Busy Week and Ahead

It has been a busy week for me. My helper is on her holiday leave so I am picking up the household chores and cooking where she left off. Things have gone chaotic, I must admit. Perhaps getting used to having her around to do the household, two pairs of hands certainly make light work. There are lots of things that I have taken for granted that adds up all the little time and a day never enough to complete. Or perhaps I am taking things too far. Some of the daily chores that I must complete daily are laundry, ironing, vacuum, mopping and general dusting. I know some parents only vacuum and mop like twice or less in a week, but my girls have very sensitive noses and they tend to wheeze a lot. These are the chores that take up a big part of the morning.

With the kids at home now that it is the holidays, it certainly takes more work cleaning up. That is because where you have tidied up, pretty soon in less than half and hour, it is back to picking up their toys, paper and stuff! And with a 4 year old demanding for attention and needing supervision in meals and bathing, I have to put the household chores on hold till she is coaxed into completing those extra long tasks.

I have to take care of their 3 basic meals so it is a real headache thinking of what to cook daily for so many meals in a day! Even if I think of takeaways, my younger one is very fussy and both my kids have totally different tastes. Sometimes after ordering some food, my younger one takes a sniff and would not eat. What a waste of money, eh.

Last year when my helper was on holiday leave, it was during a school term so when the kids are in school, no kids were home to interrupt my household which went on more smoothly and I only cook dinner mostly.

I envy those who have relatives like grandparents because sometimes when you really need a break, you can always pop the kids there while you have a few hours peace. hahahaha This is the real reason why we had to pay for a helper at home. She doubles up as baby sitter when I need to run out for errands.

Right now, I am looking forward to the middle of December when we will take a week's short holiday drive up to north to visit their grannies. It will be a 10 hour drive, at least but that's better than nothing.


Yan said...

Yes, I remember always had my mum to "park" my two children when they were young. I could go for a short trip, I could go for a dinner with no worry. Because mum was there. The children remember "grandma" or "wai-po" so well even she had passed on for eight years!

Hugs... you must be tired. But there is a holiday to look forward to, right? Enjoy your trip and safe journey.

Tammy said...

Kids can be quite a handful can't they. :o)

Umbrella Rec said...

You can save some money from going to the gym I guess. If you keep it this way for 6 months, I am sure that you will be as slim as J Lo...haha :)

By the way, check out my blog for some photos taken in Europe lately :)