'sia IC and copy
Parents Sg IC and copy
Expiring/Current Passports

I speak for those who are PRs and have Singapore blue IC in Singapore. You will need to provide a copy each of your Malaysian IC (front and back MY KAD) and a copy each of your Singapore IC (front and back). If possible, photocopy them together in one A4 (use less paper and less for the admins to flip). If you forget to photocopy, you can do it at the High Comm next to the photo kiosk. To avoid long queue, get it done before you go.

I cannot speak for those who have work permits and student passes. But I believe best to bring them with you and a copy of front and back of it just in case.

Each Form costs 50 cents (sg cents)
Each Passport costs RM$300. They will convert it to SG dollars so the rate will depend on the day's rate.

You will need to make the payment at the counter after showing them proofs of original documents. Then they will give you back your queue number. Keep the number to show security guard upon collection.

Ok, this proves helpful for those who need to find ATM. You can draw money from the petrol station just across the road/adjacent to the High Comm. I can't remember which bank, perhaps a DBS? Someone can confirm this for me?

How long can my passports be ready?
This is impressive. I submitted my form at about 9.30 am. Keep the queue ticket that was given to you from the beginning. You will need it for collection (to show security and give to counter) later.

My collection time was afternoon from 2.30 onwards. Yes it was completed in a single day!
All submissions are done in the morning (be there before 11am, best at 8am opening) and all collections are done from 2.30pm onwards.

This is the weirdest and most confused part of it all. When you return to the embassy, the first place to go is to the guardhouse (as in the morning).

Show them the queue ticket slip you have from the morning submission.
Get an I pass (they give you a pass with the alphabet I with a number).
An 'I' pass will be dispensed to you in exchanged for your ID/Driving Lic/Club card/Anything that has your ID.

Then you walk around the sides to the front entrance (as you did in the morning).

When you enter the passport area, you have to wait for a man to call out your number on your I pass (the one you received from the security guardhouse), NOT your queue ticket number. I was really stumped that there was no proper info or notice on the walls. I didn't know that the man calls out our 'I' pass number NOT the queue ticket number from morning. And no, they don't use the panel numbers either for collection.

I only found this out cos I went into the counter of queue and enquiries and wanted to check if I should exchange my queue number or not after waiting there and noticing that the electronic panels are not flashing numbers. Then a kind lady, also waiting for her passport told me that they CALL out the 'I' pass number. Oh why didn't they put a notice there. I thought that was just a pass to enter the premise!

They have a man calling out numbers. I wondered why they had to use manual manpower when they could use the electronic number panels. Maybe they like to be more hands-on?

Reentry Pass
For those who have reentry pass on their old passports, you will need to go to Lavender(Next to Lavender MRT only), Singapore's immigration to get your reentry pass (whatever remaining dates) transferred to your new passport. It is on the 5th level. Before queuing, get the form near the counter, fill it up then queue for a number. It takes only 5 minutes to get this done (depending on your queue number, some days are packed) Efficient.

NEW Updates from some helpful readers
. (as at 8th January 2009)
I will try to update information here but DO read some of the comments as some readers may post different info based on experience too.

They ONLY release 150 numbers PER DAY.
Be there early although submission time is 8.30 to 11.30am. You may arrive at 10.30am (as one reader who commented), once the 150 numbers quota per day is given out, they do not accept anymore submissions.

Printed forms may be accepted (saves time filling it at home)
According to another reader Danielle, printed forms from internet is allowed but do make sure you print them on BOTH sides of the paper.

Work Permits
If you hold work permits, be sure to photocopy BOTH sides of it on the same piece of paper. Do the same with your IC (both sides on ONE piece of paper)

Don't be kiasu. Wait for your number to be called. Danielle was scolded (lol, poor fella) for wanting to pay BEFORE his number was called. You need to have your thumbprints done BEFORE you make the payment (different counters).
1. when number calls, go have thumbprint done
2. she will request you to pay at another counter


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lucky you found out ealier that your passport expired...hahaha...
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Ahh, rules, redtape and ever changing or kelam kabut procedure. These are common government redtape!

amycheah said...

Now making passport is very fast liao.

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great service!

Do you know how long it took me to renew my passport at Indonesian Embassy KL last year? It's about 2 weeks. Heard that they have improved their service recently, so I hope next time I don't need to wait for so long :)

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mine also expired and am panicking now!!!! luckily i found ur blog and phew!! what a relief!

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Danielle said...

Thanks for the info. It was a really good step-by-step guide for a first timer to the embassy; I didn't freak out or anything when I realized how unorganized everything was.

I just want to say here that off-the-net forms are allowed, just make sure it is printed on both sides. (I was crossing my fingers for this coz I thought I would be rejected with my printed form but that never happened)

As for those with work permits, yes you need to photocopy front-back of the work permit together with front-back of the IC (can do it on the same piece of paper)

I was scolded for paying "before my queue number was called" LOL. So yeah, wait until your queue number is called, approach the person who will take your thumbprints and then go to the payment counter after the documents (form+passport) are returned to you. The lady at the payment counter will then collect all the documents.

**correct as of 30/12/2008

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Thanks for sharing yr experience & info. if not i'll be searching d high comm & would never find it at hill street.
Gonna go 2 extend d validity of my pspt 2moro.Cheers

Constance said...

Danielle - thanks for sharing the info about work permits and printed form. and also it is really helpful with you have a "as of" date. Yes I agree about the disorganized way from counter to counter thingy but guess that something we have to bear. But don't you think that this is quite a big step from the 'old' high comm we had.. at least some improvements are apparent this time. There was a time when I never thought improvements would have been made possible, at all.. LOL. Anyway, wish you a wonderful New Year 2009.

anonymous - glad this info help you out in your passport matters.

All who have been to the Malaysia High Comm and experience any worthy info, please do feedback (with dates) so that those who need help in this matter can find it here. Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

thanks for info... one extra note though.. the embassy only issue 150queue numbers per day. they will not entertain more if that quota is up... It only said submission hours is from 8am to 11.30 am so i blur blur went at 10.30 am and was rejected.. so need to reach there early to get Q no.s

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