Webhost Information Service

Few months ago, I did a research from my blogger friends which webhosting provider they were using and if they find the services satisfactory in terms of service, value, features and ease of use. I received some good while some commented about expensive prices because they had no idea what they were looking for, thus opted for the most expensive package thinking that will solve most of the problems. It was a lot of work and not many surveys. Well not until I found web hosting geeks, a new webhosting service site that had done all the work I need and even more.

In this site, they have a ranking table which provides the top web hosting provider and even list out bonus features that you can get, on top of basic information like price, value, service, and standing. You can even read customers reviews about the provider and why didn't their choice of web hosting provider failed to meet their expectations. Every web host has it's pros and cons so no one web hosting company is the same. If you find that you are confused over the many technical and jargons used, an article in their website - A Beginners Guide to Web Hosting, will be a good start for you. Besides beginners, there are also information and guides for those who may want to transfer their website to a new web hosting service. This information is written in detail and take syou through the different stages. Lastly, it will also save you some money if you check out their resources menu for some wonderful deals such as web hosting discounts provided by your selective web host.