Busker in Orchard Underpass

Ooh, I've been neglecting this blog.. hahaha

Since my pc is now as good as new, I have been backing up some files just in case. I saw this picture that was taken while crossing over Orchard Road underpass.

This is a shot of a blind busker that is so often seen in the underpass. I remember him very well who has been playing on his electronic organ for the longest time! And when I passed by the underpass last month, he was still there, playing the songs. I asked Rae to drop some money in his box. I have enjoyed his performance for almost 2 decades! There is another blind busker who plays at the underpass of Yishun MRT too. I've heard that they are brothers but I am not very sure. Buskers in Singapore are given a license to perform on designated places. They are made up of mostly the handicapped community. However, if you are in Singapore during the Arts' Festival (May -June), you get to see many more art performances as well. That is a wonderful time as during the months of April, May, June is where the Great Singapore Sale, the Food Festival and the Arts Festival is in full swing.