Rae celebrated her annual sports' day in conjunction with the National Day on 8th of August in her school, CHIJ. As usual, she is anti-sports, and she was so distressed the night before.. She worried if she'd remember if she tagged her friend with the right hand or whether if she can balance the ring on her head and still make it for their group to make it to the winning team.. gosh. I didn't know she was that particular. My sports day in primary one was just full of blurry and flurry stuff the teachers guided me and encouraged me to do. But Rae, fretted and wanted to 'practise' before bedtime. All of that for a game that was supposed to be a friendly sports game!

Well, I had the opportunity to watch her as parents are invited or participate for the event. Sitting under the viewing tentage, I felt that the view was too far so, together with some parents we walked over to the field to cheer them on. There she was, face looking serious and sulky...hahaha I called her over to smile for the camera but she just blinked absent-mindedly at me. She wanted to concentrate. Poor darling daughter.. Watching her play was as stressful for me because I wanted it to be fun enough for her to enjoy. So anything less in her determination will certainly dampen her mood.

As soon as her team had completed their 'roles', the teacher guided them to the waiting area while others played on. I went over and gave her a thumbs up, only then did she relaxed and felt better. It was there that she managed to loosen up and the girls were fooling around like what 7 year olds- young and gigglish, should be.

Although they didn't make it to the final 2, i thought it was good effort and the house colours they presented did win the overall points to be champions for the school annual event! Go Gold Go!!!