Cool and Trendy

The girls have gotten their eyes checked recently. Although Rae has been wearing glasses for the past 2 and half years since kindy, her power is now decreased. She had been given a new prescription to change the lens of her glasses. Can you believe that this is the 4th time she is going to change her glasses? It is quite expensive because each one costs about $90 or $110. This year alone, she had a pair broken and after getting a new pair, 3 months later, she had to reduce the prescription again. That means digging further into my pocket.

This time around, I found the website that everyone has been talking about. The website where you can get your eyeglasses for as low as $8 per pair. No kidding. And I do not worry about when her glasses needed to be changed or if it gets broken or misplaced.

Who would have thought that eyeglasses can be had for such a low price? In Zenni Optical, glasses that look so trendy, unique and fashionable are being sold at a low price hard to believe. That is because these frames do not come from other third party sources nor sold by any salespersons that requires commissions and salary involved. In Zenni Optical, these glasses are sent directly from their factory cutting off these additional costs like advertising and payroll plus other overheads. Did I even mentioned that Zenni Optical's popularity is also by word of mouth?

One of the most wonderful thing about Zenni Optical is that the designs offered are not simple plain looking eyeglasses but a wide range of frames and colours for adults and kids. Look at some of them here. I picked two designs I liked for outdoor usage. Check their site for new frames that have just arrived.


Nick Phillips said...

LOL, I thought somebody was too lazy to blog ...

Gee, I don't qualify for this opp la ... darn them :D

Nancyew said...

Wow that cheap.....In need a new pair soon but pity that I am not in Singapore.

U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, they sure look very stylish. Prefer the bottom one.
And I think women wearing glasses look terrific.
Have a nice day Constance, Lee.